Friday, October 31, 2008

America's Filled with Joes...Oprah Can Only Vote Once

So I was thinking today, as I watched John McCain stand next to his now famous friend,Joe. I like our chances. Barack Obama can have Oprah. She only gets to Vote once, even though she has enough money to buy half of the electoral votes. She Still counts as One vote for Obama. Technically, I cancel out Oprah. Even with all her money, influence and Power, My Vote cancels out hers. And there is only One Oprah. There are literally Millions of hard working Americans that just want a chance at their Own American Dream, like me.

I Love America! And I'm not alone. People flock from all over the World to America. They come here seeking a better life for themselves. Most are hard working, law abiding citizens who appreciate the blessings of America more than many of those that were lucky enough to be born here. One of those brave immigrants, I mentioned before is Tito Munez, a Colombian immigrant who started as a Janitor and now owns his own construction business. He earned his nickname Tito the Builder at a Sarah Palin Rally in Northern Virginia, when he castrated the media for their investigations into Joe the Plumber. That was even before we found out that Ohio Democrats illegally searched records to obtain that information. I can only imagine what Tito might say to them now! I'd actually pay to see that, as a matter of fact.

When Governor Palin returned to Northern Virginia earlier this week, Tito the Builder was asked to introduce her. Tito took this time to also denounce Obama's Tax plan. As you watch this video I dare you not to get choked up, his love of Country and his story are inspirational.

You know that can't be easy to stand up and give a speech to a crowd of thousands, with millions more watching you on TV. Yet because Tito was speaking from the heart, his message resonated with all those that heard it.

Tito also made an appearance on Fox News this week, doing an interview with Megyn Kelly. They included clips of Tito's first interaction with the OLM, at the earlier Palin Rally. I'm looking for the full video, but most of the footage has been edited by the "journalists" already. In addition to the footage, Megyn asks Tito what he thinks about his 'instant fame', he answered "Scared." He doesn't want to be dissected by the OLM. He also gives some great insight into Socialism and why all Americans should Oppose it.

H/T Amy Proctor via Gateway Pundit

I want to start a Tito the Builder fan club. Who is with me? I mean this guy is a prime example of why America is the greatest country in the world. During an interview on Hannity and Colmes, Tito expresses his disgust with Barack Obama and Joe Biden for mocking Joe the Plumber at their Rallies. Tito wasn't alone in his outrage. Check out one of my new favorite pictures, from a Palin Rally earlier this week, originally posted by Common Cents.

The sign reads:

Hello My Name is - Joe The Plumber
and yes we - are related
we're American
laugh at his dream
and you're laughing at mine too!

I have to believe their are more Americans like, Joe, Tito, the Joe in this picture and Me than there are like Oprah. John McCain is standing up for the Real Working Americans. Those who work hard and want to keep what they earn. So we know that there are many more everyday Americans than Hollywood Celebrities or Trust fund kids, so as I said earlier...I like our chances. We just need to Vote. Get your Voting plan together now, so on Tuesday it's not an afterthought. Talk to your friends and family this weekend and remind them how important their Vote is for America. Don't let the OLM keep you home on Tuesday, Vote.

So Readers out of curiosity....Whose Vote will You be Cancelling Out on Tuesday?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama's Infomercial: Wasted Money

Obama's giving his 30 minute infomercial tonight, the one he was able to afford because he broke his pledge to take public funding when he realized how much money he could get from his donors. Those Obama supporters who've been hurt economically by the "Failed Bush Policies", like Oprah Winfrey, Sean Puffy/PDiddy Combs, Jay-Z, Spike Lee, George Soros, Bruce Springstein, Warren Buffett, you know, the regular people.

Obama's talking points say that much of his almost Half a Billion dollar war chest came from donors giving $200 or less. That's only half the story. Donors do not have to identify themselves for a donation of $200 or less. So $300,000,000 is Untraceable according to the Washington Post. Now it's been found out that Obama's website was Disabled to allow for pre-paid cards to be used along with fake names.

So I wonder where all that Money came from? Hmmm, how much did he spend for his Prime Time self aggrandizing commercial again? Apparently even Bill Clinton is showing up at the end. I wonder how much his fee was for this "appearance"? Some estimates suggest Obama is paying a million bucks per station, and it's airing on three major networks, some Black and Hispanic cable channels and MSNBC. I'm thinking that last one was either a waste of money or a Pay off. MSNBC ratings are in more in the Tank than they are for Obama. The only people still watching are already going to vote for him, otherwise they couldn't watch the channel. So maybe it's a kind of Thank you for all the Free press kind of thing. That makes more sense. Obama can write it off as a Charitable donation.

I'll tell you the truth. I couldn't bring myself to watch it at 8 o'clock, but I did DVR it so I could watch it at my leisure. I just don't want to sit through what I know will be a Hollywood style production attempting to paint Obama as a Moderate, even though his Voting record makes him the most Liberal Senator in the Congress, two slot higher than an actual Socialist, Bernie Sanders. It's going to paint him as a modern day Santa Claus handing out whatever you want....I just don't know if I can stomach sitting through him lying through his teeth for Thirty Whole Minutes.

The infomercial is supposed to feature real American stories, so I'm expecting a sob story from all about their plight. Oh dear. I need to just suck it up and watch it.

Okay. So all that build up for this, Obama on a desk, some families dealing with everyday issues, mixed with a montage of soaring rhetoric. It think he just wasted a lot of money. Not that the people's stories weren't interesting, but the idea that an Obama presidency would lead to a Utopian society where you don't have to work to pay your bills is Ridiculous. One of the women lamented that she couldn't afford as much as she previously could, probably no connection to the four or five kids you've chosen to have? Not judging, but honestly how is that my problem. Now to be Fair these people were really just telling their story, it was the voice over narrative by Grammy Award winner Barack Obama that blamed it all on Bush. Don't get me wrong I can empathize, only because I also have bills to pay. But I recognize you only have Bills when you buy stuff, so the bills will keep coming as long as I keep buying stuff. Obama can't make my bills disappear, only I can do that.

I'm kind of curious as to when this was filmed, Obama used some quotes that seemed strange choices considering the current one of his well scripted monologues he says as President he "will always listen to you even if we disagree", Oh Really? I think Joe the Plumber might beg to differ. Obama continues to lie saying "I will always be honest with you", That one made me laugh out loud. There entire websites dedicated to documenting Obama's known lies. At Audacity of Hypocrisy and Deception they've compiled a laundry list of Obama's lies throughout his political career. You'll notice the number of lies increase around the time he started running for president.

Another fun moment was during a highlight reel of Obama's speeches, they showed his 'turn off the TV's and put down the video games line' to parents. The irony was not lost on me that it ran during the world's over priced and over hyped infomercial. (Billy Mays must be so jealous!) Nor that Obama has placed his own ads inside of popular Video games on billboards and other landmarks. This guy has no shame.

Obama managed to use "Fairness", "Brother's Keeper" and his idea of Paid Volunteers, for the Government. These will go well with all of his civil programs for His Youth. Dennis Miller put the nail on the head, as he has a tendency to do, when he said Obama gave him a "Creepy Vibe" with all the censorship and looking into private citizens. Exactly. Does the term "Orwellian" mean anything to you?

One of the highlights of my viewing experience was the Cameo appearance of Joe Biden. Barack Obama's running mate identified as a Senator from Delaware showed up about 3/4 of the way through the propaganda film. In the few short seconds he was on the screen, he mentions Christopher Dodd. I had to rewind it an watch it again. In the middle of this million dollar production where Obama is trying to convince the America he can be trusted with the "greatest economic crisis of our time", Biden refers to the man who caused it. I think Joe the six term senator might be voting for McCain too.

Obama ran through an outline then called it specifics for his policies, but one stood out to me. He says he will give a tax credit to Small Businesses' for every new employee they hire, and this will spur the economy. Tell me would you work for $3000 a year? That's Obama's Tax Credit for hiring a new employee. How does that help the Small business owner again? It doesn't.

After the ad ran a friend of mine called, she told me that she kept expecting Sally Struthers to pop up. It definitely had that feel to it. The big finale, I thought was supposed to be a live shot of him and Bill Clinton together. So when the pre-recorded propaganda stopped and they went live. No Bill Clinton. I guess he didn't make it on time for the live shot. Strange.

Overall, Obama's infomercial for his Utopian socialistic world was just that. I can't imagine any Independent minded voter falling for this idea that Barack Obama can solve all your problems through Government programs. Americans are by nature are a self-reliant people I think the independent thinking American people are too Smart for this....They'll be Voting for McCain/Palin.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Obama's Truth is Out There...You just have to look...

With just one week left until Election Day, the level of Bias in the OLM has now reached a point where instead of breaking the story on a video of Barack Obama's toast to Rashid Khalidi, a 'critic of Israel", they are now Hiding it. The LA Times ran an article back in April about Obama's toast at the Pro-Palestinian event, they obtained the video as part of the story, but are refusing to release it. Obama's cheerleaders in the OLM have completely ignored the situation, forcing the McCain camp to demand the LA Times release the video for get this Public Information. So much for the whole Woodward and Bernstein thing, I guess.

Although as I've said many times, most of the stuff on Obama you don't have to be an investigative journalist to find. You can just search online. Several bloggers have 'uncovered' video and audio tapes just by doing the unthinkable....looking. Somehow the Obama camp has been able to completely eliminate all information about Obama while he was at Occidental College, Columbia and Harvard. But they can't hide everything Obama's ever said...and some of it is starting to come out.

This entire campaign got turned on it's ear when Barack Obama walked onto a street in Toledo, OH. I'm sure Obama's people thought it would make for great campaign footage, him shaking hands with the hard working people of Joe's Neighborhood. But as we all know that one little answer...Well it got America's attention. And quite frankly, not a moment too soon! Now for those of you who know me or have been reading my blog since the beginning, I was calling Barack a Socialist long before it was cool. As soon as I started listening to Obama's words, I recognized the influence of Marx in his rhetoric, and it disturbed me...still does.

Today the GatewayPundit featured audio of Barack Obama reading from his autobiography, "Dreams of My Father". Hearing Obama tell of his decision to seek out "Marxist professors" in college, has an authenticity he usually lacks. I guess the OLM hasn't even read his book, otherwise why would they be getting so bent out of shape when the word "Marxist" comes up? Obama doesn't seem to mind it.....

I've heard people refer to Obama's "spread the wealth" comment as a "slip of the tongue", I Disagree. That's what he believes should happen and he's been saying it all along, just using different words conveying the same message, how many times have you heard "Fair" or "Fairness" from Obama, or here's one...How many times has that man talked about "Pie"?

Obama's Record and even his Campaign promises to Raise Taxes and hand out money. No Taxes for you they say, Just the really Rich!! But who is the Really Rich? In July, Obama said the "really rich" made $250,000, early this week he said $200,000, then just yesterday Joe Biden said $150, which is it? Well you would be correct if you answered D: None of the Above. The Answer is $42,000, because Obama has promised to let the Bush Tax Cuts lapse raising the tax rate for anyone making over that amount. So Just to be clear: If you make $42,000 or more, Obama wants to "spread your wealth".

Obama stated in another radio interview done in 2001 on Chicago Public Radio, that was unearthed by bloggers, that he thought the real disappointment in the Civil Rights movement was that the Supreme Court didn't address redistribution of wealth. He believes so strongly in the concept of taking YOUR money to give to someone else, that he'd like to see the Supreme Court get involved. Anyone else see a Huge problem with that?

Later in the same radio interview in 2001, Obama makes an interesting moral equivalency argument about America and the Nazi's during WWII. Basically a "those in glass houses" reference, something he repeated again during his the forum at Saddleback. When Obama was asked about how to deal with Evil, he mentioned the streets of New York, and homes across America but didn't think to mention Al-Queda. I think it speaks volumes about he views our Country. Judging by the absence of coverage by the OLM, I'm guessing they agree with me on this one.

All of this information about Obama is slowly being dug up not by the Overpaid teleprompter reading media, but by little known members of the New Media. It's important for someone to be out there looking out for American Citizens who have a right to ask questions about Barack Obama, a man who claims to want to be President. But don't tell that to the Obama Campaign, they just recently banned interviews with Two stations that they felt were too rough on Joe Biden, according to Breitbart.Tv. Barbara West, the first anchor to get 'banned' by Obama, has also been the subject of the OLM attack machine, having her personal life examined by her peers, forgive me if I'm wrong, but isn't a journalist supposed to ask difficult questions? I guess the Media is dead, but thanks to those many dedicated to finding the truth a New Media has been born.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Vote for Obama! Vote Yourself Out of Job!

There are actually people in America who will attempt to Vote themselves out of a Job in a week and a half if they Vote for Barack Obama. Between Obama's Disastrous Tax Plan which will destroy small businesses, the fairness doctrine, his opposition to free trade, his desire to tax the US out of the global market and of course his Health Care Plan. I'd like you to name one industry that can survive this guy's plan...

Small Business is the back bone of our economy comprised of Restaurants, Stores, publications, and all the other categories you can find in the yellow pages. Obama's tax plan would raise taxes on 85% of Small Businesses. That additional tax will cause many to shut their doors completely. Others will be forced to reduce staff or benefits. Obama also promises to penalize those who don't offer health insurance to their employees, yet another incentive to Small Business owners to pull down their shingle. Considering that in some of the previous years Small Business was responsible for 100% of the jobs added to the economy, I'm thinking this won't be good for anyone. I am not alone, Small Business Associations across America including the one here in Virginia are endorsing John McCain.

In addition to those who own or work for a small business, there are whole industries that rely on small businesses as customers. As small businesses cut back on expenses, those who sell to Small Business owners will also feel the effect. From the office supply rep, to the advertising rep, to cleaning crew, who ever works for the SB owners will be feeling the pinch too.

Take a look at how one small business owner breaks it down. He does a much better job with the numbers than I can....

Who could possibly think a 20% tax increase won't kill small businesses?

Large Corporations will also have to make cut backs due to increased tax rate, causing more people to lose their jobs. Lots of big companies sell goods and services to smaller companies, so it's a vicious cycle. Obama's opposition to free trade at the behest of the Unions will cause Americans to lose jobs as companies move over seas to avoid higher US tariffs and taxes. American companies will have no incentive to remain here when they are offered tax breaks in other nations competing in the global market.

The Democrats have already gone on record that they will re-enact the "Fairness Doctrine" which in addition to suppressing freedom of speech, also destroys the Talk Radio medium. One of the more profitable mediums in advertising. Think of all the people that work behind the scenes of a Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck or a Sean Hannity radio show, not to mention all those local talk shows, how many of those people would lose their job? Obama doesn't care, he just wants the opposition to be silenced.

Obama's "No Tax Hike left Behind" as Deroy Murcoch wrote in his column yesterday, will inevitably cost jobs, yet he continues to insist he'll be cutting taxes for 95% of Americans. I think I've figured out how, 40% of Americans already don't pay taxes, and the rest them won't have jobs when he's done, so they won't pay taxes anymore either. Makes sense now. No job,no taxes.

I found this video and it explains Obama's Plan in a way that is both entertaining and informative....Enjoy!

Why anyone would be willing to Vote themselves or their neighbor Out of a Job is beyond my comprehension. But that is exactly what people who are Voting for Barack Obama are trying to do. I hope they realize before it's too late, Elections have Consequences.

Fred Thompson's Message to Americans

I adore Fred Thompson, so when I came across this Video he made for the RNC I was psyched to see what he had to say. He does not disappoint. Fred Thompson explains in the most clear concise mannor why Voters are making a critical choice on November 4th.

A twelve minute video might seem a little long to sit through, but since we're talking about the future of our country, I think it's well worth the time.

Who doesn't love Fred Thompson? Share this with anyone who might be on the fence....

I Am Joe!

Joe the Plumber stepped off his lawn and into the national spotlight because he asked Barack Obama a question and for once Senator Obama spoke the truth. It may have taken a minute for the idea of Socialism and spreading the wealth to set in, but America is having what the Mogul of Talk shows would call an "Ah-Ha" moment.

After McCain released his new ad "I am Joe" I spent some time watching the video submissions of Small business owners and Working Americans who don't want to pay higher Taxes. And why should they? The issues surrounding small business tax are very near and dear to my heart and wallet. My husband is one of those small business owners and in a way, so am I.

We have both sacrificed, sometimes working two jobs to make ends meet while his business was getting off the ground. We have both worked hard for what we have. It may not be much, but it is 100% ours. We earned it. What right does Barack Obama have to take more of it from us? Tell me Sen. Obama Who Deserves it more than Us?

Neither of us got federal grants for college, I am still paying for my Student Loans. While my husband served our country in the United States Navy for four year to pay for his education through the GI Bill. We both worked part time jobs in college as well. Since that time we've earned every dollar, with long hours and hard work. And now Barack Obama wants to Take More of Our Money and give it to people who haven't earned it? Why are people voting for this Guy again?

My husband and I are proud Americans who work hard and We are Joe.

Here's the New Ad:

America is getting it!! Check out the video submissions at

I am Joe. And I'm Proud of it.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Obama Followers Have Lost Their Minds

The OLM loves to talk about how vicious McCain supporters are, often referring to imaginary people who say imaginary things....usually very racist imaginary things. Meanwhile there are Real Life McCain supporters being attacked, harassed and generally terrorized throughout the Country. You aren't going to hear about it anywhere else. So I guess it's my duty to inform you...the Obama supporters have lost their minds...So be alert.

Oh those Liberals, they are so Full of Love. In mid September, one of Barack Obama's inspired followers beat down a woman with her own McCain sign in broad daylight in New York City. So we have a man, who happens to be White for those you who see color, taking this woman's sign and then literally beating her about the head with it. Pajamasmedia reports, this man was arrested and charged with assault earlier this week. So I guess we be seeing reports from the OLM any day now.....I kid. I kid.

How about this....yesterday a man comes home to find his house shot up and vandalized because he has McCain signs in his yard. He is not alone however, as Democrat for McCain in Maryland found out that someone didn't like his choice, when his home and RV were vandalized with Obama messages. They are so tolerant! Why can't we be more open minded like them?

Nothing draws the Ire of the true Nut Jobs, like Sarah Palin. In a Museum in New York, "Photo Op with Sarah Palin" is an Artistic piece, where observers are encouraged to participate in the Exhibit, by posing for pictures holding a rifle and pretending to shoot Sarah Palin and her daughter Piper. Mother of Five at the end of a gun barrel, that is Art? Let's not forget her child that also ends up in the shot. Pun intended. How much do you want to bet we're funding this little Art Project? I don't why I expect anything more from the group that brought "Death of a President", the liberal fantasy of the assassination of President Bush, to the Big Screen. Seriously...What in the Hell is Wrong with People?

I don't even want to get into what would happen if the "piece" were called "Photo Op with Barack Obama". Can you imagine the Outrage? And it would be Justified. When I saw the Man gleefully aiming the rifle at Sarah Palin's face, it sent chills up my spine. Why would anyone Advocate shooting Anyone in the face with a Rifle? Ever? Note to self: Obama supporters only support the 2nd Amendment when you're aiming the Gun at a Republican.

Earlier this week, some of these People of Peace, showed their true nature as Sarah Palin's Motorcade drove through Grand Junction, Colorado. They attempted to form a human blockade, as you'll see in this video.

Their Parents must be so Proud!

Late this afternoon another story surfaced on the DrudgeReport, involving a McCain supporter who was allegedly mugged, beaten and "marked" with the letter "B". One can only assume the attacker was an Obama supporter, as he ranted about her McCain bumper sticker while he beat her down. It appears that initially it was just a simple robbery, until he saw the sticker. She filled a police report but didn't go to the hospital until this morning. The entire attack took place outside the view of the ATM cameras, leading many people to be skeptical about her story. The police are investigating and the truth will come out either way. Having said that, I don't have the slightest idea why anyone would be surprised to find out this is True. The violence and intimidation against McCain supporters has been escalating since Mid September when Obama told his obedient followers to "Argue with your Neighbors...Get in Their Face!" at a Rally in Nevada. And he's supposed to Unite us? Please.

One poster on a message board I wish I could remember where I read it, summed it up beautifully. In response to an article about one of the many Real attacks on McCain supporters, the person said something like..."This is why I don't have a McCain bumper sticker on my Car or a sign in my yard, because I don't want my car keyed, or my house vandalized, but I will still be Voting for McCain on November 4th." I wonder how many others are like this person, afraid to openly support McCain? I don't blame you. It's not easy being an Out of the Closet Conservative. Trust me I know.

Not to worry, the OLM will continue to perpetuate the Myth that the McCain Camp is the one filled with Hate, all the while ignoring the inexcusable behavior of Obama supporters. I'm not suggesting that all Obama followers will react violently if approached, but some are clearly taking their marching orders very seriously, so be careful out there! If you happen to encounter one of these deranged members of the Obama cult, Do Not Engage! Just back away slowly and mutter something about Hope or Change. Then think of them when you Vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin on November 4th.

Update: As suspected the young woman made up the "B" story. I don't know why she made it up, but I hope it wasn't just a cry for attention.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thank God for Sarah Palin!

With all the voter suppression you've been dealing with, I thought tonight I would give you a reprieve from all the negativity and focus on something truly positive: Sarah Palin.

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of Governor Palin. She inspires me to want to be a better person and a better American. Isn't that what Leaders are supposed to do? When I first heard about this woman from Alaska that had taken down the Good Ol Boy network, I couldn't help but be intrigued. The more I found out about Sarah, the more I liked her. I am Sarah Palin. Not in the I have five kids and run a major energy producing State kind of way, but more of a strong, smart conservative woman kind of way.

In this interview with CNN she shows once again why America is falling in Love with her, even the interviewer Drew Griffin seems a bit smitten by the end:

Now doesn't that make you feel better? I am certain that will be the last time you ever see this interview unless you choose to watch it again. Sarah's thoughtful well articulated answers would destroy the image the OLM has created. While the OLM and the Palin haters on the left continue to dismiss her, some very high profile Feminists, "Yes, Feminists" to quote Greta Van Susteren are endorsing the her via the McCain ticket.

You can check out this Historic Moment here:

When Sarah talks about her love of America, you can feel it. Something she shares with John McCain. I can't wait to Vote for both of them.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Media Trying to Suppress McCain Voters

Despite all the evidence to the contrary the OLM wants you to believe this race is over. It is becoming increasingly clear, they want you to stay home on November 4th. This election will be decided the same as all the others before the number of people who actually turn out to vote. This is why I hate Polls. The OLM uses polls along with a number of other techniques they've honed over the years, to influence public opinion. They tell you Barack Obama has already won, and it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. We're too smart for them.

They have already started talking about McCain's end. In some cases getting way ahead of themselves. A few of the OLM have already started taking shots at specific states. Several outlets reported McCain was pulling out of Colorado citing an "anonymous GOP" tipster. I guess that tipster wasn't at one of the Three Record Breaking Sarah Palin rallies in the past week. What other reason would a "News" organization falsely report about McCains standing in Colorado, if not to suppress the Vote of McCain supporters in the state? Michelle Malkin gave her take this morning on her blog. Where is the ACLU on this one?

Oh but when Florida tried to pass a law merely requiring voters to show a valid ID to vote....cries of Disenfranchisement and Voter Suppression from every rooftop. Right because it's 'threatening' to ask for a Driver's License. Hey call me crazy but if you can pull out your ID to buy cigarettes and booze, you can do it to Vote. This is no brainer but cries from the left indicated that Black Floridians had an unnatural fear of showing ID. Must make it very hard for those who enjoy an occasional cocktail. To be honest when I first heard this story I couldn't believe it. I just assumed anyone who voted had to show ID when they got to the polling place. Requiring ID is not voter suppression it's common sense.

I wrote a week ago about the enormous Sarah Palin Rally that took place here in Richmond, that was under reported by the local media and barely mentioned by the OLM. I told you about the other rally held earlier in the day down in Hampton Roads, with totals estimated around 50,000. Most of the people I met at the Rally were Small Business owners, all of which had a personal interest in the election of the McCain/Palin ticket. I've heard the OLM refer to the 'enthusiasm' factor, but enthusiasm has nothing on people who are used to just getting it done. That's what small business owners do. And they'll be out Voting for McCain before they open their doors that day, and no one will have to bus them to the polling stations. But don't hold your breath waiting for the OLM to do a story about the strong support of McCain Palin amongst Small Business Owners... the good news is it doesn't matter if the OLM reports it or not, they will be voting for McCain.

The surreal picture of Obama's great speech under the Arches in St. Louis caught all the medias attention, but when Sarah Palin addressed a similar size crowd at the Villages in Florida, the OLM practically denied it ever happened, even though they witnessed it first hand! I don't deny that Obama draws a crowd, but McCain and Palin are breaking records everywhere they visit drawing anywhere from 10,000 to 25,000 supporters at each stop. These supporters are ready to fight for America even if that means taking on the OLM themselves. Byron York of The Nation Review, wrote about John McCain and His Army of Joes:

In the audience Saturday, there were plenty of people who were mad about it. There was real anger at this rally, but it wasn’t, as some erroneous press reports from other McCain rallies have suggested, aimed at Obama. It was aimed at the press. And that’s where Tito Munoz came in.

After McCain left, as the crowd filed out, Munoz made his way to an area near some loudspeakers. He attracted a few reporters when he started talking loudly, in heavily-accented English, about media mistreatment of Wurzelbacher. (It was clear that Spanish was Munoz’s native language, and he later told me he was born in Colombia.) When I first made my way over to him, Munoz thought I was there to give him the third degree.“Are you going to check my license, too?” he asked me. “Are you going to check my immigration status? I’m ready, I have everything here. Whatever you want, I have it. I have my green card, I have my passport — “I was a little surprised. Did Munoz really bring his papers with him to a McCain rally? I asked.“Yeah, I have my papers right here,” he said. “I’m an American citizen. Right here, right here.” With that, he produced a U.S. passport, turned it to the page with his picture on it, and thrust it about an inch from my nose. “Right here,” he said. “In your face.”

Munoz said he owned a small construction business. “I have a license, if you guys want to check,” he said.Someone asked why Munoz had come to the rally. “I support McCain, but I’ve come to face you guys because I’m disgusted with you guys,” he said. “Why the hell are you going after Joe the Plumber? Joe the Plumber has an idea. He has a future. He wants to be something else. Why is that wrong? Everything is possible in America. I made it. Joe the Plumber could make it even better than me. . . . I was born in Colombia, but I was made in the USA!"

I would highly recommend reading the entire article as Tito goes on to have an amazing exchange with a very Liberal writer that is beyond enjoyable. It brings a tear to your eye!! Tito is the man! And he's voting for McCain too!

One of the other dirty little secrets the OLM doesn't want you to know about is movement within the Democratic party to support McCain. It wasn't just Joe Lieberman who jumped on the McCain train after Hillary was put out to pasture by Obama and his followers. One of these groups is known as PUMA, or "Party Unity My Ass"this group is made up of registered Democrats who have decided to break with their Party and support John McCain and Sarah Palin, you can check out their website here. The PUMA's are serious about putting Country before Party, they've organized their own Pac and are currently placing ads in support of McCain. There are other groups, Democrats for McCain and most recently some very brave Feminist leaders have endorsed the McCain Palin ticket. So whether the OLM chooses to report this amazing shift to support for McCain or not, those PUMA's will be voting for McCain.

I am 100% convinced the OLM is attempting to suppress the Republican Vote. They want you to feel depressed and defeated. Don't let them get to you. It's not real. Remember even while Obama's surrogates in the Media are telling you that it's a done deal, he is still scrambling to buy more advertising, now planning a 30 Minute infomercial on all major networks. Does that sound like some one who thinks he's got a 10 point lead or whatever made up number they chose today? Of course not.

The election is two weeks away so expect the OLM frenzy to escalate as the Big Day approaches. They will pull out every trick in their bag, to try and keep you from pulling the lever for John McCain, no matter what You hear, VOTE. If they say McCain is trailing by 20 points in your state, Vote anyway. Then let the chips fall where they may. John McCain and many other brave men like him sacrificed so that your Vote would be counted in free elections. Don't let the OLM or anyone else ever tell you differently.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Biden Endorses McCain, Again

Who doesn't love Joe Biden? I mean why is everyone talking about the predictable endorsement that Colin Powell gave Barack Obama over the weekend? When another Sunday morning announcement was truly unexpected. Some might even call it Shocking! Joe Biden while speaking in Seattle basically told the crowd that if Barack Obama wins, the United States will almost certainly be attacked with in months because the "World will test" Obama's leadership abilities. No I'm not kidding. That's what his Vice Presidential Running Mate, said.

Joe also warned that in a year from now when the Obama administration was down in the polls, and Everyone was questioning their decision to Vote for Obama, not to worry. They would work it out over time. Even after two years, apparently Obama supporters shouldn't start to worry. You got to hand to Biden he really thinks they've already won. Maybe that's what the Obama people have told him! Who knows, but this should be the next McCain/Palin ad. Just Biden giving this speech.

I've been watching Biden for awhile and as you know I am less than impressed. The GOP website dedicated to his Gaffes is always good for a laugh on slow days. If Sarah Palin had said one of the ridiculous embellishments or flat out lies that Joe's been slinging the OLM would have crucified her. As it was they had to create a caricature of her, just to make themselves feel better. For those of you who missed it, She made Tina Fey look like the cheap imitation she is when the two women passed on stage. Sarah Palin is the real deal, but Joe Biden, he's whatever you want him to be....

Biden was one of Barack Obama's strongest critics during the Primary season, suggested President wasn't a great position for 'on the job training'. Around the same time Biden said he would rather run with John McCain than Obama. Is he still pulling for Big Mac? You tell me. Obama's message has been we're in this great financial crisis, I'm going to do everything I can to increase taxes, increase unemployment and generally kill the economy, and now his VP is telling us that the World thinks The One is so soft that they'll just have to attack to "test" him. That sounds like an endorsement for McCain to me.

I don't have any interest in creating an opportunity for Al-Queda to test Obama's leadership. One because I don't want any innocent American civilians killed, period. Two his first reaction would be to consult 300 advisors, then write a letter to whomever attacks us first to apologize. I think Joe is just thinking ahead. He knows that The Big O isn't really ready, and so do America's Enemies. Why do you think Obama's been endorsed around the world by Dictators and Terrorists alike?

Oh these are the kind of endorsements that the OLM aren't as quick to throw into the headlines. Kim Jong Il is rumored to be ill if not dead, but still managed to give a shout out to Barack Obama. Then there is his glowing recommendation from members of Hamas. Who could forget the unholy trinity of Castro, Ortega and Chavez. Head line you will never see: Three out of three murderous dictators who hate America say Obama's their man! Although I don't think he's given an official "endorsement" per Se, Ahmadinejad the tyrannical leader of Iran did quote Obama during his speech to the UN, and I think that should count for something.

Not to mention, the leader of the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan called him the "Messiah". Although I know they agreed, the OLM never seemed to get around to mentioning it. Obama also wrapped up that critical Communist Party USA endorsement awhile back. With all these endorsements from those that hate America, it's no wonder Joe Biden is, to use a sales person's term, "managing expectations". He doesn't want Americans who vote "Change" to get discouraged when it's not the change they had "Hoped" it would be.

Sunday's speech might have been the most honest thing we've heard from Biden since he was tapped for the VP slot. And may I be the first to say Thank you, Joe Biden for telling us how you really feel before it's too late to stop some of your misguided supporters from leading us into as you called it a "generated crisis" to test Obama's resolve.

It's no wonder the Obama camp have restricted Biden's availability to the press since the Vice Presidential debate, while Sarah Palin has become more accessible giving the press short question answer sessions on multiple occassions. It's good for us when Sarah Palin speaks, and the OLM knows it, which is why you haven't heard much about these press sessions. The same can not be said when Joe Biden goes off the script, which is why there won't be any outrage when he disappears for the next 15 days. Even if we don't hear from Joe, six term Senator again, Hasn't he already told us enough?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bill Ayers Mentions Barack Obama: Updated

I just came across this a few minutes ago,on another blog. Bill Ayers refers to Barack Obama in his book "A Kind and Just Parent". You can read the page on Google Reader. The blog I found the originial link on pointed out that is was published in 1998, so we know it was written well before then. But what I found most interesting is that Ayers refers to Obama as a writer, not an attorney, community organizer or senator.

Just another crack in the facade Obama has attempted create about his past. Ayers mentions Obama as 'someone in the neighborhood' so it's not as though it's what the OLM would call a "smoking gun", but it at least makes one stop and think. Especially considering the ongoing accusations of Ayer's helping or ghost writing Obama's first book. The only one Ayers could be referring to when he called Obama a writer, "Dreams from my Father".

Obama has been searching his whole life for a Father Figure, and even as a young adult named his book after what he called "the absent" parent not the one who actually raised him. Does it bother anyone who he has choosen as Surogates? From Wright to Ayers? Wasn't there someone else who had "Daddy Issues" who had his own kind of Youth? I'm just saying....

Update: Fox News is reporting that Obama also endorsed Bill Ayers Book in which he was mentioned, " A Kind Just Parent",

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Spread the Word, Not the Wealth

Apparently, Investigative Journalism is not dead, turns out they can still do some digging when they want. Today the New York Times did an in depth investigative front page piece on the most controversial figure in the 2008 election....Cindy McCain. This is just the latest example that while the OLM has gone to great lengths to avoid reporting anything about Barack Obama's life, they are still able to dig up the dirt on the likes of Cindy McCain and of course Joe the Plumber.

I just read that tomorrow's edition of the New York Times will do an in depth look into Michelle Obama's radical past and her extremely controversial view of Racial identity revealed in her college thesis. Pick your jaw up off the floor, I made that up. There won't be an expose on Michelle "America's mean" Obama tomorrow or any other day ending in Y. You will not see an in depth look by the OLM into anything that would cast doubt on The One. Barack Obama himself said that if if weren't for Fox News he thought he'd be further ahead in the polls. Obama knows he owns the media. He can't wait to shut down all those that dare to question him, just like they've done to Joe the Plumber. Fox News has been put on notice, by Obama himself.

I've said many times the Obama supporters are an "end justifies the means" crowd, in this vein one of the reporters working on the NYT story sent facebook messages to friends of McCain's youngest child trying to collect information on Cindy McCain. Exploiting children is now considered acceptable at the Times. These hard hitting journalists did not however manage to get a new quote from Cindy McCain. That's correct! This story gets an entire front page article and not one sit down interview, instead it just rehashed old information. So why was it worthy of publishing? You don't have to answer that just look at the decline of newspaper sales you'll find their readers have decided there isn't much in the Times worth reading anymore.

But since we're opening the gate on Family members, why isn't the Times rushing off to Kenya to interview Barack Obama's brother, George. Who lives on just $12 a year? Barack is now telling Americans, he will raise taxes of working Americans to give more money to those that don't work, but he can't send George a couple of bucks? Where is the Expose from the Times on that? I won't hold my breath.

Maybe they will bother to pick up on those elusive clues in Obama's book, "Dreams from my Father" about Uncle Frank. Frank Marshall Davis, a communist who was too far left for the NAACP. Why would the NYT have an interest in the man Obama called a mentor who also wrote pornographic novels involving pedophilia and told Obama he shouldn't trust even his White grandfather? The Canadian Free press did a story on the relationship's significance back in August. And I first posted about Frank in early September, but here we are in Mid-October no mention of Frank from the OLM. It is all part of the OLM plan to skirt all issues until after they get Obama elected. Then we won't be allowed to even ask about it anymore. Problem solved.

The Fact of the Matter is as I have said many times, the OLM reports what it wants America to know, regardless of truthfulness. I was watching CNN's Truth Squad this morning, when they reported that John McCain's statement that Obama wanted to "spread the wealth around" was "Misleading". After they had shown a clip of Obama saying "spread the wealth around" in that now infamous exchange with My Favorite Joe. What about repeating what the man said is "Misleading" to the 'Truth Squad"? Wait for it....It was only part of a five minute conversation.

It was not lost on me that these were the same people who replayed the truncated quote about the "fundamentals of the economy" for weeks on end, ignoring the second half of the statement let alone the tone of the five minute speech around it. I'm assuming Obama's repeating of it would be considered "True", just like they found that when Sarah Palin said Obama's comfortable palling around with "Terrorists" to be False after showing several points that made it True. Weird. Notice they got all caught up on the plural use of Terrorists, I guess CNN didn't think Palin might be talking about Bill's wife, Bernadette Dorhn.

I realize in many ways I am preaching to choir about this misinformation being labeled as "News". However we do know this information and it's up to us to share it with our less informed friends. John McCain has opened the door for us to inform our Friends and family what a President Obama would really look like. One blogger gave his take on it here. It's a little lengthy but not a pretty picture. As for me it looks like I would have less money, things would cost more and many of my clients would go out of business. Let your friends and family know what you know, the more you look into Obama the frightened you become. He is the most liberal Senator in Congress, three places higher on the list than the actual Socialist Senator, Bernie Sanders. A man that Barack Obama endorsed. The OLM's response to all this has been, "move along now, nothing to see here" coverage. So it's up to us!

As I tell my liberal friends all the time, I am not an investigative journalist being paid to 'break' the next big story, I'm just a concerned citizen who has access to the Internet and all of the information I find is available to anyone willing to look. With all of the back lash over his handling of Mr. Plumber, America is starting to realize that Obama isn't quite as Perfect as the media paints him out to be. It is this growing suspicion that creates an opportunity for us to get the real message out. So my informed readers, It's time to Spread the Word, Not the Wealth.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Unsolicited Advice for McCain Campaign

John McCain did exactly what he needed to do in the last presidential debate, he got people to stop and think. He did so with a little help from Joe the Plumber and Barack Obama himself. Regardless of what the pundits on Fox News (you disappoint me, Barnes and Cristol...) or any other channel were saying, Obama didn't do himself any favors last night by continuing to regurgitate stump speeches, while McCain defined the differences between a Pro-Growth Agenda and Socialism. The Obama campaign is based on repetition that's why he never really answers anything, but instead throws in a 8 more years or Failed Bush Policies to cover the truth. He wants to Raise Taxes and Grow Government.

While I rarely give out advice for the McCain campaign, I often wish for things out loud. After last night's debate I have come up with my own 18 day marketing plan to get McCain the White House and the Republicans a few of those seats up for grabs in Congress to keep the Democrats from getting a Super Majority in Washington.

The single most important race is the Presidency, so let's start there. McCain should start airing commercials tomorrow featuring Barack Obama saying it's not true that I put baby on sticks, when in fact his voting record indicates the opposite. The show him saying it was a bipartisan vote, then show the record of him being the lone supporter of putting babies on sticks.

Using his denial of a relationship with ACORN outside his 'lawsuit', I would show that clip then split screen ACORN's press release today, apparently designed to squelch the rumors. I'm just not sure which ones. By ACORN's own admission Obama's involvement went way past the lawsuit. Then I would show Obama's speech in 2007. Look if the guy is going to lie on National Television, you need to take advantage of it. In a side note anyone find it strange that Obama uses the Lawsuit where he forced banks to give bad loans as his 'involvement'. If involving yourself in the 'greatest economic disaster of all time' is the best answer, Obama is wishing the question wasn't asked. Maybe that's another ad.

Following the same vein you could do one on the lie Obama told about his relationship with Bill Ayers, and then you could show Obama quoting the now debunked "kill Him" line, followed by his accusations of the 'Republicans inciting hate speech'. But as much as Obama lied what really started his demise was Joe the Plumber.

As you know I was hoping Joe would end up just Once in the conversation. Imagine my delight that now all of America is talking about him. But after I turned off my computer last night, I said a prayer for Joe the Plumber, because I knew the OLM would go on the attack. The politics of personal destruction or Murdering the Messenger depending how how you look at it, is what the Liberal Democrats and their henchmen in the OLM do.

Last night on the Ultra Liberal Daily Kos, bloggers posted false statements about Joe the Plumber and released his personal contact information all on the World Wide Web. Now while it is expected that the media should talk to the man that was mentioned 26 times in the Presidential Debate, it is unacceptable to attack him personally or attempt to discredit him simply for asking the question.

What they want you to do is look at who is asking the question, and don't listen to What Obama's answer was "Spreading the Wealth". That's Socialism and my new personal hero, Joe said so. That's why the Media is seething. They didn't see Joe coming or I promise you that You-tube video would have been scrubbed off the web before anyone ever saw it, just as so many others before it.

The attack from the OLM was predictable, what I didn't expect was for the Democratic Candidates themselves to do it. Obama and Biden took both took shots at Joe the Plumber today. Obama mocked Joe for not understanding his plan, while Biden said he didn't know any plumbers in his neighborhood who made $250,000. You're Right, Biden, you'd have to make millions to live in a house like yours. I'm thinking we've got enough material here to take us through at least a couple days worth of commercials.

America isn't going to like the idea of giving the Government more money. Why on earth would anyone want to Pay More Taxes?? That is the definition of insanity. That's just for the immediate response Ad team to get started. Oh and for the love of God, please go on O'Reilly he is practically endorsing Barack Obama since you haven't given him an interview or let him talk to Sarah Palin. This is why I hate O'Reilly, he is always his #1 concern. He wants to bully McCain into coming onto the show. Just as he wants McCain to show the outrage of "regular folk", when in reality Bill obviously lost a ton of money in the Market and he wants someone to pay for it. That's fine, but that is not how normal Folks view the crisis. Most are just pissed, they didn't lose millions of dollars, they just don't want to pay more taxes to pay for a mistake made by someone else. So McCain if you are listening....Just give the Old Man the interview he so desperately wants, or better yet ...Send Sarah. Now on to the congress...

Who could forget Macacca? George Allen a great man and a wonderful servant of the people of Virginia's career ended because the media put Maccaca on the front page for weeks. Not to mention the five week coverage of the Mark Foley scandal. Well I'm going to forget about the media, if I'm in the RNC I start a generic spot I can run in all the swing states.

Here's my vision. We show the Democrats being themselves. That's it. First we show Florida Senator Tim Mahoney running on family, values, ethics, then we show the bill for his now two affairs. Then we move over to Ohio with the Attorney General sitting on 200,000 voter registration cards in an attempt to cover up the severity of the ACORN problem. I started thinking about this and the ideas just kept coming.

I mean we could do an entire spot on John Murtha alone, 'our marines are murders' 'oh my bad' and 'the people of this area are Racist". Starting to see the pattern? Next we move onto Barney Franks and Chris Dodd, do I even need to go through this one again....hands in cookie jar=financial collapse. Nancy Pelosi's desire to push through additional spending before Bush leaves office. Then we show Obama saying he will consider drilling. Then we show Harry Reid and Steny Hoyer saying they will make it a priority to ban off shore drilling. This stuff writes itself!

See sometimes it's really not that complicated. Look at all those Democrats, Look at all those Scandals. See simple. I'm hoping that the McCain camp does it, because there is no way in hell the OLM will connect the dots for America like they would if it were Republicans in all this trouble. So it's going to have to come through Ads. If they call them negative, Consider the source.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hey Senator Government, Joe the Plumber says Hi.

Mort Kondrake should write the questions for the all debates from now on. I was watching some of the pre-debate chatter when Mort spoke his wisdom. He thought Bob Schieffer should immediately come out and ask Barack Obama about his ties to Bill Ayers and Acorn, then turn to John McCain and ask him something that would embarrass him as well. Now that would be a much more interesting debate than the last two snoozefests. While McCain clearly won the last debate, and in my opinion came out slightly ahead on the first debate, neither provided real fireworks that would get people talking. Basically the two of them stood there answering unbelievable predictable questions, and I liked McCain's answers better. But wouldn't the debates have a whole new appeal if the candidates were actually asked questions people cared about? Debate format would be one question per issue, so the moderators can't ask the same question six times in a row.

Surprise, Surprise! The media is saying this Debate is the Final chance for John McCain and that McCain needs to deliver a knock out or this race is over. Where have I heard that before? Oh yes, it was the talking points the Obama Campaign sent to the Media.

Never count out John McCain, says Mitt Romney. I believe him. I wanted him on the ballot. But if the Media is making McCain out to be a Right Wing Nut imagine what they would do to a true conservative like Romney. McCain is the Right Man at the Right Time for This Job.

They've been talking all night about how much the campaigns are spending, Obama is running over 1000 Negative ads in a weekend, while McCain is running 8. Strange, I could swear I've heard no less than a million times that McCain is running the most negative campaign in history. Oh Really? Those ads aren't free mind you. They cost money, Big Money. Obama is outspending McCain in all the swing states by signicant margins. Obama is trying to buy this campaign. He's already got the media 100% behind him, he's approving every other message on my TV, Radio and now Video Games, he's booked two major networks for a half hour a week before the election.(I believe an attempt to claim his victory prior to the actual election date, it could also be when he tries to explain away all of his lies.) If his ideas are so great why does he need to force it down your throat?

Everyone has an opinion about what McCain should say tonight. I think if Plumber Joe's name comes up, it's bad for Obama, apparently the OLM didn't feel the need to follow up with Joe. So there are some folks who haven't heard about Obama's plan to "spread the wealth". Oh yeah Please say something about Joe. And McCain, if you could throw in Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, that would be cool too.

Sometimes Dennis Miller is brilliant. When discussing what McCain should say to Obama, about his Wrong vote on the surge, which had Obama gotten his way would have created a haven for terrorists. Miller said there is "solvency and then there is dead". Point well taken.

Thank God for Fox News.

Bob Scheiffer looks like a Robot, except for when he said Barack Obama and john mccain.

Good first question, Bob. Why is your economic plan better than his?

McCain did a nice job of relating the reasoning behind his $300B mortgage buy out. It stablizes the housing market. So it benefits those who have kept up with their mortgage by saving the Value of their house. Split screen Obama is nodding. Good Job, McCain, Nicely done.

Obama is um and ah a bit more than he's done in previous debates. But he delivers the general stump speech.

McCain just brought up Joe the plumber! Yeah! McCain promises Joe, he won't raise his taxes.

Obama made a really bad joke about McCain watching McCain ads, and repeats his line about 95% of working americans get tax cuts.

McCain says Obama wants to spread Joe's wealth around? Why would you want to increase taxes on Anyone in this economy?

I think Obama just compared Joe the Plumber to Warren Buffett. I know he just said he didn't want to pay higher taxes. I'm confused.

McCain is definitely cutting through the crap. He just jumped on Obama's desire to raise business taxes while he plans to reduce them to make it competitive in the world market.

Obama is supposed to be telling us what he's cutting from his plan. He's spinning and I think Bob just called him on it. He says he'll cut subsidizes to Insurance Companies, that's 15 billion. I'm still waiting to hear what he is cutting, oh now he's back to spending $860B in Health Care. Oh dear I think he's telling us he plans to spend more money on some new "investments" At my count we're looking at a 70% tax rates.

McCain thankfully just said something that made my heart sing: I will push for a LINE ITEM VETO. That is exactly what we need to get this do nothing but spend my Money, Congress to stop stuffing bills with pork. Brilliant.

Obama said it again..we had a surplus when Bush came in and a deficiet when Bush came in.

McCain: "Senator Obama I am NOT PRESIDENT BUSH if you wanted to run against him, you should run four years ago. "

I think I'm in Love with John McCain.

Tell me on one major issue that you've stood up to your party on.

Obama just suggested that he has a record of reaching across the isles. Obama just took a shot at Fox News. This debate is much better than the previous two..

Oh it just got better...Bob just said say it to their face.

McCain didn't say anthing about Ayers in his first response instead, displayed his anger over the comments by Senator Lewis.

Obama said you can't whine about attacking, then whined about being attacked. Followed by 8 more years....Obama said he would love to spend the next three weeks talking about the economy..Oh I bet you would.

Obama just quoted a smear video from the internet. I think Obama just defended Sen. Lewis.

Obama just called me a Racist.

McCain just defended all Republicans. Thank you, John.

McCain just called out Ayers name. And ACORN.

Obama is ready. He delivers a canned speech lying by omission. But he brings up the Annenberg Foundation. I'd like to talk more about that myself, Obama. Obama just lied again. He said his only involvement with ACORN was when he represented them. He lies very easily.

John MCain told American about Ayers and Obama's 'donation' of over $200,000 to ACORN. Split Screen: Obama smirking, but nervous.

I'm liking this new McCain.

Obama bored me with Biden's folksyness. Saying anyone who knows Joe knows he represents to working class. Yeah, ask those people down at Katies Dinner, Joe likes to visit. The one that has been closed for 15 years.

When talking about Sarah, McCain appeared to tear up with pride in her performance as the nominee of Vice President.

Note to self: Obama doesn't know crap about Trade. He would destroy the economy.

McCain splits hairs for Obama. We will drill. Not we'll look at drilling. There is a difference. Words mean something. McCain's got some fire in his belly. He's looser than he's ever been. He's just talking now, not stumping. I hope America is watching. This is the McCain that will be President.

Now I'm actually cheering for McCain. I just yelled say " gas prices went down a dollar in a week"...Obama doesn't know what real Americans are paying for gas.

Health Care Cost vs. Health Care Coverage?

Obama talks about some his "Magic" plan for sick poor people with no health insurance. Under Obama's plan I can keep the crappy insurance I have and pay more taxes for it. Yeah! I can't wait. Is he nuts? McCain's plan is soooo much better for anyone with insurance provided by their employer not to mention all those sole proprietors that work for themselves.

Obama is lying again this time about who will get fined. He is backpeddling because Joe doesn't want to pay a 'fine' for not insuring his employees the way Obama wanted him too. Obama said he'll only 'fine' Big businesses. Show me a 'Big Business' that doesn't offer health care to it's employees.

McCain just called Obama, Senator Government. Ha! McCain just tapped into what I wrote about yesterday, there are two very different philosphies to choose from in this election. Big Government vs. Personal Responsibility.

Roe V. Wade

Now we're talking about women's wages. This is weird. I hope McCain knows that the Women on Obama's staff make 83 cents on the dollar to the Men.

OOH Better, McCain is bringing up Obama's unexplainable support of Partial Birth Abortions and Infanticide of abortion survivors.

Obama said McCain lied, then repeated exactly what McCain said. Obama says But a lot. I read somewhere today that when someone says "but" it negates everything he said in front of it. Interesting. Obama just lied again. He was the lone senator to vote against the Ban.

Shocking Obama wants to "spend" and "invest" more money on Education. How is Obama going to make college affordable? Oh Jesus through the Obama Youth. He's back to the Paid volunteers he first mentioned at the 9/11 Service forum. (I've got a blog about that, if you're a new reader you might want to reference that one)

I thought McCain did an excellent job on education. Now mind you I have a personal interest anyone starts talking about Student Loans. But when he called it the Civil Rights Issue of this generation, he looked like he meant it.

Obama wants to 'work with bad teachers' and give them a chance to improve over time. I'm assuming he realized all those teachers out indoctrinating his youth, would not appreciate being told they had to Teach the kids something, or get a new job.

I am just hoping that Americans are watching and seeing the same thing I am. Obama appears to be imploding while McCain looks confident.

McCain gives me chills when he talks about his service to America. While I don't agree with him on every issue, watching him speak about his Love of America you know he means it. He gave more for America than you and I could ever imagine.

In closing Obama pitches everything on his platform at once, then panders for votes.

It's over.

McCain won. I don't even need to watch the talking heads. But who knows what America will think. One thing is sure, McCain isn't going down without a fight. But he'll fight on his terms.

Joe the Plumber got mentioned 15 times, that's good for McCain.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Themes of the Final Debate

Tomorrow night is the last of the Presidential Debates, the OLM will tell you is McCain's "Last Chance" to shift the polls, I of course disagree with their premise. While it is the final debate, if the coverage of the other debates are any indication it will be out of the News cycle by Thursday afternoon, Thursday morning if John McCain really gives it to Barack Obama.

I'm predicting that during the 'pre-game' discussions, the talking heads will say that this debate is Critical for John McCain but it won't matter because it's either too late or because the first debate was the most important. That is just wishful thinking on their part. Let's face it, McCain has about ten different topics he can bury Barack Obama regardless of the question. The question is will he?

I'm handing out unsolicited advice to Sen. McCain, Relax and pay absolutely no attention to what the moderator asks you. The questions will be stacked to play to Obama's strength, so while it may please the pundants when you stick to the script they've written, Americans don't care what they think, they care what you think. So just go to town. Look him in the eye and say "I don't think you're ready to lead, Hillary doesn't trust you, You're own Running Mate said you are unqualified, so why should America trust you?

That would be hot! However the minute he does it, the OLM will say he is speaking down to Obama, thus McCain is being Racist or Erratic depending on which surrogate rushes to the microphone first. Which reminds me, turn off your TV immediately after the debate. You don't have to be told what you just watched. (Feel free however to come onto this site, for my witty insight! ) Don't expect anyone in the media to ever declare McCain the winner of the debate, the best you will hear is that it was a Tie. Generally speaking that's how I know my candidate won the debate. If the Media calls it a Tie, the Republican won. When the hacks at Newsweek said McCain won the last debate, they were quick to add, "but it didn't matter." So why do we have debates if it doesn't matter who wins?

Instead of putting together a specific list for this debate, this time my study guide is focused on themes. Please feel free to refer back to the Original Debate Study Guide think of this as 'supplemental material'. I've got some definitions courtesy of for you to keep in mind as you watch the two candidates discuss their Economic plans for the future of our country.

an economic system in which investment in and ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange of wealth is made and maintained chiefly by private individuals or corporations, esp. as contrasted to cooperatively or state-owned means of wealth

a theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.

procedure or practice in accordance with this theory.

(in Marxist theory) the stage following capitalism in the transition of a society to communism, characterized by the imperfect implementation of collectivist principles.

A theoretical economic system characterized by the collective ownership of property and by the organization of labor for the common advantage of all members.
A system of government in which the state plans and controls the economy and a single, often authoritarian party holds power, claiming to make progress toward a higher social order in which all goods are equally shared by the people.
The Marxist-Leninist version of Communist doctrine that advocates the overthrow of capitalism by the revolution of the proletariat.

This is what this election comes down to do you support Capitalism or are you interested in Socialism? Please note that the definition of Socialism is the 'transitional' phase between Capitalism and Communism. So while many in the left would prefer to act like we're being irrational for calling Obama and his ilk Socialists, He himself said today, when challenged by a plumber in Ohio, he believes in 'spreading the wealth' around. In other words 'Redistribution of Wealth" a basic socialist principle by it's modern father Karl Marx. Note to Liberals: When we call his ideas Marxist, it's because they are in fact Marxist ideas. Just for the record, Joe, the Plumber recognized it as what it was, "punishment for success" and he doesn't appreciate it.

One of the keystones of developing a true socialist society and ultimately a communist society, is having one Political Power having control of government as is stated in the definitions above. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have already discussed coming back after the election and passing legislation that would increase welfare benefits in preparation for the Coronation of Obama. Can it be long before we revoke term limits on Presidents?

Harry Reid and Steny Hoyer have said they will immediately vote to ban offshore drilling. Hoyer calls it a "priority". So when Senator Obama tries to look at America with a straight face and say he will cut government spending and supports off shore drilling, know that he is lying through his teeth. The Democrats are as John McCain said "already measuring the curtains" and They are figuring out how You can pay for them. Can you imagine what else they are planning if God forbid they were to have control over both houses of Congress and the White House. It will make the Carter years, seem like the gilded age.

McCain's Economic plan is based in practical principles. He has developed a plan that can ease tension in the current market while not destroying future market growth. Tax cuts and growth incentives, they work every time.

Barack Obama's plan by his own admission is about taking some of your pie and giving it to someone else who doesn't have as much pie. But it's my pie!! I bought the ingredients (via student loans, no grants here), made the pie, and baked it myself. I don't want to share my pie, with someone who didn't want to drive to the grocery store!

Obama's alliances with socialists are just part of the picture. It's not that they will influence him in office, Obama doesn't need influenced, He already shares their view. That's why they were drawn to each other in the first place. His socialist agenda reaches way beyond the economy, into his views on education, the environment and the role of the church. McCain should point out all the lies the Obama campaign has promoted over the last two weeks.

This debate is an opportunity for John McCain to outline the differences between his idea of a free America and Obama's idea of an over taxed, government controlled America. It's really just that simple. You don't need an Ivy league education to know that if you punish those that succeed their is no incentive for achievement. Again I am reminded that Americans don't read as much as they should. Ayn Rand wrote Atlas Shrugged as a warning about the Socialist movement in the 1957. She creates a world divided by Producers and Looters, the former being those that worked, and the later were those that just lived off the work of others. Ultimately the Producers tired of taking care of the looters and quit working in Revolt, as the world turned into mass poverty and destruction, the Producers sneak away and start their own Society free of Looters. I'm with the Producers.

McCain understand the basic principles of a complex economy, he just needs to say it in a way that everyday Americans will understand. If I were him, I'd just use Obama's own words against him. That should do it. When CNN's Lou Dobbs ran a story on Obama and the plumber, he asked viewers to vote on if they agreed with "sharing the wealth", even with a demographic of 75% democrat, almost 60% disagreed with Obama. Take that for what it's worth, but Americans aren't stupid. Even with the media raving about Obama non-stop for almost two years, and with his campaign outspending McCain's in some cases 10-1, the race is still dead even going into the final debate.

Watch for McCain to make a move in this debate, he has shown himself to be a shrewd politician over the years, and it's possible he realized in this world of high speed news cycles that it was best to save the closing narrative for the last debate. That's all this event really comes down to for McCain, it's a chance to start the conversation not to finish it. He just needs to get those Americans that don't watch Fox News to Stop and Think if only for a moment. After that he's got 19 days to fill them in on the details.

Don't Believe the Hype: Virginia is McCain Country

I don't care what the Media is telling you, Virginia is still McCain Country. With supporters filling two Rallies with over 50,000 people today. McCain and Palin made an appearance in Virginia Beach this morning filling a venue with about 25,000 people. When Sarah arrived in Richmond this afternoon, she was Welcomed by the largest crowd I've ever seen at anything other than a Rock Concert. According to WRVA, there were around 30,000 people at the event. So don't tell me Virginia is just ready to roll over and turn Blue.

While no one can predict what will actually happen on election day, in talking with the good citizens of Virginia, they are motivated to get out the Vote for McCain/Palin. I met a wonderful couple that had driven in from Stanton to see Sarah Speak, they come from a highly democratic area in Virginia. They explained how they were working on their family, through similar tactics that I have used myself. People get all crazy the first time you try to introduce Fox News into their media mix. Usually protesting saying Fox is too biased for the Right, of course these are the same people that watch CNN and apparently never feel the need to question anything they hear...any way I digress.

I learned from my new friends that they too had called their Family and Friends on Sunday after Lou Dobbs did a story on CNN showing that Obama lied about his affiliation with ACORN and that in fact Obama's campaign paid ACORN $800,000 to register people to Vote. What does that say when we are literally waiting for CNN to catch up to a story Fox News had been covering for a week, so we can share it with our media brainwashed friends? It means we are vigilant. It means we will even watch CNN for glimmers of truth so as to present our case to those not already committed to voting for the McCain/Palin ticket. Watching CNN for McCain? Now I know the Base is behind him.

The enormous crowd at the Richmond Rally, filled the stands of the make shift arena then overflowed into all the surrounding parking lots. I wasn't able to spend all day waiting in line, so I stood near the back as the Speeches started. The crowd stood silent as Jerry Kilgore lead the group in prayer. As I stood with my head bowed it occurred to me, do they pray at Obama Rallies? I'm thinking they would have to keep up appearances, but wouldn't that "offend" many of their supporters? We then did something that I know Obama hates, we pledged the American Flag.

After a few welcoming remarks, former Governor and current Senate candidate Jim Gilmore took over at the podium. Gilmore highlighted the differences between him and his opponent known tax hiker Mark Warner. Gilmore reduced the Car tax while he was in office, but Warner brought it along with the deficit right back to Virginia. Gilmore stood strong that all voters have the Right to a private Ballot, referring to the Union measure to move to have open ballots, thus opening the door for bullying for votes. Somehow the Democrats are backing the Unions not the Union members on this issues. Why would a Union member want an open vote? Unions and intimidation go hand in hand, giving them an open ballot is a bit like giving them a loaded gun. Note to Union Members: Don't vote Democrat, they don't respect your Right to Vote.

When the McCain Tour Bus pulled up the crowd was straining to catch a glimpse of Sarah, the person we'd all come to see. As she took the Stage she was welcomed with chants of "Sarah! Sarah! Sarah!" She is even tinier and if possible more attractive in person than she appears on TV. It's no wonder she makes those 'feminists' crazy. She is just as Intelligent and Strong as she is beautiful and they've spent their whole lives trying to convince themselves and others that Ugly girls are the smart ones.

Sarah had a surprise for the Richmond Crowd, Hank Williams Jr. joined her on the bus from Virginia Beach! He lead the singing of the National Anthem before going into a McCain/Palin version of his classic hit 'Family Tradition'. You can listen to my new favorite song here. Hank in his Redskins Jersey had everyone clapping and singing along before handing the mike back over to Governor Palin.

As Sarah spoke the crowd was so large that some near me chanted for more volume, because we were so far away from the speakers, causing her to think there were protesters in the group. It took a minute for organizers to rectify the problem but soon we could hear Sarah's every word, even in the cheap seats. It was at this point you realized that they had no idea how many people were going to turn out for this event, maybe they've been listening to the 'Obama Loving Media' a little too much as well.

Sarah talked about her belief in a strong America hitting on all the major campaign issues, while charming everyone within the sound of her voice. She impressively worked the crowd, instinctively knowing when to pause to allow for response. Her remarks were short but powerful, making the case that in a McCain/Palin administration Taxes will be kept low, Government spending will be cut and our Military will remain strong. She touched briefly on McCain's plan to use $300B of that Bailout package to help Americans work out mortgages that have gotten out of control . When she spoke about supporting the Military including both she and McCain's sons, the crowd erupted in "USA, USA, USA", I bet you don't hear that at the blame America first rallies held by Obama's supporters. Say what you want about Republicans, we own Patriotism.

When Sarah finished speaking applause filled the air. It was an uplifting experience for those of us that believe in Real Americans, not what the media would want you to believe. I was curious to see how the event was covered by local press. Not surprisingly I heard two inaccurate statements in two broadcasts, on One local affiliate they discussed the 'interruption by protesters" which as I explained earlier were supporters trying to hear over the gigantic crowds. Another affiliate said the Republican crowd estimation was around 25,000, but the reporter thought "that might be a little high" giving a snide look for effect. I have no idea how many people were there, because I am terrible at estimating those kind of things, my official estimation was "more people than I'd ever seen at a Rally in my life". Whatever the actual attendance numbers were, somewhere between 25,000 and 35,000 depending on whose counting, Virginians showed up in Record numbers to let the World know, Virginia is still a Red State.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Why Would Anyone Vote For Obama?

Although all of my friends cringe when I say it, "I want anyone who votes for Barack Obama to be put on some kind of list"! I think it's important to keep an eye on them. I realize this would be utilizing the same tactics that his campaign uses when targeting those that would dare question "the Messiah". However I want you to think about all those people that you see with the Obama sticker on their car or sign in their yard, if they support him, they agree with him. So what does that say about them?

If you are planning to vote for Barack Obama you don't just want Hope and Change You also:

  • Want to pay more taxes, if you pay taxes or you want Me to pay more taxes if you don't. Either way I don't get it. It makes no sense to 100 Economist either all of which said in a recent study, Obama's tax plan would hurt the Economy.

  • Think making $42,000 a year is Rich. Never mind that even under the current tax system your net income is more at $35,000 than at $40,000. Raise the tax rate, what is the incentive to earn more?

  • You are comfortable taking money and favors from convicted felons. Obama was able to buy his big beautiful home because of a shady deal with Tony Rezko. Obama just brushed it off as "boneheaded move".

  • You not only believe in Abortion, You Support Infanticide. You want to, as my favorite comedian Eddie Izzard once said, "Put Babies On Sticks". Barack Obama voted 3 times to block a ban on the murder of babies that survived botched abortion. He was the lone vote against it in the Illnois State Senate in each case.

  • You believe that it's not what someone does that is important, it's what they say. Kind of a words speak louder than action approach to life. Barack Obama's record is in stark contrast to the moderate he is attempting to portray himself as. He has the most liberal voting record in the Senate.

  • You think it's sane to sit down face to face with someone who denies the Holocaust. Iranian President, Ahmadinejad is a vocal Holocaust Denier. Some of the best selling books in Iran mock those who believe the "Jewish lie", and Obama thinks it would make sense to give this Baby Hitler legitimacy on the World Stage.

  • You have no idea how to negotiate. Giving the face to face meeting without preconditions as Barack Obama says he will on his website, eliminates a great deal of leverage for the United States.

  • You don't think that Iran is a real threat to Israel. Barack Obama can not be a real supporter of Israel and accept donations from member of Ha mas. Leading me to my next point....

  • You think that it's okay to have financial dealings with members of Terrorist Organizations of any creed. Ha mas and the Weather Underground come to mind.
  • You openly mock Christianity and Judism, as being outdated as Barack Obama has done in past speeches.

  • You believe it's better to bomb our Allies than to defeat our Enemies.

  • You are a Socialist. Barack Obama is a member of the "New Party", a socialist sect of the democratic party.

  • You think that the best way to grow our economy is to increase Taxes. Obama as part of his platform plans to raise Taxes on Middle Income Families, Small Businesses, Large Business', Inheritance Tax, the Capital Gains Tax, Social Security Taxes and that's just what he is advertising.

  • You don't know that Russia has veto power at the United Nations Security Council, it's okay neither does Obama.

  • You think that Teachers should indoctrinate our Children for Obama. Both through quiet support and out right propaganda activities. (Please see Obama indoctrination files to the right)

  • You think more people should be on Welfare and that we should increase benefits for those already receiving checks. Obama's tax plan includes what would amount to a huge expansion of the Welfare State, giving money to wage earners that don't pay any income taxes.

  • You also are uncomfortable wearing an American Flag pin. You wouldn't want to appear to show favoritism to the United States.

  • You think that people who hunt or go to Church are "bitter" "clinging to their Guns and Religion" but only when you are in San Francisco. When you are Pennsylvania you will try and recite bible verses while swearing to be a friend to outdoors man.

  • You think those that caused the Economic Crisis should be Rewarded. Obama and the Democrats tried to tack on money for ACORN as part of the original bail out package, John McCain's trip to DC gave the House Republicans the platform in the media needed to put a stop to it.

  • You are invested in the defeat of America. Barack Obama and the democrats have tried to win the last two elections hoping for defeat in Iraq and other fronts of the War on Terror. In order for Barack's stock to go up, Americas interest need to suffer. See the current financial crisis. Never mind that he and his friends caused this mess.

  • You have such little faith in your fellow man that you would rather retreat in Defeat, then fight until Victory. Let's face it the reason the Democrats including Barack Obama believe that the "War is Lost" as Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader said over a year ago, is because they don't think the Iraqi people can handle the responsibility that Freedom brings. I happen to disagree and judging by the success created by the Surge, the Iraqi people disagree as well.

  • You don't learn from your own History, pulling out of Iraq as Barack Obama suggested would have resulted in a power vacuum that would have been filled by terrorists, as was done in Afghanistan after we helped them push out the Russians. Only this time the home country would provide funding not through small drug trade, but through the bountiful Oil fields they would control.

  • You believe that our troops, as in my family members are "Air aiding Villages and killing civilians".

  • You have no respect or understanding of how the Military feels about who should be Commander in Chief, recent polling done shows that John McCain will be getting 86% of their vote.

  • You think Church is just a place to further your career. According to Obama in the 20 years he attended Rev. Wright's church, he never heard him say anything offensive. So we can Assume he wasn't listening to the sermons.

  • You think that Terrorists can be "rehabbed". Not only that after they are "rehabbed" you guys can hang out, work on projects together and use your dual influence to radicalize students throughout Chicago!

  • You think that it's perfectly acceptable when asked a question, to say exactly what the questioner wants to hear, regardless of it's level of truthfulness. Obama has lied about his alliance with Bill Ayers and ACORN even though there is undeniable proof of both.

  • You don't think we should stand behind our allies when they are invaded. It took Obama three days to get the correct response when Russia invaded Georgia. His first reaction was to ask Georgia to show restraint. Can you imagine? It is every sovereign nation's right to defend itself against attacks. John McCain upon hearing about the invasion, said "We are all Georgians today."

  • You don't mind cheating to win. Obama ran unopposed for his Seat in the Illinois State Senate by getting the other candidate 'disqualified' from the ballot. His campaign for Presidency has given over $800,000 to ACORN, judging by the growing list of states that are investigating ACORN for voter fraud, as far as pay offs go, that was money well spent.

  • You wish to silence any voice that disagrees with you by any means necessary.

  • You believe it's acceptable to violate the first amendment, as long as it helps Barack Obama. Obama's Truth Squad is designed to intimidate McCain supporters in Missouri, threatening legal consequence over Political discussions.

This is what you would have to believe in order to cast your vote for Barack Obama.

I just don't see how anyone who collects a paycheck, goes to Church on Sunday, or has Children can vote for this guy. Not to mention those Military Families. The Obama supporters I know don't know anything about their candidate, and would probably disagree with Obama's positions on 95% of the issues if they knew what they were. Slick Tongued Obama is definitely trying to talk his way into the White House, selling himself as a moderate democrat, I just can't figure out Why anyone is buying it?