Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Second Presidential Debate: A Few Quick Thoughts

If tonight's debate performance is anything like the rest of the Obama re-election campaign, Barack Obama will just pretend he hasn't been President for the last Four years.  That seems to be their strategy.

This is why I think Obama looses not only tonight but on November 6th. Regardless of what the media would have you believe.

So what does that Say about Obama's record?  Kinda says it all don't you think.

The man who stood in front of those Greek columns promising the world, He was a different kind of politician might be right....He is one that demands that we not hold him accountable for anything, ever.

From the failing economy to the attacks on Benghazi, Barack Obama refuses to take responsibility for anything, instead He tells us what He "would" do. Because let's face it, he doesn't want to talk about what He's done.

Some think that tonight, Obama will "Suprise" us by taking responsibility for Benghazi....let's talk about that for a second.  This guy IS the President, the Benghazi attack was over a month ago. He hasn't taken one question on Libya....in four weeks. Unless of course you count that hard hitting interview with David Letterman. 

For perspective...the media that so willing has laid down cover fire for this Administration,  complained for months (maybe Years) after the "first" September 11th attack that Bush finished reading a story to a room full of kids before giving a statement. 

Can you imagine if after finishing that book, Bush jumped on Air Force One and headed to Vegas?  Then when questioned about it said "No comment" for an entire month?  Yeah, me neither.  So I'm not sure how it helps Obama to take the "responsibility" route now. Seems silly.

But let's just say He does...what do those words even mean to him?  His stump speeches would indicate that His definition of "responsibility" seems to be...It's not my fault.

The collapse of the economy is Bush's fault, or as I'm sure Obama will say through gritted teeth tonight: "The Former Administration".   He refuses to admit the failure of the stimulus bill, they shoved down our throats days after Obama took office in Jan 2009. He refuses to admit that ObamaCare, although not even fully enacted yet, has already cost thousands of Jobs.

In fact Obama enjoys telling his ever dwindling faithful that Republicans  have stopped him from doing what He wants to do. So they of course are to Blame as well, again ignoring the fact that Democrats controlled all Three Branches until January 2011. 

Obama has presided over the worst economy in over 30 years, all the while promising that He will do something about it. Oh really....When? He's had four years, his policies have only made it worse. His time is up.

The most recent attempt to Cover up his ineptitude comes as He hides behind Hilary Clinton of all people, allowing her to suggest to the American people that She is responsible for the lack of security in Benghazi. Don't get me wrong, as Secretary of State, Clinton is responsible...too. But ultimately, the deaths of four Americans falls squarely on the President's lap. 

If this Administration handled the situation properly, Americans wouldn't be sitting here a month later getting the umpteenth version of what happened. In fact it probably wouldn't have happened at all. Chris Stevens requested more security, the State Department denied it. Something about Prevention equaling a pound of cure comes to mind. I'm certain Amb. Stevens family would agree.

Forgive me if I don't really care what Barack Obama says tonight...It changes nothing. It won't give back 24 Million Americans their jobs, homes or dignity. Nor will it bring Ambassador Stevens back to his family. 

So Obama and his team can spare me the pandering and just start packing.