Thursday, October 16, 2008

Unsolicited Advice for McCain Campaign

John McCain did exactly what he needed to do in the last presidential debate, he got people to stop and think. He did so with a little help from Joe the Plumber and Barack Obama himself. Regardless of what the pundits on Fox News (you disappoint me, Barnes and Cristol...) or any other channel were saying, Obama didn't do himself any favors last night by continuing to regurgitate stump speeches, while McCain defined the differences between a Pro-Growth Agenda and Socialism. The Obama campaign is based on repetition that's why he never really answers anything, but instead throws in a 8 more years or Failed Bush Policies to cover the truth. He wants to Raise Taxes and Grow Government.

While I rarely give out advice for the McCain campaign, I often wish for things out loud. After last night's debate I have come up with my own 18 day marketing plan to get McCain the White House and the Republicans a few of those seats up for grabs in Congress to keep the Democrats from getting a Super Majority in Washington.

The single most important race is the Presidency, so let's start there. McCain should start airing commercials tomorrow featuring Barack Obama saying it's not true that I put baby on sticks, when in fact his voting record indicates the opposite. The show him saying it was a bipartisan vote, then show the record of him being the lone supporter of putting babies on sticks.

Using his denial of a relationship with ACORN outside his 'lawsuit', I would show that clip then split screen ACORN's press release today, apparently designed to squelch the rumors. I'm just not sure which ones. By ACORN's own admission Obama's involvement went way past the lawsuit. Then I would show Obama's speech in 2007. Look if the guy is going to lie on National Television, you need to take advantage of it. In a side note anyone find it strange that Obama uses the Lawsuit where he forced banks to give bad loans as his 'involvement'. If involving yourself in the 'greatest economic disaster of all time' is the best answer, Obama is wishing the question wasn't asked. Maybe that's another ad.

Following the same vein you could do one on the lie Obama told about his relationship with Bill Ayers, and then you could show Obama quoting the now debunked "kill Him" line, followed by his accusations of the 'Republicans inciting hate speech'. But as much as Obama lied what really started his demise was Joe the Plumber.

As you know I was hoping Joe would end up just Once in the conversation. Imagine my delight that now all of America is talking about him. But after I turned off my computer last night, I said a prayer for Joe the Plumber, because I knew the OLM would go on the attack. The politics of personal destruction or Murdering the Messenger depending how how you look at it, is what the Liberal Democrats and their henchmen in the OLM do.

Last night on the Ultra Liberal Daily Kos, bloggers posted false statements about Joe the Plumber and released his personal contact information all on the World Wide Web. Now while it is expected that the media should talk to the man that was mentioned 26 times in the Presidential Debate, it is unacceptable to attack him personally or attempt to discredit him simply for asking the question.

What they want you to do is look at who is asking the question, and don't listen to What Obama's answer was "Spreading the Wealth". That's Socialism and my new personal hero, Joe said so. That's why the Media is seething. They didn't see Joe coming or I promise you that You-tube video would have been scrubbed off the web before anyone ever saw it, just as so many others before it.

The attack from the OLM was predictable, what I didn't expect was for the Democratic Candidates themselves to do it. Obama and Biden took both took shots at Joe the Plumber today. Obama mocked Joe for not understanding his plan, while Biden said he didn't know any plumbers in his neighborhood who made $250,000. You're Right, Biden, you'd have to make millions to live in a house like yours. I'm thinking we've got enough material here to take us through at least a couple days worth of commercials.

America isn't going to like the idea of giving the Government more money. Why on earth would anyone want to Pay More Taxes?? That is the definition of insanity. That's just for the immediate response Ad team to get started. Oh and for the love of God, please go on O'Reilly he is practically endorsing Barack Obama since you haven't given him an interview or let him talk to Sarah Palin. This is why I hate O'Reilly, he is always his #1 concern. He wants to bully McCain into coming onto the show. Just as he wants McCain to show the outrage of "regular folk", when in reality Bill obviously lost a ton of money in the Market and he wants someone to pay for it. That's fine, but that is not how normal Folks view the crisis. Most are just pissed, they didn't lose millions of dollars, they just don't want to pay more taxes to pay for a mistake made by someone else. So McCain if you are listening....Just give the Old Man the interview he so desperately wants, or better yet ...Send Sarah. Now on to the congress...

Who could forget Macacca? George Allen a great man and a wonderful servant of the people of Virginia's career ended because the media put Maccaca on the front page for weeks. Not to mention the five week coverage of the Mark Foley scandal. Well I'm going to forget about the media, if I'm in the RNC I start a generic spot I can run in all the swing states.

Here's my vision. We show the Democrats being themselves. That's it. First we show Florida Senator Tim Mahoney running on family, values, ethics, then we show the bill for his now two affairs. Then we move over to Ohio with the Attorney General sitting on 200,000 voter registration cards in an attempt to cover up the severity of the ACORN problem. I started thinking about this and the ideas just kept coming.

I mean we could do an entire spot on John Murtha alone, 'our marines are murders' 'oh my bad' and 'the people of this area are Racist". Starting to see the pattern? Next we move onto Barney Franks and Chris Dodd, do I even need to go through this one again....hands in cookie jar=financial collapse. Nancy Pelosi's desire to push through additional spending before Bush leaves office. Then we show Obama saying he will consider drilling. Then we show Harry Reid and Steny Hoyer saying they will make it a priority to ban off shore drilling. This stuff writes itself!

See sometimes it's really not that complicated. Look at all those Democrats, Look at all those Scandals. See simple. I'm hoping that the McCain camp does it, because there is no way in hell the OLM will connect the dots for America like they would if it were Republicans in all this trouble. So it's going to have to come through Ads. If they call them negative, Consider the source.

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