Friday, December 31, 2010

GOProud or Go Home!!

Awhile back I wrote a blog, and when I say a while I mean almost two years ago...about my thoughts on Gay Marriage. It garnished a little more hate mail than usual. But in it I made clear that I personally felt that the Gay Community would have more success at achieving their agenda by coming over to the Republican party, specifically the Conservative sector.

At first blush, most uniformed people thought I was Nuts. Because according to the "lame stream media" as Rush calls it, all those who don't vote Democrat or as they are now known Socialist party, must be a homophobic, racist, the way what exactly is a Bigot? According to what I've always believed Bigotry was about religion. But listening to Liberals and their cohorts in the Media you would think Bigotry covered hatred of everything from taxes to picking out a china pattern. I digress...

The problem is some people still buy into these myths...Thankfully there are new groups coming out (pun intended) as Gay Conservatives.

As the following video shows...Liberals still don't get it. Chenk Uygur, yep that's his name, a fill-in host on MSNBC, perpetuates the stereotypes not only of Conservatives but Gays as well during this "interview" and I use that term loosely with GOProud , a growing Conservative Gay Organization, Chairman Christopher Barron. What is interesting is they set up the segment with Obama's speech about repealing "Don't Ask Don't Tell", then get into GOProud's invitation to CPAC this year. But Uygur as you'll see has his own agenda for the conversation, unfortunately for him...Uygur was no match for Barron. There are some real gems in this one, but if I had to pick a favorite...

Barron: We've (GOProud) Participated in CPAC for the last 2 years

Uygur: Oh. (Smugly laughing) the last 2 years, what about all the other years...

Barron: We've only been around 2 years.

Uygur: uh. um.


Oh and keep in mind this is the same Tolerant Liberal 'Host' that pondered why Tucker Carlson didn't want Sarah Palin executed....

First I must tell you...I now have a Mad crush on Christopher Barron. He proves what Ann Coulter often says "Our Gays are way more macho than their Straights". Second Barron lays it out for Uygur by explaining to him that there are issues besides Marriage and "Don't Ask Don't Tell" for he and others in the Gay Community. Just as Conservative women have said many times that we are more than Our reproductive system....seems the Gays feel the same way.

At one point in the segment Uygur uses a classic liberal argument technique: "No you're Not" to which I expected him to follow up with "I know you are but what am I?"

Mr. Barron handles himself beautifully as he uses one of My favorite debate techniques: I reject your premise. More people on the Right really need to use this one more often. Liberal hosts have a tendency to phrase questions in such a manner that if you answer them at all...You lose.

What is most tragic in this story is that they buried the headline: GOProud was invited to CPAC and will be attending for the second consecutive year. The flashing graphics say "Conservative groups boycott CPAC", but in reality only two have declined their invitation to attend. The Family Research Council and some Women's group. Two groups out of Seventy who were invited, that's it. One known for being sticklers in the Social Conservative movement and one that I've never even heard of before. So I will consider this a HUGE win and so should everyone else.

There are differing opinions on whether it was a good move by the again TWO groups. Some like Jennifer Rubin think that it is a litmus test of political strategy as she wrote in an editorial for the Washington Post. Ed Morrissey at HotAir.Com tries to explain CPAC as it really is, a place for Conservatives of all kinds to come together and share ideas.
From his post:
As much as the media like to paint the conservative movement as a monolithic, lock-step aggregation, CPAC itself annually demonstrates the variety and tension between various interests on the Right. The conference includes social conservatives, Ron Paul groupies, isolationists, interventionists (the dreaded neo-cons), libertarians, religious organizations (including Muslims), atheists, several flavors of fiscal conservatism, and even the John Birch Society. The point of CPAC isn’t to all come together to agree as much as it is for these organizations to make their pitch to the thousands of activists who attend the conference — in other words, to engage, debate, and either convince or fail to do so. Half the groups at CPAC probably wouldn’t endorse the other half, with or without GOProud.

I assure you Mr. Uygur wouldn't understand half of the words in Ed Morrissey's post, but perhaps he should read it anyway. See with all His babbling about "Gay Rights", Mr. Uygur doesn't understand that Gays also have the Right to be Conservative.

When Christopher Barron states that he has more trouble coming out as a Conservative to his Gay friends than he does coming out as gay to his conservative friends, I believe him. I have friends that have the same problem. But when Chenk says "but, They don't like you!" that is pure magic caught on film. A perfect example of 'tolerance" from the liberal community gay or otherwise.

I can only hope that Christopher Barron and other like him will be an example for other gay conservatives still in the closet to come out and GOProud!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Are we becoming a Nation of Wusses?

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell is getting run into the ground for his comment about a "Nation of Wusses", referring to the postponement of his beloved Eagles game. Here is something you won't hear me say very often, so you might want to write this down: I agree with Ed Rendell.

* Editors note: Love the "No crying in Baseball" line...

Now I don't want to get into an argument about whether or not the Eagles game was postponed due to concerns for the "fans" safety...I understand what the NFL was thinking, I just disagree with them.

But what this is really about is a much larger problem than whether or not Eagles fans have the cojones to deal with a foot of snow...the question is Can we as Americans 'deal" with Anything?

This first came up a while back in a discussion with my sister, and other half of my brain. She brought up the recent rash of suicides that were appearing in clusters at the time. While obviously the Suicides were tragic, she was concerned that the 'trend' was just starting as we were dealing with an entire generation of Americans that have Zero coping skills.

This is what happens when everyone always wins a trophy and No one is a loser. You end up with adults that never learned to over come adversity. Schools are operating the 'Stop the Bullying" campaigns all over the country. But does anyone ever remember those being necessary when we were in school? No. Because either you stood up to them or you got your ass kicked and they moved on to their next prey and a job at the gas station. While you went on to write the great American Novel about over coming adversity. See What I mean? That might not exactly be the story, but you get the gist....

This generation won't have the great Americans who have inspired us, instead of reading about the great Condi Rice who went from a black girl from Alabama to Secretary of State. Who will lead this generation of black leaders that Actually have the people in Mind...and No Spike Lee, you don't count. Where is Dr. King where is Malcolm X. Two men who saw the world differently but wanted the same equality. And near the end X sounded a lot more like Dr. King than the poor excuse for a human Louis Fharakan. Who will show the heroics of John McCain and George H. W. Bush? They won't understand how Bill Gates and Steve Jobs started in a dorm room and a garage respectively.

Because they'll be too busy whinning to their shrinks about how 'difficult' their High School years were and how having a Job is 'really, really hard'. I don't know about you but I can't imagine Bill Gates was Mr. Popularity in High School....and seemed to turn out Okay.

Learning to over come or at the very least deal with adversity as a child is key into developing into a healthy well adjusted adult. Why? Because bad Things happen to everyone, all the time. And it helps if you have some clue how to handle it.

Now I don't mean to say that I condone 'bullying' or more to the point beatings, stabbings and the fact just for clarification consider this my official condemnation: "No one Should Beat, Stab, or Kill Anyone simply because they don't like them for one reason or another". (This rule applies to so called-adults as well.)

But Kids do need to learn that in games as in life there are Winners and Losers. And that some people are talented in one area, but struggle in another. It's the way of the world and it's worked until the last 20-30 years when we decided that children could be damaged for life if we criticised them or encouraged them to strive for excellence. Ask any Division One athlete who pushed them the most? Number One Answer on the Board: Dad, Mom, Family or any combination of the three. Did some of these athletes struggle academically, probably....but they Over came that to be successful in something in which they did excel.

Now I must move onto those in the gay community. Please refer to my earlier condemnation and allow me to add this: Gay children need to have a safe place to go, whether that be to a parent, friend or guidance counselor if they are experiencing any bullying over their Sexual preference. Having said that, these resources should help the child to develop defense mechanisms that work for the child and Not against them. Is that really that hard? Because while Homosexuality has become significantly more mainstream than ever, it is a life style that at some point will draw ridicule from some Ignorant Homophobic Jackass. So Why not prepare them for that?

You're looking at a generation that in it's life time has been through multiple wars and conflicts, which resulted in Zero Rationing of anything from Sugar to Gasoline. Something no other generation could say before...and yet they whine when they beat their $60 video game in their $350 console,on their $3500 television set in less than two weeks.

We've got kids who have no desire to get a driver's license, I can remember counting the days until I could get my permit, so on the day I turned 16 I could get my license. But you know what I failed my permit the first time, why because I didn't think I Really needed to read the book. But after a good long lecture from my Dad, and an awesome Sub. I went home read the book, studied it and passed with flying colors on my next attempt. When it came time to take the drivers portion I was ready. I had prepared, because I had failed before and I didn't like that feeling, nor did I wish to repeat it. And I didn't. Passed the drivers exam on the first go round. I was so excited I forgot to take the keys out of the ignition...a fact the kind officer overlooked.

So getting your permit is a little thing, but that's where it starts. The little things. If a child can't learn to cope with the little things in life, How could we ever expect them to Rise to the Challenge when the Big things hit them square in the face?

We've got a problem folks We are becoming a Nation of Wusses and you know it's bad when Rendell and I are on the same side of any argument.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Vote for Obama! Vote Yourself Out of a Job!

I like to think this one is just as appropriate now as it was then...Originally posted Oct 24, 2008

There are actually people in America who will attempt to Vote themselves out of a Job in a week and a half if they Vote for Barack Obama. Between Obama's Disastrous Tax Plan which will destroy small businesses, the fairness doctrine, his opposition to free trade, his desire to tax the US out of the global market and of course his Health Care Plan. I'd like you to name one industry that can survive this guy's plan...

Small Business is the back bone of our economy comprised of Restaurants, Stores, publications, and all the other categories you can find in the yellow pages. Obama's tax plan would raise taxes on 85% of Small Businesses. That additional tax will cause many to shut their doors completely. Others will be forced to reduce staff or benefits. Obama also promises to penalize those who don't offer health insurance to their employees, yet another incentive to Small Business owners to pull down their shingle. Considering that in some of the previous years Small Business was responsible for 100% of the jobs added to the economy, I'm thinking this won't be good for anyone. I am not alone, Small Business Associations across America including the one here in Virginia are endorsing John McCain.

In addition to those who own or work for a small business, there are whole industries that rely on small businesses as customers. As small businesses cut back on expenses, those who sell to Small Business owners will also feel the effect. From the office supply rep, to the advertising rep, to cleaning crew, who ever works for the SB owners will be feeling the pinch too.

Take a look at how one small business owner breaks it down. He does a much better job with the numbers than I can....

See the video and read the remaining article here: