Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hey Senator Government, Joe the Plumber says Hi.

Mort Kondrake should write the questions for the all debates from now on. I was watching some of the pre-debate chatter when Mort spoke his wisdom. He thought Bob Schieffer should immediately come out and ask Barack Obama about his ties to Bill Ayers and Acorn, then turn to John McCain and ask him something that would embarrass him as well. Now that would be a much more interesting debate than the last two snoozefests. While McCain clearly won the last debate, and in my opinion came out slightly ahead on the first debate, neither provided real fireworks that would get people talking. Basically the two of them stood there answering unbelievable predictable questions, and I liked McCain's answers better. But wouldn't the debates have a whole new appeal if the candidates were actually asked questions people cared about? Debate format would be one question per issue, so the moderators can't ask the same question six times in a row.

Surprise, Surprise! The media is saying this Debate is the Final chance for John McCain and that McCain needs to deliver a knock out or this race is over. Where have I heard that before? Oh yes, it was the talking points the Obama Campaign sent to the Media.

Never count out John McCain, says Mitt Romney. I believe him. I wanted him on the ballot. But if the Media is making McCain out to be a Right Wing Nut imagine what they would do to a true conservative like Romney. McCain is the Right Man at the Right Time for This Job.

They've been talking all night about how much the campaigns are spending, Obama is running over 1000 Negative ads in a weekend, while McCain is running 8. Strange, I could swear I've heard no less than a million times that McCain is running the most negative campaign in history. Oh Really? Those ads aren't free mind you. They cost money, Big Money. Obama is outspending McCain in all the swing states by signicant margins. Obama is trying to buy this campaign. He's already got the media 100% behind him, he's approving every other message on my TV, Radio and now Video Games, he's booked two major networks for a half hour a week before the election.(I believe an attempt to claim his victory prior to the actual election date, it could also be when he tries to explain away all of his lies.) If his ideas are so great why does he need to force it down your throat?

Everyone has an opinion about what McCain should say tonight. I think if Plumber Joe's name comes up, it's bad for Obama, apparently the OLM didn't feel the need to follow up with Joe. So there are some folks who haven't heard about Obama's plan to "spread the wealth". Oh yeah Please say something about Joe. And McCain, if you could throw in Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, that would be cool too.

Sometimes Dennis Miller is brilliant. When discussing what McCain should say to Obama, about his Wrong vote on the surge, which had Obama gotten his way would have created a haven for terrorists. Miller said there is "solvency and then there is dead". Point well taken.

Thank God for Fox News.

Bob Scheiffer looks like a Robot, except for when he said Barack Obama and john mccain.

Good first question, Bob. Why is your economic plan better than his?

McCain did a nice job of relating the reasoning behind his $300B mortgage buy out. It stablizes the housing market. So it benefits those who have kept up with their mortgage by saving the Value of their house. Split screen Obama is nodding. Good Job, McCain, Nicely done.

Obama is um and ah a bit more than he's done in previous debates. But he delivers the general stump speech.

McCain just brought up Joe the plumber! Yeah! McCain promises Joe, he won't raise his taxes.

Obama made a really bad joke about McCain watching McCain ads, and repeats his line about 95% of working americans get tax cuts.

McCain says Obama wants to spread Joe's wealth around? Why would you want to increase taxes on Anyone in this economy?

I think Obama just compared Joe the Plumber to Warren Buffett. I know he just said he didn't want to pay higher taxes. I'm confused.

McCain is definitely cutting through the crap. He just jumped on Obama's desire to raise business taxes while he plans to reduce them to make it competitive in the world market.

Obama is supposed to be telling us what he's cutting from his plan. He's spinning and I think Bob just called him on it. He says he'll cut subsidizes to Insurance Companies, that's 15 billion. I'm still waiting to hear what he is cutting, oh now he's back to spending $860B in Health Care. Oh dear I think he's telling us he plans to spend more money on some new "investments" At my count we're looking at a 70% tax rates.

McCain thankfully just said something that made my heart sing: I will push for a LINE ITEM VETO. That is exactly what we need to get this do nothing but spend my Money, Congress to stop stuffing bills with pork. Brilliant.

Obama said it again..we had a surplus when Bush came in and a deficiet when Bush came in.

McCain: "Senator Obama I am NOT PRESIDENT BUSH if you wanted to run against him, you should run four years ago. "

I think I'm in Love with John McCain.

Tell me on one major issue that you've stood up to your party on.

Obama just suggested that he has a record of reaching across the isles. Obama just took a shot at Fox News. This debate is much better than the previous two..

Oh it just got better...Bob just said say it to their face.

McCain didn't say anthing about Ayers in his first response instead, displayed his anger over the comments by Senator Lewis.

Obama said you can't whine about attacking, then whined about being attacked. Followed by 8 more years....Obama said he would love to spend the next three weeks talking about the economy..Oh I bet you would.

Obama just quoted a smear video from the internet. I think Obama just defended Sen. Lewis.

Obama just called me a Racist.

McCain just defended all Republicans. Thank you, John.

McCain just called out Ayers name. And ACORN.

Obama is ready. He delivers a canned speech lying by omission. But he brings up the Annenberg Foundation. I'd like to talk more about that myself, Obama. Obama just lied again. He said his only involvement with ACORN was when he represented them. He lies very easily.

John MCain told American about Ayers and Obama's 'donation' of over $200,000 to ACORN. Split Screen: Obama smirking, but nervous.

I'm liking this new McCain.

Obama bored me with Biden's folksyness. Saying anyone who knows Joe knows he represents to working class. Yeah, ask those people down at Katies Dinner, Joe likes to visit. The one that has been closed for 15 years.

When talking about Sarah, McCain appeared to tear up with pride in her performance as the nominee of Vice President.

Note to self: Obama doesn't know crap about Trade. He would destroy the economy.

McCain splits hairs for Obama. We will drill. Not we'll look at drilling. There is a difference. Words mean something. McCain's got some fire in his belly. He's looser than he's ever been. He's just talking now, not stumping. I hope America is watching. This is the McCain that will be President.

Now I'm actually cheering for McCain. I just yelled say " gas prices went down a dollar in a week"...Obama doesn't know what real Americans are paying for gas.

Health Care Cost vs. Health Care Coverage?

Obama talks about some his "Magic" plan for sick poor people with no health insurance. Under Obama's plan I can keep the crappy insurance I have and pay more taxes for it. Yeah! I can't wait. Is he nuts? McCain's plan is soooo much better for anyone with insurance provided by their employer not to mention all those sole proprietors that work for themselves.

Obama is lying again this time about who will get fined. He is backpeddling because Joe doesn't want to pay a 'fine' for not insuring his employees the way Obama wanted him too. Obama said he'll only 'fine' Big businesses. Show me a 'Big Business' that doesn't offer health care to it's employees.

McCain just called Obama, Senator Government. Ha! McCain just tapped into what I wrote about yesterday, there are two very different philosphies to choose from in this election. Big Government vs. Personal Responsibility.

Roe V. Wade

Now we're talking about women's wages. This is weird. I hope McCain knows that the Women on Obama's staff make 83 cents on the dollar to the Men.

OOH Better, McCain is bringing up Obama's unexplainable support of Partial Birth Abortions and Infanticide of abortion survivors.

Obama said McCain lied, then repeated exactly what McCain said. Obama says But a lot. I read somewhere today that when someone says "but" it negates everything he said in front of it. Interesting. Obama just lied again. He was the lone senator to vote against the Ban.

Shocking Obama wants to "spend" and "invest" more money on Education. How is Obama going to make college affordable? Oh Jesus through the Obama Youth. He's back to the Paid volunteers he first mentioned at the 9/11 Service forum. (I've got a blog about that, if you're a new reader you might want to reference that one)

I thought McCain did an excellent job on education. Now mind you I have a personal interest anyone starts talking about Student Loans. But when he called it the Civil Rights Issue of this generation, he looked like he meant it.

Obama wants to 'work with bad teachers' and give them a chance to improve over time. I'm assuming he realized all those teachers out indoctrinating his youth, would not appreciate being told they had to Teach the kids something, or get a new job.

I am just hoping that Americans are watching and seeing the same thing I am. Obama appears to be imploding while McCain looks confident.

McCain gives me chills when he talks about his service to America. While I don't agree with him on every issue, watching him speak about his Love of America you know he means it. He gave more for America than you and I could ever imagine.

In closing Obama pitches everything on his platform at once, then panders for votes.

It's over.

McCain won. I don't even need to watch the talking heads. But who knows what America will think. One thing is sure, McCain isn't going down without a fight. But he'll fight on his terms.

Joe the Plumber got mentioned 15 times, that's good for McCain.


Susanne said...

I thought McCain did a great job last night. I can't believe the media is so biased. They're really hammering him about bringing up Ayers. Did you see Obama's cocky laugh when McCain started asking about Ayers? There are SO many things we don't know about this guy; and don't get me started on his wife. She really scares me too. Let's pray America will wake up!

Anonymous said...

1)My husband and I kept thinking last night that Obama looked like a
socialist dictator and kept imagining a big gold crown on his head,
since he was acting every bit the (oh, he thought he was just so regal
and pompous wasn't he?)emperor last night.
2) I loved the fact that McCain got aggressive and was "the real John
McCain" last night. His eyes looked incredulous last night as Obama
kept spinning & spinning. His look conveyed - I can't believe this joker
has gotten this far in the running - he can't even talk - what an idiot!

3) Obama used again one of McCain's adism - "I've reached across the
aisle" - last night - no he hasn't - what a liar, but yet the media says
how negative McCain's campaign has been and desperate - every comment
from the bleeding heart regular networks is defending Obama - why is all
about Obama's campaign and coming to their "heroes?" defense? Can't
America see what is going on? I pray every night that they do.
4) I liked Bob Schieffer last night - I thought he was direct and asked
them tough questions. He wasn't afraid to reel them in, especially
Obama who kept laughing like a crazed and nervous school kid, and kept
interrupting McCain's answers when he hit a real artery.

I forgot to mention that I LOVED when McCain accidentally called Obama - Senator Government. He should totally use that in his campaign now.
The symbolism was so rich!