Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We're Bringing Saxby Back!!

With the AP now reporting a Saxby Chambliss victory in the US Senate Run off race in GA, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. We've held off a 60 Seat Democrat Super Majority, meaning we can still throw a few road bumps in the way of Socialism with a big "S" when we need to. It's not great, but it's a start.

One other bright spot in this Chambliss Victory, is that we got to see Sarah Palin again, as she did a four stop tour of the State yesterday. Polls had Chambliss up by 7 points late last week, tonights early numbers have his margin of Victory at around 18%, Think it might have had something to do with this?

You know Sarah's a Rock star when even the AP calls her Chambliss' "closer". What would you expect from the Woman that Joe Biden said he wanted to hang out with so the Press would notice him. Her positive Conservative message is still resonating with Americans....so not all is lost. Although some are wondering what it means for Obama....and wondering if the outcome would have been different if The One had come on down to Georgia, himself.

We have to start preparing now for 2010. Check out your local senate races, see where we can make some progress, find a good candidate to support and Do it. In the meanwhile as I've said countless times, Stay in touch with your representatives in Congress, remind them as often as necessary who writes their paycheck. Those remaining members of Congress with "R"'s beside their name will really need our support now. Remember that the phone calls and e-mails from consitiuients is what stopped the first Bailout Package. Never underestimate the desire for Politicians to get re-elected.

Having said that, tonight I will sleep just a little easier knowing that the Congress can't just rubber stamp every liberal policy Obama throws out. We still have a small form of checks and balance. Thank you Georgia! America should be thanking you as well! Thanks to Sarah Palin and the Voters in the great state of Georgia, We're Bringing Saxby Back!