Saturday, October 18, 2008

Spread the Word, Not the Wealth

Apparently, Investigative Journalism is not dead, turns out they can still do some digging when they want. Today the New York Times did an in depth investigative front page piece on the most controversial figure in the 2008 election....Cindy McCain. This is just the latest example that while the OLM has gone to great lengths to avoid reporting anything about Barack Obama's life, they are still able to dig up the dirt on the likes of Cindy McCain and of course Joe the Plumber.

I just read that tomorrow's edition of the New York Times will do an in depth look into Michelle Obama's radical past and her extremely controversial view of Racial identity revealed in her college thesis. Pick your jaw up off the floor, I made that up. There won't be an expose on Michelle "America's mean" Obama tomorrow or any other day ending in Y. You will not see an in depth look by the OLM into anything that would cast doubt on The One. Barack Obama himself said that if if weren't for Fox News he thought he'd be further ahead in the polls. Obama knows he owns the media. He can't wait to shut down all those that dare to question him, just like they've done to Joe the Plumber. Fox News has been put on notice, by Obama himself.

I've said many times the Obama supporters are an "end justifies the means" crowd, in this vein one of the reporters working on the NYT story sent facebook messages to friends of McCain's youngest child trying to collect information on Cindy McCain. Exploiting children is now considered acceptable at the Times. These hard hitting journalists did not however manage to get a new quote from Cindy McCain. That's correct! This story gets an entire front page article and not one sit down interview, instead it just rehashed old information. So why was it worthy of publishing? You don't have to answer that just look at the decline of newspaper sales you'll find their readers have decided there isn't much in the Times worth reading anymore.

But since we're opening the gate on Family members, why isn't the Times rushing off to Kenya to interview Barack Obama's brother, George. Who lives on just $12 a year? Barack is now telling Americans, he will raise taxes of working Americans to give more money to those that don't work, but he can't send George a couple of bucks? Where is the Expose from the Times on that? I won't hold my breath.

Maybe they will bother to pick up on those elusive clues in Obama's book, "Dreams from my Father" about Uncle Frank. Frank Marshall Davis, a communist who was too far left for the NAACP. Why would the NYT have an interest in the man Obama called a mentor who also wrote pornographic novels involving pedophilia and told Obama he shouldn't trust even his White grandfather? The Canadian Free press did a story on the relationship's significance back in August. And I first posted about Frank in early September, but here we are in Mid-October no mention of Frank from the OLM. It is all part of the OLM plan to skirt all issues until after they get Obama elected. Then we won't be allowed to even ask about it anymore. Problem solved.

The Fact of the Matter is as I have said many times, the OLM reports what it wants America to know, regardless of truthfulness. I was watching CNN's Truth Squad this morning, when they reported that John McCain's statement that Obama wanted to "spread the wealth around" was "Misleading". After they had shown a clip of Obama saying "spread the wealth around" in that now infamous exchange with My Favorite Joe. What about repeating what the man said is "Misleading" to the 'Truth Squad"? Wait for it....It was only part of a five minute conversation.

It was not lost on me that these were the same people who replayed the truncated quote about the "fundamentals of the economy" for weeks on end, ignoring the second half of the statement let alone the tone of the five minute speech around it. I'm assuming Obama's repeating of it would be considered "True", just like they found that when Sarah Palin said Obama's comfortable palling around with "Terrorists" to be False after showing several points that made it True. Weird. Notice they got all caught up on the plural use of Terrorists, I guess CNN didn't think Palin might be talking about Bill's wife, Bernadette Dorhn.

I realize in many ways I am preaching to choir about this misinformation being labeled as "News". However we do know this information and it's up to us to share it with our less informed friends. John McCain has opened the door for us to inform our Friends and family what a President Obama would really look like. One blogger gave his take on it here. It's a little lengthy but not a pretty picture. As for me it looks like I would have less money, things would cost more and many of my clients would go out of business. Let your friends and family know what you know, the more you look into Obama the frightened you become. He is the most liberal Senator in Congress, three places higher on the list than the actual Socialist Senator, Bernie Sanders. A man that Barack Obama endorsed. The OLM's response to all this has been, "move along now, nothing to see here" coverage. So it's up to us!

As I tell my liberal friends all the time, I am not an investigative journalist being paid to 'break' the next big story, I'm just a concerned citizen who has access to the Internet and all of the information I find is available to anyone willing to look. With all of the back lash over his handling of Mr. Plumber, America is starting to realize that Obama isn't quite as Perfect as the media paints him out to be. It is this growing suspicion that creates an opportunity for us to get the real message out. So my informed readers, It's time to Spread the Word, Not the Wealth.

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