Saturday, November 12, 2011

Debates Are For High School Kids

Here's the deal folks...I don't care who is the best at debating the other candidates. Hell I don't even care who is going to be better than Barack Obama. If you or anyone else is basing their vote on these dog and pony shows that serve only to create fodder for the political junkies and the media...Go back to High School. That's the last time a debate should have been your deciding factor for casting a Vote.

I am not selecting a candidate based on his ability to "Charm" the masses, the Democrats did that in 2008 and look where that got us.

We have One Chance to win back the White House next year. Let's Not Waste it by falling for all the media hype....

There is much more that I want out of My presidential candidate than a media friendly delivery. I'd like to know what they have done and what they plan to do to fix this mess.

Take Rick Perry for example. While the media and some pundits would have you believe that Rick Perry should just drop out. I disagree. The man has proven leadership. I like what he's done in Texas, and clearly so do the Voters. Three terms are Not a given for any Governor. He has grown their economy which is more than I can say for any of the other candidates. Have you read his tax plan? I have and You should too. No it's not quite as catchy as 9-9-9 but it also doesn't include a national sales tax and give tax payers options, something No one else has legitimately put forward. You want a man of faith, he lives it not just during the election cycle. Concerned about his position on Gay Marriage? Why?  He firmly stands behind states rights and has gone On the record supporting the voters right to decide what is best for their state.

So Why all the Hate? Because he finds the debates as tedious and pointless as We do? So What? Mitt Romney is an excellent Debater. Is that Who you want for the Republican nominee? I thought not. Liberals vote on style. We vote on Substance.

Fortunately I'm not the only one thinking about all of this....from 
Is this election going to be about who wins the Debates or about Who has the ability to fix our very broken nation?

Class Dismissed.