Monday, October 20, 2008

Biden Endorses McCain, Again

Who doesn't love Joe Biden? I mean why is everyone talking about the predictable endorsement that Colin Powell gave Barack Obama over the weekend? When another Sunday morning announcement was truly unexpected. Some might even call it Shocking! Joe Biden while speaking in Seattle basically told the crowd that if Barack Obama wins, the United States will almost certainly be attacked with in months because the "World will test" Obama's leadership abilities. No I'm not kidding. That's what his Vice Presidential Running Mate, said.

Joe also warned that in a year from now when the Obama administration was down in the polls, and Everyone was questioning their decision to Vote for Obama, not to worry. They would work it out over time. Even after two years, apparently Obama supporters shouldn't start to worry. You got to hand to Biden he really thinks they've already won. Maybe that's what the Obama people have told him! Who knows, but this should be the next McCain/Palin ad. Just Biden giving this speech.

I've been watching Biden for awhile and as you know I am less than impressed. The GOP website dedicated to his Gaffes is always good for a laugh on slow days. If Sarah Palin had said one of the ridiculous embellishments or flat out lies that Joe's been slinging the OLM would have crucified her. As it was they had to create a caricature of her, just to make themselves feel better. For those of you who missed it, She made Tina Fey look like the cheap imitation she is when the two women passed on stage. Sarah Palin is the real deal, but Joe Biden, he's whatever you want him to be....

Biden was one of Barack Obama's strongest critics during the Primary season, suggested President wasn't a great position for 'on the job training'. Around the same time Biden said he would rather run with John McCain than Obama. Is he still pulling for Big Mac? You tell me. Obama's message has been we're in this great financial crisis, I'm going to do everything I can to increase taxes, increase unemployment and generally kill the economy, and now his VP is telling us that the World thinks The One is so soft that they'll just have to attack to "test" him. That sounds like an endorsement for McCain to me.

I don't have any interest in creating an opportunity for Al-Queda to test Obama's leadership. One because I don't want any innocent American civilians killed, period. Two his first reaction would be to consult 300 advisors, then write a letter to whomever attacks us first to apologize. I think Joe is just thinking ahead. He knows that The Big O isn't really ready, and so do America's Enemies. Why do you think Obama's been endorsed around the world by Dictators and Terrorists alike?

Oh these are the kind of endorsements that the OLM aren't as quick to throw into the headlines. Kim Jong Il is rumored to be ill if not dead, but still managed to give a shout out to Barack Obama. Then there is his glowing recommendation from members of Hamas. Who could forget the unholy trinity of Castro, Ortega and Chavez. Head line you will never see: Three out of three murderous dictators who hate America say Obama's their man! Although I don't think he's given an official "endorsement" per Se, Ahmadinejad the tyrannical leader of Iran did quote Obama during his speech to the UN, and I think that should count for something.

Not to mention, the leader of the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan called him the "Messiah". Although I know they agreed, the OLM never seemed to get around to mentioning it. Obama also wrapped up that critical Communist Party USA endorsement awhile back. With all these endorsements from those that hate America, it's no wonder Joe Biden is, to use a sales person's term, "managing expectations". He doesn't want Americans who vote "Change" to get discouraged when it's not the change they had "Hoped" it would be.

Sunday's speech might have been the most honest thing we've heard from Biden since he was tapped for the VP slot. And may I be the first to say Thank you, Joe Biden for telling us how you really feel before it's too late to stop some of your misguided supporters from leading us into as you called it a "generated crisis" to test Obama's resolve.

It's no wonder the Obama camp have restricted Biden's availability to the press since the Vice Presidential debate, while Sarah Palin has become more accessible giving the press short question answer sessions on multiple occassions. It's good for us when Sarah Palin speaks, and the OLM knows it, which is why you haven't heard much about these press sessions. The same can not be said when Joe Biden goes off the script, which is why there won't be any outrage when he disappears for the next 15 days. Even if we don't hear from Joe, six term Senator again, Hasn't he already told us enough?