Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Swept up by The Christmas Spirit: The Nice List

It really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas! With President-elect Barack Obama's buddy, Illinois Governor, Rod Blagojevich, who in case you haven't heard also happens to be a Democrat, was arrested today on Federal Charges. Apparently he attempted to auction off The One's senate seat to the highest bidder. It looks like Blago will be joining Obama's Friend Tony Rezko behind bars this holiday season. Some have suggested the scope and depth of the Blago investigation could reach Rezko's real estate dealings.....Merry Christmas!! With Blago's pottymouth, he definitely belongs on the Naughty list I made yesterday, but there are plenty of people who found their way onto the Nice list....

Starting with my Current favorite member of Congress, United States Senator Richard Shelby, Republican from Alabama.

Senator Shelby had already made my Nice list earlier this year, when he and Senator Jim Bunning from Kentucky, called out the Financial Bailout by it's real name, Socialism. He has sealed the deal with his stance against the Big Three Bailout. For all those members of Congress that Voted for BailOut regardless of party, you can assume the position on the Other list.

The Next name on the good list is none other than El Rushbo, himself, Rush Limbaugh. The self proclaimed Father of Conservatism, has constantly given a voice to our movement while driving Liberals insane. Check out the "Harmless loveable little fuzzball"....

Rush is always Right, but he is particularly insightful on two issues in this piece. One is the way the Elite responded to Sarah Palin, assuming she was just a hick from Alaska. Notice how Babwa 'corrects' him, "She was uniformed!" This from a woman who has gotten all her information from a teleprompter for 30 years. The other issue that Ms. Walters wanted to use against Rush was the "aging woman" comment, which she portrayed as an attack on Hillary. Not so. I was listening to Rush the day that segment aired and it was an indictment on how Women are treated by the media and the public. You don't have to take my word for it, you can read the transcript and decide for yourself at RushLimbaugh.com. Joinging Maha Rushi on the Nice list this year for being the Voices of Conservatism, are Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and Mark Levine. Glen Beck just missed the cut this year, due to his prattling on about the Global Economic Collapse, and his perpetual promotion of "The Christmas Sweater". (Even if it is a really good book, which it is) I'm going to throw Ann Coulter into this section of the Nice list for delivering one of my favorite lines of the Election season, during the short time when John McCain surged in the Polls after announcing Palin for VP, Coulter was asked whether or not she liked Sarah Palin as the Pick, Coulter responded "I'm already planning the empeachment hearings!" For that she goes on my Nice list.

Which brings me to the next name on the Nice list this year, Governor Sarah Palin, Republican from the Great State of Alaska. Let's face it if you didn't know that Sarah was going to make My Nice list, you haven't been paying attention. Sarah is also known as The Reason Conservatives voted on November 4th. Without Governor Palin on the ticket, the base would have stayed home and McCain wouldn't even have had a chance against Obama. Sarah Palin is the Future of the Republican party, she is a strong, smart conservative with common sense, and it was obvious from the first time she was introduced to America that morning in Dayton, Ohio, Sarah Palin is the Real Thing. For bringing Positive Conservatism back to the forefront in the GOP, Sarah Palin has earned herself a spot on the Nice List. Governor Palin is accompanied on the Nice list this year, by two gentlemen from Lousiana, Republican Governor Bobby Jindal and newly elected Republican Representative for the House, Ang "Joseph" Cao . Jindal has been credited for his commitment to conservative fiscal and social ideals with great success in a state known for it's corruption. While Cao is new to the National scene his popularity in his district allowed him to defeat the incumbent, William "90 Grand in My Freezer" Jefferson in a delayed election just this week. Since the Voters of Lousiana gave victories to all of the above, they will also be added to the Nice List. In a suprise twist California voters made the Nice list for their vote to keep "Marriage" between a man and a woman, and of course, Georgia for saving us from a Rubber Stamp Congress. (Florida, you know what you did...)

We've had a some surprising entries to the Nice List this go round including the entire cast and crew of "An American Carol".

It takes a lot of guts to come out of the closet as a Republican in Hollywood. Hats off to those that got this movie made. By openly mocking the left with a Michael Moore-like character who has an Ebenzer Scrooge type of experience after he Protests for a Ban on the 4th of July, these guys lost their invitations to All the Cool Parties, instead they'll be invited to the Nice List.

Another less talked about movie, "Expelled" has earned it's entire cast and crew entry on the Nice List as well. In "Expelled", Ben Stein challenges the mother of all Liberal Holy Issues...Evolution. Or as the website discribes, "The freedom to legitimately challenge “Big Science’s” orthodoxy…without persecution." Good enough for me, Nice List all around!!

And this Nice List would not be complete if it didn't include the men and women who keep us all safe and free, the United States Military. Our Troops have bravely fought overseas to bring stability to Iraq, and are now creating bonds that will give us a strong Ally in the troubled region. But for each moment that a member of the Military is protecting you and I, they are away from someone they Love. Christmas time can be especially difficult for those with small children...but sometimes Little Girls get their Christmas Wish... (grab your kleenex, you've been warned...)

For the Troops that serve our Great Nation, there will always be a spot on the Nice List for you. This year you will be lead on the Nice List by your Commander in Cheif, President George W. Bush, the man who has kept us safe for seven years and has stayed the course towards Victory in Iraq. President Bush a man, Bob Geldof said "has done more than any other president so far.", in regards to Africa. Bush's unprescented committment to aid to Africa for Malaria, HIV/AIDS and business development had Geldof signing his praises in Rwanda earlier this year. Take a moment to read just that article and you will know why W. is on the Nice List.

Swept up by the Christmas Spirit, I've enjoyed creating the Nice List as a reminder of some of the good things happening out in the World. Sometimes we become so consumed by "The Naughty List", we forget to appreciate "The Nice List". This year, I'm trying not to do that.....Merry Christmas to all those who made The Nice List and to everyone else...There's always next year!