Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama's Infomercial: Wasted Money

Obama's giving his 30 minute infomercial tonight, the one he was able to afford because he broke his pledge to take public funding when he realized how much money he could get from his donors. Those Obama supporters who've been hurt economically by the "Failed Bush Policies", like Oprah Winfrey, Sean Puffy/PDiddy Combs, Jay-Z, Spike Lee, George Soros, Bruce Springstein, Warren Buffett, you know, the regular people.

Obama's talking points say that much of his almost Half a Billion dollar war chest came from donors giving $200 or less. That's only half the story. Donors do not have to identify themselves for a donation of $200 or less. So $300,000,000 is Untraceable according to the Washington Post. Now it's been found out that Obama's website was Disabled to allow for pre-paid cards to be used along with fake names.

So I wonder where all that Money came from? Hmmm, how much did he spend for his Prime Time self aggrandizing commercial again? Apparently even Bill Clinton is showing up at the end. I wonder how much his fee was for this "appearance"? Some estimates suggest Obama is paying a million bucks per station, and it's airing on three major networks, some Black and Hispanic cable channels and MSNBC. I'm thinking that last one was either a waste of money or a Pay off. MSNBC ratings are in more in the Tank than they are for Obama. The only people still watching are already going to vote for him, otherwise they couldn't watch the channel. So maybe it's a kind of Thank you for all the Free press kind of thing. That makes more sense. Obama can write it off as a Charitable donation.

I'll tell you the truth. I couldn't bring myself to watch it at 8 o'clock, but I did DVR it so I could watch it at my leisure. I just don't want to sit through what I know will be a Hollywood style production attempting to paint Obama as a Moderate, even though his Voting record makes him the most Liberal Senator in the Congress, two slot higher than an actual Socialist, Bernie Sanders. It's going to paint him as a modern day Santa Claus handing out whatever you want....I just don't know if I can stomach sitting through him lying through his teeth for Thirty Whole Minutes.

The infomercial is supposed to feature real American stories, so I'm expecting a sob story from all about their plight. Oh dear. I need to just suck it up and watch it.

Okay. So all that build up for this, Obama on a desk, some families dealing with everyday issues, mixed with a montage of soaring rhetoric. It think he just wasted a lot of money. Not that the people's stories weren't interesting, but the idea that an Obama presidency would lead to a Utopian society where you don't have to work to pay your bills is Ridiculous. One of the women lamented that she couldn't afford as much as she previously could, probably no connection to the four or five kids you've chosen to have? Not judging, but honestly how is that my problem. Now to be Fair these people were really just telling their story, it was the voice over narrative by Grammy Award winner Barack Obama that blamed it all on Bush. Don't get me wrong I can empathize, only because I also have bills to pay. But I recognize you only have Bills when you buy stuff, so the bills will keep coming as long as I keep buying stuff. Obama can't make my bills disappear, only I can do that.

I'm kind of curious as to when this was filmed, Obama used some quotes that seemed strange choices considering the current one of his well scripted monologues he says as President he "will always listen to you even if we disagree", Oh Really? I think Joe the Plumber might beg to differ. Obama continues to lie saying "I will always be honest with you", That one made me laugh out loud. There entire websites dedicated to documenting Obama's known lies. At Audacity of Hypocrisy and Deception they've compiled a laundry list of Obama's lies throughout his political career. You'll notice the number of lies increase around the time he started running for president.

Another fun moment was during a highlight reel of Obama's speeches, they showed his 'turn off the TV's and put down the video games line' to parents. The irony was not lost on me that it ran during the world's over priced and over hyped infomercial. (Billy Mays must be so jealous!) Nor that Obama has placed his own ads inside of popular Video games on billboards and other landmarks. This guy has no shame.

Obama managed to use "Fairness", "Brother's Keeper" and his idea of Paid Volunteers, for the Government. These will go well with all of his civil programs for His Youth. Dennis Miller put the nail on the head, as he has a tendency to do, when he said Obama gave him a "Creepy Vibe" with all the censorship and looking into private citizens. Exactly. Does the term "Orwellian" mean anything to you?

One of the highlights of my viewing experience was the Cameo appearance of Joe Biden. Barack Obama's running mate identified as a Senator from Delaware showed up about 3/4 of the way through the propaganda film. In the few short seconds he was on the screen, he mentions Christopher Dodd. I had to rewind it an watch it again. In the middle of this million dollar production where Obama is trying to convince the America he can be trusted with the "greatest economic crisis of our time", Biden refers to the man who caused it. I think Joe the six term senator might be voting for McCain too.

Obama ran through an outline then called it specifics for his policies, but one stood out to me. He says he will give a tax credit to Small Businesses' for every new employee they hire, and this will spur the economy. Tell me would you work for $3000 a year? That's Obama's Tax Credit for hiring a new employee. How does that help the Small business owner again? It doesn't.

After the ad ran a friend of mine called, she told me that she kept expecting Sally Struthers to pop up. It definitely had that feel to it. The big finale, I thought was supposed to be a live shot of him and Bill Clinton together. So when the pre-recorded propaganda stopped and they went live. No Bill Clinton. I guess he didn't make it on time for the live shot. Strange.

Overall, Obama's infomercial for his Utopian socialistic world was just that. I can't imagine any Independent minded voter falling for this idea that Barack Obama can solve all your problems through Government programs. Americans are by nature are a self-reliant people I think the independent thinking American people are too Smart for this....They'll be Voting for McCain/Palin.

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Bob Campbell said...

Thank you for the detailed summary on the infomercial. I live in China right now and I couldn't see it. I was hoping to find a good review and I did.. thanks again..

PS.. I already sent my absentee ballot for McCain-Palin.. the Recorder in Arizona was super nice.. she sent me 2 followup emails wanting to make sure everything was in order with my vote.. it is just wonderful to know that many people who are handling our elections this year really do care.

God Bless,