Wednesday, October 8, 2008

McCain's Message Gaining Momentum

John McCain and Sarah Palin must be doing something right. All the major polls have the Presidential Race in a statical dead heat, but I don't trust the polls. The reason I know he's making huge gains is because liberals are coming unhinged. In my own personal encounters with Obama maniacs today, it was obvious their fear of facts is at an all time high. McCain's strong performance last night just continued the momentum started by Sarah Palin's commanding performance during the vice presidential debate thus sending fear into the heart of the true believers. Throw in the fact that Bill Ayers has finally entered the conversation ...based on their reaction, I think we just told them there isn't a Santa Claus.

Bastion of hypocrisy, Madonna unleashed an obscenity filled attack on Sarah Palin's mere existence during a concert a few days ago and I get the feeling it's just the beginning. Liberals in Hollywood and the media have relished in their deranged hatred of Bush, Republicans and most importantly Christians. Madonna has made a career out of mocking the Catholic Church, and exploiting herself and others to further her career. Making her the perfect example of the liberal elite. Madonna has another reason to hate on Sarah Palin, Camilla Paglia life long feminist is the woman to call Madonna the 'future of feminism' crediting Madonna for starting the Pro-Sex movement in a recent article Paglia an Obama supporter named Sarah Palin as well as her husband Todd as "powerful new symbols of a revived contemporary feminism". Oh yeah Sarah's off Madonna's Kabbalah card list this year...

As I said I think that the Liberals have only just begun to defile themselves, it's in their nature. It's not in John McCain's. I think that's why he struggles with going into attack mode during the debates, but I stand by my assessment last night. He won the debate on style and substance. He delivered some strong arguments both for himself and against Barack Obama. And just as I predicted the media called it a tie. Shocking! While many criticized McCain's decision not to bring up Ayers during the debate, I think he took that opportunity to instead of just attacking, McCain encouraged voters to research the records, something that would virtually eliminate Obama as an option if you looked at them with any intellectual integrity. I think he was laying the foundation for the case that they are about to make against Barack Obama.

Tonight Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin sat down with Sean Hannity on FoxNews. They both took this first interview since the debates to start upping the ante on Barack Obama. McCain himself questions Obama's truthfulness and ability to lead, this is what I would call progress. In watching them, I realized they were a complete ticket each complimenting the other. Creating a huge contrast to the OBAMA and that other guy ticket the Democrats are running. One thing that really stuck out to me was the look on Sarah's face when Hannity asks her about domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, you can tell he disgusts her. You gotta love that. Sarah also took this opportunity express her surprise at hearing Obama say during the debate that he was open to offshore drilling, and she indicated based on his record it was more likely he was "drilling for votes".

Referring to the "gap between Obama's rhetoric and his record" John McCain made it clear he's not going to just let Obama lie and get away with it. Nice. May I also add Finally!! I thought it was also worth noting that the idea was put forth that it is legitimate to question his past associations, considering his future associations could effect us all. A thought that literally keeps me up at night, so yes I'm glad we're allowed to say it out loud now.

It is my belief the McCain/Palin Campaign realizes that you don't want to reveal your best stuff a month out from election day in a 24 hour media cycle. You need to 'ration' your material to stretch it out for 27 more days. But make no mistage about it America needs to find out more about Barack and if the media won't do it on their own, it falls to McCain and Palin. I think they are both up for the task. McCain opened the door to discussion about ACORN and the Big O's Fannie and Freddie Friends, so assuming he can avoid arrest by Obama's 'truth squad' I think he's started to build the case against Barack Obama to the American people.... not a minute too soon.