Thursday, October 23, 2008

Obama Followers Have Lost Their Minds

The OLM loves to talk about how vicious McCain supporters are, often referring to imaginary people who say imaginary things....usually very racist imaginary things. Meanwhile there are Real Life McCain supporters being attacked, harassed and generally terrorized throughout the Country. You aren't going to hear about it anywhere else. So I guess it's my duty to inform you...the Obama supporters have lost their minds...So be alert.

Oh those Liberals, they are so Full of Love. In mid September, one of Barack Obama's inspired followers beat down a woman with her own McCain sign in broad daylight in New York City. So we have a man, who happens to be White for those you who see color, taking this woman's sign and then literally beating her about the head with it. Pajamasmedia reports, this man was arrested and charged with assault earlier this week. So I guess we be seeing reports from the OLM any day now.....I kid. I kid.

How about this....yesterday a man comes home to find his house shot up and vandalized because he has McCain signs in his yard. He is not alone however, as Democrat for McCain in Maryland found out that someone didn't like his choice, when his home and RV were vandalized with Obama messages. They are so tolerant! Why can't we be more open minded like them?

Nothing draws the Ire of the true Nut Jobs, like Sarah Palin. In a Museum in New York, "Photo Op with Sarah Palin" is an Artistic piece, where observers are encouraged to participate in the Exhibit, by posing for pictures holding a rifle and pretending to shoot Sarah Palin and her daughter Piper. Mother of Five at the end of a gun barrel, that is Art? Let's not forget her child that also ends up in the shot. Pun intended. How much do you want to bet we're funding this little Art Project? I don't why I expect anything more from the group that brought "Death of a President", the liberal fantasy of the assassination of President Bush, to the Big Screen. Seriously...What in the Hell is Wrong with People?

I don't even want to get into what would happen if the "piece" were called "Photo Op with Barack Obama". Can you imagine the Outrage? And it would be Justified. When I saw the Man gleefully aiming the rifle at Sarah Palin's face, it sent chills up my spine. Why would anyone Advocate shooting Anyone in the face with a Rifle? Ever? Note to self: Obama supporters only support the 2nd Amendment when you're aiming the Gun at a Republican.

Earlier this week, some of these People of Peace, showed their true nature as Sarah Palin's Motorcade drove through Grand Junction, Colorado. They attempted to form a human blockade, as you'll see in this video.

Their Parents must be so Proud!

Late this afternoon another story surfaced on the DrudgeReport, involving a McCain supporter who was allegedly mugged, beaten and "marked" with the letter "B". One can only assume the attacker was an Obama supporter, as he ranted about her McCain bumper sticker while he beat her down. It appears that initially it was just a simple robbery, until he saw the sticker. She filled a police report but didn't go to the hospital until this morning. The entire attack took place outside the view of the ATM cameras, leading many people to be skeptical about her story. The police are investigating and the truth will come out either way. Having said that, I don't have the slightest idea why anyone would be surprised to find out this is True. The violence and intimidation against McCain supporters has been escalating since Mid September when Obama told his obedient followers to "Argue with your Neighbors...Get in Their Face!" at a Rally in Nevada. And he's supposed to Unite us? Please.

One poster on a message board I wish I could remember where I read it, summed it up beautifully. In response to an article about one of the many Real attacks on McCain supporters, the person said something like..."This is why I don't have a McCain bumper sticker on my Car or a sign in my yard, because I don't want my car keyed, or my house vandalized, but I will still be Voting for McCain on November 4th." I wonder how many others are like this person, afraid to openly support McCain? I don't blame you. It's not easy being an Out of the Closet Conservative. Trust me I know.

Not to worry, the OLM will continue to perpetuate the Myth that the McCain Camp is the one filled with Hate, all the while ignoring the inexcusable behavior of Obama supporters. I'm not suggesting that all Obama followers will react violently if approached, but some are clearly taking their marching orders very seriously, so be careful out there! If you happen to encounter one of these deranged members of the Obama cult, Do Not Engage! Just back away slowly and mutter something about Hope or Change. Then think of them when you Vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin on November 4th.

Update: As suspected the young woman made up the "B" story. I don't know why she made it up, but I hope it wasn't just a cry for attention.


Jane Plane said...

I wish you could appreciate how much we're enjoying watching prejudiced bigots ruin McCain's chances by trying to win this election with anti-Islamic rhetoric and blatant race-baiting. These freaks are against everything American stands for, and it's about time for them receive that cold slap in the face, forcing them to mosey on into the 20th Century.

Mickey White said...

Thank you, Jane for making my point.

Anonymous said...

Well...correct me if I'm wrong, but I THINK these kinds of things are happening on both sides. Not only did people point a gun, but they actually SHOT IT at an Obama sign RIGHT HERE IN RICHMOND. Not to mention the man who found his Obama sign replaced with a rebel flag and the one who found his sign vandalized to read Hangem instead of Change. But you're right...there are no racist overtones anywhere. Point is, NOBODY should be doing this stuff period.

Mickey White said...

Anonymous- Did I hear you condemning any of the actual violence against McCain supporters? I didn't think so.

Both of the Stories you posted are about Vandalized Yard Signs of Both Candidates.

The stories I've referred to involve physical damage to People as well as Property.

I'm still waiting for One of you to defend the Artwork about Sarah and her daughter......


Anonymous said...

Did you not read my comment? I said it is happening on both sides. I said it should not happen, period. No one should pretend to point a gun at Sarah Palin or her daughter. No one should beat a McCain supporter about the head. No one should SHOOT outside of someone's home. No one should vandalize people's property. No one should drive by someone's house and shout taunts. No one should threaten or intimidate. PERIOD. I chose the stories b/c they said it was happenning on both sides. But since you're not mentioning both sides, I thought I would highlight the anti-Obama ones happening here.

Does that help?

How about you? I notice you didn't condemn anything I mentioned. Can you do that?

Mickey White said...

Thank you. For the Record- No one should vandalize other people's property, regardless of the reason.

You seemed to have missed the point of my essay, that the Media Has Not and Will Not cover the Actual Attacks on McCain supporters.

Anonymous said...

No...I saw that you said that in your "essay." Altough based on the title and the first paragraph you seem to indicate that the attacks on Obama supporters are "imaginary." That's what I was refuting. It's happening everywhere on both sides. To deny it, or say there is no racism doesn't make it true-even if you feel that way because you personally don't see it as an issue.
I'm angered, saddened etc over what is happening everywhere over this election. I hope you are too. I hope that even if you can barely acknowledge it here, that it upsets you just as much that people have had rebel flags placed in their yards and signs vandalized to invoke a horrible time in our history. I believe YOU don't believe in these things, but I hope you condemn it openly and realize how horrifying these things are.

For the record...I've never said who I am voting're making an assumption. My whole point in commenting was to point out that it is happenening everywhere, on both sides and that this election has become way out of control.

Russet Shadows said...

I lose no sleep over condemning as barbarous the practices of honor killing, beheading, terrorism, polygamy, slavery, and anti-semitism. If this is called prejudicial because Islam teaches and practices all these things; if it is prejudicial to look at all the Islamic societies and note their hatred towards women, Christians, Jews, Hindus, and anyone not like themselves; if it is prejudicial to note Islam's narrow-minded, anti-science and anti-art perspectives; if it prejudicial to condemn Islamic theology as based on the ravings of a lunatic; if it is prejudicial to despise the spiritual stranglehold that Islam places around the human spirit, then I am prejudiced. Furthermore, it is my fervent dream and sleepless desire that we all will learn to oppose Islam wherever that demonic confluence seeps in.