Saturday, December 13, 2008

Arson Supected in Fire At Sarah Palin's Church

Seriously? Now someone has set Fire to Sarah Palin's Church...

The Anchorage Daily News reported a suspicious fire at the Wasilla Bible Church, the home church of Governor Palin. It happened Friday night, while some ladies were making crafts in the basement there are some reports of children possibly being inside as well. And someone set Fire to the place... Police are not officialing saying that it is Arson at this point, but Church Pastor Larry Koone was quoted in the ADN as saying "The possibilities are so wide and variable," he said. "Someone intentionally did it, but we don't know who and why."

I don't know why either...but I have some ideas...

Sarah Palin is obviously thinking the same thing, her office released the following statement today....

"Gov. Palin stopped by the church this morning, and she told an assistant pastor that she apologizes if the incident is in any way connected to the undeserved negative attention the church has received since she became a vice presidential candidate on Aug. 29. Whatever the motives of the arsonist, the governor has faith in the scriptural passage that what was intended for evil will in some way be used for good."

I hope you are right Gov. Palin. I truly hope that this attack on your Church will be enough for thinking Americans to wake up from there cultural comas to see that Christians need to Defend our Rights before they are taken from us.

Oh and what about the fact this Fire took place on Friday night. I just heard about it a few minutes ago. Still waiting for it to be picked up by the National Media as a big story. My guess is, they'll "break" the news after Drudge or another Big Blog picks it up. As a fellow blogger pointed out, Can you imagine if someone had set Obama's Home Church of Trinity on Fire? What would the coverage look like then? And do you think they'd be so confused about the Motive?

Because KTUU in Alaska points out repeatedly, No Motives or Suspects? No Idea if it's even connected to Politics. The anchor in the 'news' segment below refers to Wasilla Bible Church as Sarah Palin's 'former church', but other reports have said her children had planned to attend services this weekend, while the Governor worked on the State Budget in Juneau. Sounds like her church to me.... Count how many times the Anchor asks the reporter to confirm that there are No suspects or Motives...

Yeah, I'm not a cop or a firefighter, so I'll stand back and see what the investigation determines, but they've already so much as admitted that it was Arson. So someone Intentionally set Fire to Sarah Palin's Church. Forget the Sarah Palin Part. Someone set Fire to a Church filled with at least five women, and I want to know who did it. My gut says Liberal Nutjob Group, but it could be anyone. I'm just wondering how many Church Burnings were in Wasilla prior to Sarah Palin's selection to ride Shotgun on the GOP Ticket?

Who ever is found to be responsible, I want them punished for one of those "hate crimes" the ACLU is always harping about. Politically motivated or Not this was still an Attack on a Christian place of Worship. It's time to start paying attention...before it's too late.

Update: The Ladies over at the Read My Lipstick Network provided the mailing address for the Wasilla Bible Church if you'd like to send a donation or a card of support.

Send it here:

Wasilla Bible Church
1651 W. Nicola Avenue
Wasilla, Alaska 99654

Washington Post Finally ran a story in Today's edition.

Fox News filed a report today as well....

CBS News: "Chief: Gov. Palin's Home Church Damaged by Arson"

Before they Were Viral: 12 Days of Obama

Liberals like to claim ownership of everything "Creative", and that includes Comedy. Just like everything else Liberals "claim" the Liberal myth that Conservatives are rigid and humorless is patently False. So I've decided to share some of the videos that I've come across recently that literally made me laugh out loud including a new twist on the Christmas Classic, 12 Days of Christmas. You let me know, but I think some of these are deserving of going Viral....

Hey Crazy Liberals! This video was put on youtube during the campaign season and is set to the tune of the song "Hey there Delilah", yet I never saw it until this week. Warning: After viewing you will find yourself humming and smiling for days!

The second on my list came via Gateway Pundit. The Bluebloggers or Liberal blogggers are kind of known for their crazy violent Screeds against Republicans and especially George W. Bush, but this week John Gibson highlighted that they are just as insane in Defense as they become when on the Attack! This video was put together around an audio segment of John Gibson's radio show, featuring Dramatic interpretations of Liberal Blog Entries in response the the "Obama-Blago" Scandal. Enjoy!

You can't make that stuff up!

If you still haven't finished up all your Christmas shopping the next video delivers the perfect for that Obamamaniac on your list. If you've got the cash and the stomach for it, Barack Obama's senate seat is On Sale Now, while supplies last...

And just in time for the Christmas season, the 12 Days of Obama. This is sure to be a favorite for Conservatives, as we remind our Liberal friends that elections have consequences. And this is What Obama plans to give all Americans for Christmas in the years to come...

Merry Christmas!!

Let me know what you think in the comments section, or share another video of your own!