Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Occupy Campers Get a Dose of Reality

Just a few hours ago the New York Police Department began evicting the squatters from Zuccotti Park. The entire "raid" as they are calling it was filmed and started streaming live the minute it began by the Occupiers.

First I would like to say this is why I love the Internet. Watching these spoiled trustafarians show their asses, Live without censor, was more fun to watch than the last Adam Sandler movie. No hyperbole. Listening to the screeching, chanting....and what may or may not have been some time of ancient war cry (something to the affect of....WaWaWaWaWaWa) proved beyond a shadow of a doubt what I've been saying all along. They have No idea why they are there...

To be more specific...the hilarity ensued early in the events...starting with the Squatters complaining about how the Police were just coming in and taking their stuff....You read that right. Socialists complaining about sharing their wealth or in this case donated items. That's Good Stuff.

Then a little later a young woman named Ashley, expressed her outrage that someone, I think banks, were ruining the environment. She did not seemed concerned that the real reason that the Occupiers were being moved was because of health, sanitation and environmental reasons. No in fact Ashley went on to say that, again I think it was, banks  turned something into a third world country. All the while standing in front of piles of garbage and filth. Clearly Irony wasn't ever on any of  Ashley's vocabulary quizzes.

I don't mean to pick on Ashley...well maybe a little...as she was just one of many "Useful Idiots" who stepped in front of the camera tonight...Chanting..."The Whole World is Watching"...as many people have pointed out; That may be true but at least 75% are laughing at you.

From the beginning I've been unimpressed with the Occupy Movement. One because I am a Capitalist. And Two see Number One. It's really just that simple.

These kids are unemployed and have nothing to do because of Obama's horrible policies, so now they're camping out in our downtown areas. Parents...I pray your kid isn't one of them. Because I look at this group and it become so clear. These are the kids that never were told No. They were always the best....no wonder they think We should give them our money, but they are Livid the cops took threw out their free condoms.

I wonder how they the "Occupiers" thought this would end. I mean really. They've been camping out in New York for almost two months. What is their point again? Don't ask them. They Can't Tell You. They Don't Know.

As I said on Twitter earlier tonight...Can't someone just give these kids a trophy so they can go home?

See live streaming and updates

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Debates Are For High School Kids

Here's the deal folks...I don't care who is the best at debating the other candidates. Hell I don't even care who is going to be better than Barack Obama. If you or anyone else is basing their vote on these dog and pony shows that serve only to create fodder for the political junkies and the media...Go back to High School. That's the last time a debate should have been your deciding factor for casting a Vote.

I am not selecting a candidate based on his ability to "Charm" the masses, the Democrats did that in 2008 and look where that got us.

We have One Chance to win back the White House next year. Let's Not Waste it by falling for all the media hype....

There is much more that I want out of My presidential candidate than a media friendly delivery. I'd like to know what they have done and what they plan to do to fix this mess.

Take Rick Perry for example. While the media and some pundits would have you believe that Rick Perry should just drop out. I disagree. The man has proven leadership. I like what he's done in Texas, and clearly so do the Voters. Three terms are Not a given for any Governor. He has grown their economy which is more than I can say for any of the other candidates. Have you read his tax plan? I have and You should too. No it's not quite as catchy as 9-9-9 but it also doesn't include a national sales tax and give tax payers options, something No one else has legitimately put forward. You want a man of faith, he lives it not just during the election cycle. Concerned about his position on Gay Marriage? Why?  He firmly stands behind states rights and has gone On the record supporting the voters right to decide what is best for their state.

So Why all the Hate? Because he finds the debates as tedious and pointless as We do? So What? Mitt Romney is an excellent Debater. Is that Who you want for the Republican nominee? I thought not. Liberals vote on style. We vote on Substance.

Fortunately I'm not the only one thinking about all of this....from BigGovernment.com 
Is this election going to be about who wins the Debates or about Who has the ability to fix our very broken nation?

Class Dismissed.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Obligatory Debt Ceiling post...My Version.

Blah. Blah. Blah. Nobody wins, Everyone claims victory and the Media controls the narrative....Let's be honest here. Half the people talking about the debt ceiling or the 'debt crisis' as the White house spokespeople formerly known as "News Outlets", have No idea what any of it really is or means or doesn't mean...But it sounds scary. ..bringing to mind a saying with which you might be familiar: something, something.."..Sound and Fury, signifying nothing..."

Look I understand about 75% off all this and I think it's fair to say, I'm way more informed than your average bear.

For me watching the fall out sounds more interesting...Winners, Losers will be discussed... This is where it will get fun. Who will blame who? Who will suggest the other side was Terrorists? Oh wait Joe Biden already did that. See what I mean? That's Comedy Gold, if only for those paying attention.

It's only going to get better as Nancy Pelosi along with her pet flying monkey, Harry Reid cornered like rodents that they are begin biting at each other and all their cronies...

The only thing to be learned from this DC debacle or as Michelle Malkin always calls it "Kabuki Theater" over the debt ceiling is that the Republicans, Conservatives, Libertarians and any and all real "Independents" out there need to stick together in order to hold their feet to the fire.

There is no Victory if we are divided...another famous saying comes to mind "United We Stand"..where have I heard that one before...Now I don't care if you are white, black, brown, or any combination of the previous, I don't care if you are straight, gay or unsure, it matters not to me if you haven't been to Church since you last went with your Grandmother. If you are sick of the ridiculous spending and behavior in Washington, I'm with you. Got it?

And I don't think I'm alone in this either. Even thought the media would have you believe otherwise, file that under  the squeaky wheel and of course Ratings. I truly believe there are more things we agree on than disagree on and it's time to focus on that.

And when it comes time to Vote in 2012. My vote will go to whomever happens to run against President Obama. Yours Should Too.

Love me or hate me~
Biased Girl

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Monday, July 25, 2011

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Obama Strikes Again

I want to start out by thanking the many of you who asked and encouraged me to start writing again. It inspired me to do just that. But I've got to tell you how I got here in the first place, before I can move on to the topics you've asked for me to address. (Again, shocked and humbled by your words)

So here we go...

I have always secretly been a "writer" and I mean a "writer" not a blogger, I have been writing poetry, short stories and have started more novels than I care to mention. And I've been doing it since I was about 8. But until I started this blog, only about three people had ever read anything I'd ever written. Both of them were complimentary but they're related to me so they don't really count. Anyway, Fast forward to 2007. The then Democrat controlled Congress was spending money like they had the #1 Rap Album in the Country, (just to clarify they did not), but they were making it rain in Washington, With Our Money. It really pissed me off.

I work really hard for the money I earn, and at that point in my life, my entire career was 100% commission based and on at will contracts. So I knew that I had to do my job and do it well, if I was going to make enough money to support myself and my family. When the Government just takes half and does whatever they please with it. Most of which I don't even agree with! This is what got me so riled up that it had started to bubble over at parties. When a dear friend pulled me aside and suggested I start a blog. In fact he even gave me the web address for Blogspot. The very next day I set up an account. I blogged, a few people responded to my first published work! It was super cool.

Anyway...So flashforward about a year. I am blogging daily about the upcoming election doing hours of research at night after working all day, sleeping very little....I warned people. I did the research. I knew How bad an Obama presidency was going to be for the Country. And damn if half the people in this country voted for him anyway.

It was deflating. Mostly because I had done all the research including a significant amount on the economy, specifically Jobs, those are what people used to have back in 2008. In the early months of 2008, our unemployment rate was hovering nationally around 6% Go back to 2005, when the Republicans controlled the White House, and both houses of senate....the number drops to around 3.5%.

What is interesting is that President Obama was Senator Obama between 2005 and his "Historic" election and was part of the spending like drunken sailor congress. The media had all the independents believing Change was an actual platform. It was sickening. I digress..

So one of the blogs I wrote was called "Vote for Obama; Vote Yourself out of a Job". Sucks to be right. What also sucks is when you didn't vote for him and get canned anyway due to "downsizing" on the day that Obama was sworn in Jan 20, 2009, the company I worked for slashed 30% of their job force and did so on a day where even a giant corporation's cuts wouldn't even appear as a blip on the news. Genius. Except I was one of those "let go". I came home that day and wrote a blog, "Obama's first day at work, My last one" it was poetic as it was ironic, I know. I was fortunate the company provided me a generous severance package that allowed me time to write, Or so I thought.

See right about that time the Tea Party movement was born, and I participated online for the first Twitter Tea Party on Jan 28th, 2009. The was the spark, for the next six months I poured my effort and my heart to creating and establishing along with 6 other individuals the Richmond Tea Party. We held a tax day rally, and held an event to educate voters on issues. We were rolling. Then I was told I was no longer a member of the RTP, a week prior to event that I had spent no less than 2000 man hours planning, organizing and marketing (with No marketing budget) in the interest of the movement I stayed on to make sure the event went off without a hitch, and it did if I do say so myself. I quietly left the RTP. I worked on another project for a while to promote contacts, information about new groups as well as previously established groups to connect with each other as well as interested possible new members. I was doing something not just 'writing about it'.....(translation: I didn't write much) but then a funny thing happened. My severance ran out.

Back to work I went this time choosing an industry that 1. I thought even Obama couldn't hurt 2. It would give me more time to write. 3. Any industry was better than the one I was in. I was wrong on all counts, maybe not that last one...

Any hoo- I've spent the last two years of my life working 80 hour weeks, nights, weekends, travel what ever was required because I genuinely loved my work. I've been extremely successful by anyone's standards, and on Friday I found out that "they are eliminating my position", now I know there is probably more to it than that, there always is...but I can tell you this. It is directly related to New Regulations introduced and passed by the Obama Administration.

So here I sit on my couch, writing, when I was supposed to be flying to a national meeting. Feeling a failure, frustrated, crying. In my 14 year career I have been "let go" twice. Jan 20, 2009 and Friday. How could this be happening? Again? I keep running the conversation, or "chat" as it was referred to in The E-mail, over and over again. I want to make sense of it and I can't. No Warning. No Severance. No Reason. Then it came to me.

Like a vision...It's Obama's fault. Some may say you can't blame Obama for everything...and that might be true, as I don't think he had anything to do with "Sex and the City 2". But I can damn sure blame him for this one and I'm going to so there. ;-)

If I can figure out a way to get paid to do a writing gig, I will or if I make some money off my clever sayings at cafe press. (Hint, Hint) If not I'll go back to a more traditional position.....Until then I'm going to blog in between searching for a new job and getting some down time...So I'm back, Blame Obama.

Biased Girl