Saturday, January 10, 2015

Walking Through Those Doors

It's been over six months since I sat down to write a proper blog.  It's not that nothing has happened. Quite the opposite.  Everything has changed.

Okay. Maybe not "everything" but y'all know how much I love hyperbole. In July I had a major surgery, removing 6 organs and countless tumors, including one the size of a softball I'm told.  But the healing that was required after that surgery that I had been avoiding for nearly 20 years..... it allowed me to begin to heal in other ways as well.

I have struggled with my weight since a well meaning attempt to medicate away my "issues" way back then... the Doctor (Miracle Worker) who performed my surgery was also able to properly diagnose some "side effects" of my PCOS and treat those as well. Long story short, Sugar is not my friend.  My body doesn't process it like a normal person, nor like a diabetic, it's just different and basically poison to my system.

One aspect of being self conscientious about weight is the desire to find "just the right" exercise that will *really* work for you. Over the years, that exercise has become Pilates....not that you could tell.

However now that the sugar has been forcefully removed from my hand...the Pilates is *really* working. I feel healthier than I have in least a decade... That is hard to even type, as I'm still working on my fear of the "H" word (rhymes with "Pappy)

As part of that healing time, I had  no choice but to focus on me and my "issues" as it were/is...

Another fabulous event to come out of the last time I blogged is my new Podcast with Jim Geraghty. Yes.  That Jim Geraghty!  I'm very lucky that he chose to take a chance on a virtual unknown to work with him on this Pop Culture and Current Events show.  Which he often calls the "shortest hour of our week"... You can listen to latest one here for free on Soundcloud, they even have free apps for iPhone & droid users on the page too.

I don't know what else is a head for me or for the show. I do however know that right now we're looking at some pretty amazing opportunities, as scary as that is to write.

However...... As long as God keeps opening doors. I will keep walking through them.