Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Occupy Campers Get a Dose of Reality

Just a few hours ago the New York Police Department began evicting the squatters from Zuccotti Park. The entire "raid" as they are calling it was filmed and started streaming live the minute it began by the Occupiers.

First I would like to say this is why I love the Internet. Watching these spoiled trustafarians show their asses, Live without censor, was more fun to watch than the last Adam Sandler movie. No hyperbole. Listening to the screeching, chanting....and what may or may not have been some time of ancient war cry (something to the affect of....WaWaWaWaWaWa) proved beyond a shadow of a doubt what I've been saying all along. They have No idea why they are there...

To be more specific...the hilarity ensued early in the events...starting with the Squatters complaining about how the Police were just coming in and taking their stuff....You read that right. Socialists complaining about sharing their wealth or in this case donated items. That's Good Stuff.

Then a little later a young woman named Ashley, expressed her outrage that someone, I think banks, were ruining the environment. She did not seemed concerned that the real reason that the Occupiers were being moved was because of health, sanitation and environmental reasons. No in fact Ashley went on to say that, again I think it was, banks  turned something into a third world country. All the while standing in front of piles of garbage and filth. Clearly Irony wasn't ever on any of  Ashley's vocabulary quizzes.

I don't mean to pick on Ashley...well maybe a little...as she was just one of many "Useful Idiots" who stepped in front of the camera tonight...Chanting..."The Whole World is Watching"...as many people have pointed out; That may be true but at least 75% are laughing at you.

From the beginning I've been unimpressed with the Occupy Movement. One because I am a Capitalist. And Two see Number One. It's really just that simple.

These kids are unemployed and have nothing to do because of Obama's horrible policies, so now they're camping out in our downtown areas. Parents...I pray your kid isn't one of them. Because I look at this group and it become so clear. These are the kids that never were told No. They were always the best....no wonder they think We should give them our money, but they are Livid the cops took threw out their free condoms.

I wonder how they the "Occupiers" thought this would end. I mean really. They've been camping out in New York for almost two months. What is their point again? Don't ask them. They Can't Tell You. They Don't Know.

As I said on Twitter earlier tonight...Can't someone just give these kids a trophy so they can go home?

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