Monday, December 8, 2008

It's that time of Year....Who has been Naughty?

Now that the Christmas lights are out of the attic, I'm starting to get into the Holiday spirit. I just found out I even have the official "Yule log" channel available 24 hours a day. With Christmas just weeks away, it's time for Santa to make his list and check it twice, while I have no idea who Mr. Claus puts on which list, I do have some suggestions for him...

Inspired by one of my favorite Christmas movies, Elf,

I've decided to divide the list into two Obvious Categories, Naughty and Nice. Since I'm a cynic by nature, we'll be starting with those that bear the shame of finding their name on the Naughty List.

The Senator from Countrywide, Christopher Dodd. The Man who brought us the "Greatest Economic Crisis of our Time" is now trying his hand at the Auto Industry. Dodd has not only been allowed to retain his position as head of the Senate Banking Committee, but Now he's on Television, giving his 'advice' on how it should be handled and how GM should move forward. The Audacity of Hypocrisy. Making the list under this category will be Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid and the remainder of Congress that has run this country into the ground in just under 2 years. That fantastic effort has gotten you all a spot on the Naughty List.

Then there is This Guy:

Dan Barker, speaking on behalf of his group, Freedom From Relgion on Fox and Friends, refers to the "Baby who grew up to be a dictator" as one of his reasons for considering the Nativity , Hate Speech. He's the one who put the "Winter Solstice" sign up in Washington state. The one calling Religon a Myth. This guy is in need of some seriously counseling and has been deemed Naughty.

As if you didn't already know this one,Iranian President Ahmadinejad or A-jad,as I like to call him is not going to make the Nice list again this year.... While he was sure to make the list after his rousing speech at the United Nations where he called America the Great Satan. The Murderous psychopath sealed his fate this week, when he announced that the United States was most likely behind the gruesome Terror attacks in Mumbai.

Watch the entire interview here.

You can also add Al-Queda, Islamofacist Terrorists, Hugo Chavez, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Ill(or whomever is playing him) and the Castro brothers to the list of enemies of Freedom that will Never be on the Nice list.

Next up, for naughtiness is the Prop 8 Crazies. Those who are angry that Californians voted to keep Marriage between a Man and Woman, have lost their minds. From storming the churches in Michigan to boycotting and terrorizing Mormons in California and Nevada. The supporters of Prop 8 have crossed over into Zealot territory and are starting commit the "hate crimes" they claim to protest.

Now some of their well meaning supporters have put together a Video mocking Christianity and those that oppose Gay Marriage. I like to think of it as just another clip of people I'll never spend another dime to watch....

See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die

I could devote an entire entry to my issues with the Irony of this Video's usage of Separation of Church and state. Since that is precisely what the Gay Marriage issue Violates. But either way this entire group of Prop 8 thugs find themselves on the Naughty list.

The Voters in Minnesota have also found themselves on the Naughty list this year, while the re-count continues because almost Half of you voted for Stuart Smalley. Apparently he appears on the ballot with his other name Al Franken, maybe that's what confused you. Seriously, were you so swept up with Bush Derangement Syndrome that you actually voted for Al Franken or was it as he contends that you were just too stupid to know any better? Minnesota will be joined by Pennsylvania, Virginia and Ohio the Coal producing states that went Blue this year, but will cry when Obama's Green plan kills their economies.

And finally rounding out the List is the United Auto Workers Union. Not only have they managed to finally snuff out the last of the Big Three American Auto companies with their strong armed tactics, designed to grow the Union not help the Union worker. Now they are trying to make us feel guilty for not wanting to hand over our hard earned Money to them in the form of "Government BailOuts"...The Government has No Money, it's all Taxpayer Money. And this little screw up in Detroit is going to cost us all, but the UAW doesn't want you to think about how it's going to affect Your future....It's all about them.

Or as ALLAPUNDIT at Hot Air put it "New UAW ad: You people aren’t going to put us out of work, are you?"

You can add to this section of the Naughty list the NEA, that continues to support failure in the classroom,while demanding better pay, Wal-Mart haters and anyone who has ever utter the words "Corporate Greed". Silly, redundant term, they are businesses' not Non-profit organizations, They are supposed to be interested in Making money.

This is in no way a complete list of all those that belong on the Naughty List, but it does give a fair representation of what Santa is up against.

But as Buddy the Elf teaches us "there is room on the Nice list for everyone" and tomorrow I'll tell you who has earned a spot on that list this year....