Friday, December 31, 2010

GOProud or Go Home!!

Awhile back I wrote a blog, and when I say a while I mean almost two years ago...about my thoughts on Gay Marriage. It garnished a little more hate mail than usual. But in it I made clear that I personally felt that the Gay Community would have more success at achieving their agenda by coming over to the Republican party, specifically the Conservative sector.

At first blush, most uniformed people thought I was Nuts. Because according to the "lame stream media" as Rush calls it, all those who don't vote Democrat or as they are now known Socialist party, must be a homophobic, racist, the way what exactly is a Bigot? According to what I've always believed Bigotry was about religion. But listening to Liberals and their cohorts in the Media you would think Bigotry covered hatred of everything from taxes to picking out a china pattern. I digress...

The problem is some people still buy into these myths...Thankfully there are new groups coming out (pun intended) as Gay Conservatives.

As the following video shows...Liberals still don't get it. Chenk Uygur, yep that's his name, a fill-in host on MSNBC, perpetuates the stereotypes not only of Conservatives but Gays as well during this "interview" and I use that term loosely with GOProud , a growing Conservative Gay Organization, Chairman Christopher Barron. What is interesting is they set up the segment with Obama's speech about repealing "Don't Ask Don't Tell", then get into GOProud's invitation to CPAC this year. But Uygur as you'll see has his own agenda for the conversation, unfortunately for him...Uygur was no match for Barron. There are some real gems in this one, but if I had to pick a favorite...

Barron: We've (GOProud) Participated in CPAC for the last 2 years

Uygur: Oh. (Smugly laughing) the last 2 years, what about all the other years...

Barron: We've only been around 2 years.

Uygur: uh. um.


Oh and keep in mind this is the same Tolerant Liberal 'Host' that pondered why Tucker Carlson didn't want Sarah Palin executed....

First I must tell you...I now have a Mad crush on Christopher Barron. He proves what Ann Coulter often says "Our Gays are way more macho than their Straights". Second Barron lays it out for Uygur by explaining to him that there are issues besides Marriage and "Don't Ask Don't Tell" for he and others in the Gay Community. Just as Conservative women have said many times that we are more than Our reproductive system....seems the Gays feel the same way.

At one point in the segment Uygur uses a classic liberal argument technique: "No you're Not" to which I expected him to follow up with "I know you are but what am I?"

Mr. Barron handles himself beautifully as he uses one of My favorite debate techniques: I reject your premise. More people on the Right really need to use this one more often. Liberal hosts have a tendency to phrase questions in such a manner that if you answer them at all...You lose.

What is most tragic in this story is that they buried the headline: GOProud was invited to CPAC and will be attending for the second consecutive year. The flashing graphics say "Conservative groups boycott CPAC", but in reality only two have declined their invitation to attend. The Family Research Council and some Women's group. Two groups out of Seventy who were invited, that's it. One known for being sticklers in the Social Conservative movement and one that I've never even heard of before. So I will consider this a HUGE win and so should everyone else.

There are differing opinions on whether it was a good move by the again TWO groups. Some like Jennifer Rubin think that it is a litmus test of political strategy as she wrote in an editorial for the Washington Post. Ed Morrissey at HotAir.Com tries to explain CPAC as it really is, a place for Conservatives of all kinds to come together and share ideas.
From his post:
As much as the media like to paint the conservative movement as a monolithic, lock-step aggregation, CPAC itself annually demonstrates the variety and tension between various interests on the Right. The conference includes social conservatives, Ron Paul groupies, isolationists, interventionists (the dreaded neo-cons), libertarians, religious organizations (including Muslims), atheists, several flavors of fiscal conservatism, and even the John Birch Society. The point of CPAC isn’t to all come together to agree as much as it is for these organizations to make their pitch to the thousands of activists who attend the conference — in other words, to engage, debate, and either convince or fail to do so. Half the groups at CPAC probably wouldn’t endorse the other half, with or without GOProud.

I assure you Mr. Uygur wouldn't understand half of the words in Ed Morrissey's post, but perhaps he should read it anyway. See with all His babbling about "Gay Rights", Mr. Uygur doesn't understand that Gays also have the Right to be Conservative.

When Christopher Barron states that he has more trouble coming out as a Conservative to his Gay friends than he does coming out as gay to his conservative friends, I believe him. I have friends that have the same problem. But when Chenk says "but, They don't like you!" that is pure magic caught on film. A perfect example of 'tolerance" from the liberal community gay or otherwise.

I can only hope that Christopher Barron and other like him will be an example for other gay conservatives still in the closet to come out and GOProud!