Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sarah Palin, The Feminists and Me...

I've been listening to feminists "womyn" tell me all my life that they are concerned about "Women's Rights" yet what Sarah Palin's mere appearance has made perfectly clear is what many of us have suspected all along: Major Women's Organizations think the only issue important to women is abortion on demand. Maybe they think we shouldn't worry our little heads about more macho issues like National Security, Energy Development and the Economy. I guess we should just leave that to the men.

I first denounced the Major Feminists Organizations when they backed Bill Clinton during that whole "Paula to Monica " thing....I mention the former only to point out that NOW and others should have denounced Governor Clinton prior to the 1992 election and defended the women he allegedly assaulted, but instead choose the political leverage the Clintons would bring to the supposed Women's Movement over helping an ACTUAL woman.

Now that the Left wing media and Barrack Obama's surrogates are out questioning Governor Palin's experience while quietly hiding Sen. Obama in a corner until the dust settles, Where is the outrage from NOW? And oh so many others.....There is no outrage now, nor will there be. They will instead criticize her for choosing to be a mother and woman who stands by her pro-life belief. But is she not still a Woman? Isn't that supposed to be the point of their entire organization? To help and support women in the big bad world of men who are out to get us? Well the Men are obviously out to get Sarah Palin, and so are many woman. Some very sad women.

Why aren't the major feminist women's organizations thrilled with Sarah Palin? Isn't she precisely what they are supposed to want for all of us, the chance to be seated at the Grown Up table? We will have a woman who has executive experience at both the state and local level, with a record of demanding reform of her own political party, Does she not have the most experience when dealing with alternative energy? She has a plan that helps both the economy and the environment at the same time. Sarah Palin is a proud member of the NRA and lifelong hunter, is that not an embodiment of someone who understands and respects the 2nd amendment? She has balanced a $12 Billion dollar budget and rebated surplus dollars to her constituents. Tell me again why you don't like this woman?

Those same Bra burning women of the '60's and '70's are now heading into their fifties and sixties but still believe they are have their finger on the heartbeat of American Women in 2008.
Apparently they stopped being able to absorb new information after all those drugs, because in case you missed it Roe V. Wade has stood as a law for twice as many republican presidency as democrats, so can we please move on perhaps to something more important to all of us in 2008....And I think Sarah Palin started that conversation for us last night.....