Sunday, October 12, 2008

Why Would Anyone Vote For Obama?

Although all of my friends cringe when I say it, "I want anyone who votes for Barack Obama to be put on some kind of list"! I think it's important to keep an eye on them. I realize this would be utilizing the same tactics that his campaign uses when targeting those that would dare question "the Messiah". However I want you to think about all those people that you see with the Obama sticker on their car or sign in their yard, if they support him, they agree with him. So what does that say about them?

If you are planning to vote for Barack Obama you don't just want Hope and Change You also:

  • Want to pay more taxes, if you pay taxes or you want Me to pay more taxes if you don't. Either way I don't get it. It makes no sense to 100 Economist either all of which said in a recent study, Obama's tax plan would hurt the Economy.

  • Think making $42,000 a year is Rich. Never mind that even under the current tax system your net income is more at $35,000 than at $40,000. Raise the tax rate, what is the incentive to earn more?

  • You are comfortable taking money and favors from convicted felons. Obama was able to buy his big beautiful home because of a shady deal with Tony Rezko. Obama just brushed it off as "boneheaded move".

  • You not only believe in Abortion, You Support Infanticide. You want to, as my favorite comedian Eddie Izzard once said, "Put Babies On Sticks". Barack Obama voted 3 times to block a ban on the murder of babies that survived botched abortion. He was the lone vote against it in the Illnois State Senate in each case.

  • You believe that it's not what someone does that is important, it's what they say. Kind of a words speak louder than action approach to life. Barack Obama's record is in stark contrast to the moderate he is attempting to portray himself as. He has the most liberal voting record in the Senate.

  • You think it's sane to sit down face to face with someone who denies the Holocaust. Iranian President, Ahmadinejad is a vocal Holocaust Denier. Some of the best selling books in Iran mock those who believe the "Jewish lie", and Obama thinks it would make sense to give this Baby Hitler legitimacy on the World Stage.

  • You have no idea how to negotiate. Giving the face to face meeting without preconditions as Barack Obama says he will on his website, eliminates a great deal of leverage for the United States.

  • You don't think that Iran is a real threat to Israel. Barack Obama can not be a real supporter of Israel and accept donations from member of Ha mas. Leading me to my next point....

  • You think that it's okay to have financial dealings with members of Terrorist Organizations of any creed. Ha mas and the Weather Underground come to mind.
  • You openly mock Christianity and Judism, as being outdated as Barack Obama has done in past speeches.

  • You believe it's better to bomb our Allies than to defeat our Enemies.

  • You are a Socialist. Barack Obama is a member of the "New Party", a socialist sect of the democratic party.

  • You think that the best way to grow our economy is to increase Taxes. Obama as part of his platform plans to raise Taxes on Middle Income Families, Small Businesses, Large Business', Inheritance Tax, the Capital Gains Tax, Social Security Taxes and that's just what he is advertising.

  • You don't know that Russia has veto power at the United Nations Security Council, it's okay neither does Obama.

  • You think that Teachers should indoctrinate our Children for Obama. Both through quiet support and out right propaganda activities. (Please see Obama indoctrination files to the right)

  • You think more people should be on Welfare and that we should increase benefits for those already receiving checks. Obama's tax plan includes what would amount to a huge expansion of the Welfare State, giving money to wage earners that don't pay any income taxes.

  • You also are uncomfortable wearing an American Flag pin. You wouldn't want to appear to show favoritism to the United States.

  • You think that people who hunt or go to Church are "bitter" "clinging to their Guns and Religion" but only when you are in San Francisco. When you are Pennsylvania you will try and recite bible verses while swearing to be a friend to outdoors man.

  • You think those that caused the Economic Crisis should be Rewarded. Obama and the Democrats tried to tack on money for ACORN as part of the original bail out package, John McCain's trip to DC gave the House Republicans the platform in the media needed to put a stop to it.

  • You are invested in the defeat of America. Barack Obama and the democrats have tried to win the last two elections hoping for defeat in Iraq and other fronts of the War on Terror. In order for Barack's stock to go up, Americas interest need to suffer. See the current financial crisis. Never mind that he and his friends caused this mess.

  • You have such little faith in your fellow man that you would rather retreat in Defeat, then fight until Victory. Let's face it the reason the Democrats including Barack Obama believe that the "War is Lost" as Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader said over a year ago, is because they don't think the Iraqi people can handle the responsibility that Freedom brings. I happen to disagree and judging by the success created by the Surge, the Iraqi people disagree as well.

  • You don't learn from your own History, pulling out of Iraq as Barack Obama suggested would have resulted in a power vacuum that would have been filled by terrorists, as was done in Afghanistan after we helped them push out the Russians. Only this time the home country would provide funding not through small drug trade, but through the bountiful Oil fields they would control.

  • You believe that our troops, as in my family members are "Air aiding Villages and killing civilians".

  • You have no respect or understanding of how the Military feels about who should be Commander in Chief, recent polling done shows that John McCain will be getting 86% of their vote.

  • You think Church is just a place to further your career. According to Obama in the 20 years he attended Rev. Wright's church, he never heard him say anything offensive. So we can Assume he wasn't listening to the sermons.

  • You think that Terrorists can be "rehabbed". Not only that after they are "rehabbed" you guys can hang out, work on projects together and use your dual influence to radicalize students throughout Chicago!

  • You think that it's perfectly acceptable when asked a question, to say exactly what the questioner wants to hear, regardless of it's level of truthfulness. Obama has lied about his alliance with Bill Ayers and ACORN even though there is undeniable proof of both.

  • You don't think we should stand behind our allies when they are invaded. It took Obama three days to get the correct response when Russia invaded Georgia. His first reaction was to ask Georgia to show restraint. Can you imagine? It is every sovereign nation's right to defend itself against attacks. John McCain upon hearing about the invasion, said "We are all Georgians today."

  • You don't mind cheating to win. Obama ran unopposed for his Seat in the Illinois State Senate by getting the other candidate 'disqualified' from the ballot. His campaign for Presidency has given over $800,000 to ACORN, judging by the growing list of states that are investigating ACORN for voter fraud, as far as pay offs go, that was money well spent.

  • You wish to silence any voice that disagrees with you by any means necessary.

  • You believe it's acceptable to violate the first amendment, as long as it helps Barack Obama. Obama's Truth Squad is designed to intimidate McCain supporters in Missouri, threatening legal consequence over Political discussions.

This is what you would have to believe in order to cast your vote for Barack Obama.

I just don't see how anyone who collects a paycheck, goes to Church on Sunday, or has Children can vote for this guy. Not to mention those Military Families. The Obama supporters I know don't know anything about their candidate, and would probably disagree with Obama's positions on 95% of the issues if they knew what they were. Slick Tongued Obama is definitely trying to talk his way into the White House, selling himself as a moderate democrat, I just can't figure out Why anyone is buying it?