Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Election Predictions

For Halloween this year, I dressed as a Fortune Teller seemed appropriate with all the predictions everyone has been making.  It was a big hit at the parties, and on Social media. I'm not sure if anyone even realized it was a political costume. Which it wasn't originally to be honest, but once I had spent half the night talking to friends about the election,  I realized it's dual purpose value.

You see I'm the one that everyone knows is "Political". Sure I know tons of Conservatives, Liberals, hell I even know a few self proclaimed Socialists, but I'm the one that "Knows things..." Or at least that what my friends think.  If anything happens that might require them to turn on cable news during a non-election year, I get an e-mail, or a phone call or both. I'm okay with that. I think they are called "Normal People".

I had my moment of clarity, when after being peppered with questions I said, "Well, let me look into my crystal ball...." then it dawned on me that I actually had one. 

At this stage in the game everyone is making Predictions, everyone.  From Former Chiefs of Staff to late night talk show hosts, to your next door neighbor, to some chick that you can't even remember from High School on facebook,  they are all predicting something.  I thought I'd have a little fun with my happy coincidence of a Halloween costume and share a few of my thoughts on the future.

I don't think it takes a special gift to see that the Momentum has shifted to Mitt's favor. His constant growth in the polls indicates to me, the people Running the polls see what is happening. If you follow me on twitter or read much of anything I've ever written I give little to no credence to polls. While there are those that have their value, way too many people make the Polls the story, not what the Candidates are actually doing, saying, the crowd size etc.  Which to me gives you a much better idea what is really going on with a campaign. You can get a better gauge of what is happening, just by looking around your neighborhood. Listen to what people are really saying. This economy sucks.  People want a change of leadership. Don't need a poll or ESP to tell you that.

Early polling is notoriously incorrect, yet it stops no one from allowing it to affect their narrative or story on the Race.  What also happens is that once the election nears, non-ethical pollsters can manipulate their polls by asking different questions, or just altering the sample or even the results.  These are just some of the many reasons that I hate polls.  I'm not suggesting all pollsters do this of course, some will be adjusting their numbers to meet a more realistic outcome as the electoral map picture becomes clearer.  So I predict you'll see partisan polls spiking all over the place, but those who consider themselves legitimate polling places, evening out to what amounts to a more realistic Mitt Romney victory.

Yes, I do believe that if Americans vote like I think we're about to see on Tuesday, Mitt Romney will win this election.  I've used my very unique gift to decipher the code..... if Barack Obama is still trying to win over college kids and Women this close to the election....Its not a good sign for him.  But I also believe in running like you are ten points behind, so I take nothing for granted.  We must get out the Vote, and so far it looks like we're doing a good job of that according to early voting numbers. A joke is floating around twitter and e-mail that says: To the man in line on election day: How long have you been waiting to vote? His answer: Four Years.  Yeah. It's kinda like that.

Now I would predict that Barack and Michelle Obama would vote for themselves, but they've actually already done that.  Don't expect any photo ops in the voting booths for them this year. Yeah.  It appears to me that their entire campaign strategy was "Vote Early".  Now this could be for one of two reasons.  One possibility is that the Obama campaign's arrogance was that if early voting favored him, his Media would then make his reelection inevitable. Which obviously isn't happening. Or the more probable reason is that Obama and his people knew that the truth about Benghazi and lord knows what else would be coming out prior to the election...people can't "uncast" a vote.

In fact Michelle Obama made a prediction of her own a few weeks ago, suggesting that You should vote early because the media might try and release something on the eve of the election, or something.  So much fail in that line of thinking, I don't know where to begin. Let's start with... who wants people to make a decision before they know the facts about their candidate? In this Mrs. Obama is speaking directly to an Obama voter, as they would be the only one influenced by any late breaking revelations. And are We to believe that Mrs. Obama really thinks the Mainstream Media would intentionally do anything to hurt Obama's campaign? We know better.

It tells me you've got a campaign still trying to convince their core voting base to pull the lever for them.  A scary place to be this close to election day. (I'm sorry I couldn't help myself.)

As for that media 'firestorm" I forsee it...Never.  Hurricane Sandy's heartbreaking destruction has offered them a wanted distraction from Obama's failing agenda and now campaign.  While they may be forced at some point this week to mention the cover up of the attacks on the US compound in Benghazi, I suspect you'll hear it in an entirely different context. Expect something like:  "Republicans amp up Desperate attacks, accuse President of Lying Abandoning Dying Americans".  Take out Desperate and it's much more accurate.

In any event, the Media will continue it's manic like coverage of what ever someone writes on their teleprompter.  The Ron Burgundys of network and cable news will spew nonsensical advice to both candidates.  Interviewing Obama's supporters who will scream at us "We're Winning, Even It Doen't Look Like it"...this will be played out in many different word combinations, but the message is the same:  If we shriek it enough times, it will be true.  Making desperate comments that don't even make sense. Pundits will be scolding Obama like a high school football coach on steroids. Demanding he say this or that.  All the while consoling each other on what they can no longer avoid....the very real possibility that Mitt Romney is going to win.

I don't see the Media helping Romney by airing stories on Obama's policies and failures.  In fact I'd say that you'll see more "disappearing headlines".  Remember when "Likeability" was a huge issues, until Romney pulled ahead.  Poof! Gone. Haven't seen a story on it since. Like magic.

No tarot cards needed to see how each man will respond in this situation.  Being that past behavior is the best indicator of future behavior, I'm willing to say that Mitt continues to make his case to the American people through actions and deeds, like donating his buses and supplies, not just stump speeches and photo ops.  On the other hand, I'm seeing a lot more of sneaking "Forward" into Hurricane Sandy press conferences for Obama.

My final prediction is that when this whole thing shakes out the real story of the 2012 election will be the voters.  I suspect that the models from previous elections won't fit the results.  I believe that the American electorate is shifting.  Single issue voters aren't as prevalent.  I see a future where Mitt Romney is President and identity politics are a thing of the past.  A wonderful result of the Tea Party movement, a more informed and involved public.  As I've mentioned before, the MSM would have you believe the Tea Party is gone, as though the 2012 elections didn't happen. As though the elections in Wisconsin, just this past June didn't happen.  Now that is just wishful thinking. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Some Tips for Surviving the Final Days of Election 2012

With under two weeks to go until Election day, I thought it might be a good idea to give you some helpful hints for surviving the impending Campaign Madness.  If you thought the last 4 years of sychophant behavior was bad...buckle up because the next 12 days are going to be much, much worse.

Now one of my tried and true strategies for survival involves avoiding the chaos all together.  If you're not a social media junkie, and You already know that you plan to cast your Vote for Mitt Romney, there is a simple solution.  Keep your head down, turn off the Cable news shows and Just Vote.  Now I am not one that could easily subscribe to this idea, so for those of You like me, I've put together a little Survival Guide, if you will.

A "Survival Guide" sounds a little severe, You say?  Just you wait and see....  All that vitriol that the Left has been spewing for the last about to reach a fevered pitch as their Liberal agenda is directly threatened by the pending election of Mitt Romney.  The Liberals and their partners in the Media know that their entire ideology is as stake here, and make no mistake about it....They are Not going to go down without a fight.  So it's important that we be prepared.  Think "Doomsday Preppers: Election Edition"

Now there may be a few on the Left whose position will be "Evolving" over the next few days, those who, you know, want to remain relevant.  Just know that any positive word uttered about Mitt Romney or his Campaign is nothing less than an act of Self-Preservation.  Some will realize the inevitability of a Romney Landslide and begin making statements just before the election, that they can refer back to as "Proof" they knew what they were talking about....Kinda like President Obama did with his "Rose Garden" speech on Libya.  It's a CYA tactic often used by the Left.

Over the next few days, you are going to hear Liberals call Mitt Romney and his Supporters, every name in the book, and few that Aren't even words.... Nothing new of course. But as the election draws closer, with every surging state for Romney, their accusations will become more desperate and vile.  Obama's campaign has already been rightly identified as "Shrinking" in agenda...judging by the reports, it's shrinking in Crowd size too.   While this is all Very good news for Romney supporters or as I like to call them, thinking people.... it is Terrible news for Obama supporters, or as I like to call them, The Media.

Their normally shrill voices, will sustain an even more "dog whistle" like tone as they fight to keep their Liberal Icon, Barack Obama in the White House.   So it's important for you to be ready for it...lest you hear them call You a Racist one too many times and take it out on Your television.  We don't want that...TV's are expensive and in this economy..... I want you to remember with each octave that their voices raise, We are that much closer to a Romney presidency.

Each time a middle aged Liberal man screams "Abortion" at you, on television, you must remind yourself,  that this is just a desperate act of a desperate Party still trying to solidify Their base.  While Romney is talking about the Big issues at this stage in the campaign, Obama is still relegated to the most Liberal of talking points, just to ensure Democrats vote for him.  Let that sink in.

Trust me on this...I'm far from the only one who has notice....

This screen shot of the cover of the "Des Moines Register" in Iowa has been circulating pretty heavily on the web today, to the dismay of some of the Obama faithful, and You can see why.  It brilliantly and succinctly captures the essence of the two campaigns right now.... While Obama continues his Negative attacks on Romney........Romney is offering America solutions and dare I say....Hope.

Here's a little Compare and Contrast for You:  Mitt Romney is on the stump saying things like "This isn't about Me...This is about America." expanding his campaign into States once thought to be Obama strong holds, reassuring those voters that He has a plan to help them out of this economic nightmare. 

Meanwhile.....The current President is making lame jokes stolen from his Twitter supporters , handing out "Pamplets" with glossy Pictures of Obama, and extolling the virtues of Abortion.  All this and Obama still finds the time to make late night trips to Vegas., which seems to be Obama's favorite Go To City, when the topic of Benghazi comes up.

You will see emotional swings from the likes of Chris Matthews and others, that will range from out right denial to what can best be described as "Concern Trolling". Expect them to Rant and Rave one minute...then feign worry as they hand wring about "what Romney needs to do". Hint...they aren't really interested in helping Romney, so it's really best to just laugh at them at this point.  They know what is coming.

Already some Dems are starting to assign "Blame" for Obama's failures, Who do They say is responsible?  The only guy who has any likeability left near this ticket, Bill Clinton. The Washington times on Clinton, "His convention speech may well have marked the finest moment of President Obama’s re-election campaign, and his ads on the president’s behalf were memorable."  Apparently some Dems are now convinced that Bill Clinton was wrong about what strategy to use against, Mitt Romney.  Which begs the Question....Why are they getting campaign advice from Bill Clinton? Answer they didn't. They are grasping at any last straw-man they can create in order to excuse Barack Obama from His failed agenda.  The truth is Obama has a horrible record as President and Americans are ready to as Clint Eastwood so eloquently put it.... "Let 'Em Go".

To add insult to injury, President Obama announced yesterday that He would begin a 48 Hour marathon, where He would convince Americans to Trust him.  Apparently thinking that a few stump speeches would some how erase the last four years of broken promises and flat out Lies.  But at this point What other options does Obama have?  Our economy is a disaster, He's been caught Lying to the American people.  Nixon had more to talk about.

Every time You get frustrated, I want you to repeat the mantra.... "It will all be over soon". Because it will be...the end of the Obama Era , Error...whatever, when We the People put Mitt Romney in the White House.  But before it is all over. There will be much gnashing of teeth on by the Left.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Debates Prove Mitt Romney Is The Right Man for the Job

As Barack Obama and Mitt Romney squared off in what would be their final debate, the topic was Foreign Policy, but the focus was on Competency.

As I noted on twitter, We went into last night thinking the debate would be all about Libya, and instead it was all about Leadership.  Obama was the candidate under all the pressure to perform last night. Mitt just had to maintain the lead and show that he had a comprehensive understanding of Foreign Policy. Obama failed at his task, Mitt did not.  Let's just look at it for a moment....

When the word "Petulant" is used to describe our President, all of us should be ashamed. Lord knows Obama won't be. The man has no shame.  This country is going through difficult economic times, and although the Media doesn't report it we still have thousands of men and women in harm's way right now in more Countries than we even had in 2008. For the President to make his entire campaign about internet "memes" and lame one liners, or "Zingers" as the hip kids as MNBC like to call them, reveals a great deal about his commitment to the job.

Obama and his team of Yes men and Lap Dogs, thought for whatever reason, the American people wouldn't notice the disasters happening all around them. Or they thought We didn't care. To be honest, I'm not sure which is worse. In any event, They were wrong.  Mitt Romney on the other hand has looked like a man who wants the job.  The debates are really the only time America gets to interview the men for the job.  Romney showed himself to be the better candidate in more ways than one.

When I was talking to my husband, I mentioned that I know that normal people don't watch the debates like I do. I know that broad strokes are more important than fine point detail. So I tried to step out of my "Biased Box" to watch just two men competing for the most important Job of their life.  Judging solely on that criteria.  I'd hire Romney. I know You're shocked. But just think about it....

He came prepared to all the "meetings" having studied up on American's problems and was ready to present alternative solutions.  When the debates flowed off topic, Romney had complete command of the Conversation as we evident again last night during the discussion on China. When it comes to financial matters, Mitt Romney clearly knows what He is talking about. He didn't need to "cram".

If you listened only to Barack Obama's answers last night, you could reasonably assume that the largest danger facing America today was Mitt Romney.  In fact one of my favorite lines of the night was, "Attacking Me is Not an Agenda", a pre-penned line I'm sure, but In the case of all good speakers, It's about timing.  And Romney delivered it perfectly...and in just the right tone. In doing so He eliminated Obama's sole talking point.

While Mitt Romney came off as Presidential, the man who is the actual President came off as peevish and immature. America got to see how Obama really feels about them, contemptuous.  National debates are never really about arguing with Your opponent, they are about talking to and connecting with the American voters.  Judging by Obama's attitude and body language, We annoy him.  I don't know if I've ever seen any politician on any level be so disrespectful to his opponent and to the people, whom He then expected to vote for him.

Oh and I don't think for one second that Obama's "Boats that float" comment, which explained his desire to shut down the Naval industry and all those it supports in our Military family, was a "slip".  For whatever reason, this President thought it would be funny to mock our intelligence along with our Navy.  His attempt at becoming Joe Biden was successful, but Presidential it was not. 

With all the chaos going on around him, Romney remained focused on the task at hand, laying out his basic plan for handing foreign policy, referring to several ideological shifts from the current administration's disastrous policies.  Something that was almost completely over looked during the post-debate blathering on the cable news shows. Some of which I really liked.  When Romney said "Crippling Sanctions" he was speaking my language. Now I don't know if our definition of "crippling" is the same, but it has long been my own personal Foreign Policy that we eliminate aid to all countries with Terrorist ties.  Giving them aid may make some people feel better, but the corrupt Governments misuse and misappropriate the majority of it anyway.  So we just need to get over it and stop aiding and abeiting them.

Another topic that is near and dear to my heart is Israel and our relationship with her.  I personally believe that not only is it our duty to protect Israel, it's also in our best interest.  They are the sole bastion of freedom in the middle east.  The more secure they become, the more secure We will be as well.  So when Mitt Romney mentioned Obama's "Apology Tour" didn't include Israel...then reminded Obama that Isreal didn't forget that He had "skipped" them....I tweeted "'slap a I'm Mitt Romney and I approved this message' on it and call it a wrap."  I must be psychic or something because that is exactly what they did.

You know you've got a strong candidate when they can use a clip from a live debate as their featured campaign ad.  He is speaking to the American people.  He respects us. I like that too.

So if I had to hire one of these two guys to run my company,  I would want Mitt Romney. He's the right guy for the job.  And if I were conducting the Interviews myself,   I'm not even sure I would have invited Barack Obama back for a second one.  Having said that,  after his condescending tone, and obviously lack of simple understanding of the most basic issues facing our Country last night.  I know I wouldn't extend his contract. 

I don't know if last night's debate changed anyone's mind. But I do think it confirmed what the majority  of viewers were already thinking.  Mitt Romney is going to make a great President.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Lady Smarts Vs. Lady Parts; Why Obama already lost the War on Women

Here's the thing. Barack Obama's campaign has forced the term "War on Women" into our dialog, but who is really waging that war, Mr. President?

This administration and Democrats would have you believe that Women would be "protected" under a second Obama term. More like we need protection from Obama's policies.

I'm so sick and tired of seeing all these "Women's Issue" articles and posts suggesting that in 2012 the only real issue facing Women is free birth control and abortion on demand, it's insulting. No really, it's Insulting. If you've been pushing that agenda. You should be ashamed of yourself. Really.

The basic Idea of the Liberal argument seems to be:  You can be anything You want, Girls, except "Responsible". That is off the table, you leave the "Big" issues to the men.

Inspired by the Obama campaign's reference to "Lady Parts" on their website, Michelle Malkin introduced the phrase "Lady Smarts" and another hashtag was born. For those of you who have not yet joined the addiction that is Twitter, Hashtags are words proceeded by # and are used to categorize tweets.

I will admit, the instant Michelle used #LadySmarts in a tweet, I was jealous I hadn't thought of it myself.

Frustrated with the lot of Liberals and so called "Feminists" telling me that the only thing I should worry my little head about was birth control... I decided to vent a little and it turned into a very concise summary of my thoughts on Policy. Didn't see that coming.

On Foreign Policy
As a woman...I care about what happens to our men and women in the Service of our Country. Here and Abroad.

As a woman...I want a President who will be honest with the Country. No matter how "complicated" the situation is.

On the Economy:

 As a woman, I handle the household budget and I know that Barack Obama's policies are hurting Our bottom line.

 As a woman...I don't need the government to tell me what to feed my kids or what light bulbs to use.

 As a woman...I know that paying $4 per gallon of gas, cuts down on other things I'd like to buy for my family.

On Abortion: 

 As a woman...I don't want My President to tell me that a Child is punishment.

On HealthCare:

As a woman...I'll be voting for Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan because they will repeal ObamaCare, so My doctor & I make the decisions.

I didn't include every single one of my Tweets on the matter, but you get the gist.

Then when Obama name checked Lily Ledbetter in the townhall debate, it sparked another round of liberals, talking heads and internet trolls repeating lies about Mitt Romney's record on women while ignoring a few albeit inconvient, Facts about Obama's record. To be fair they also lacked a basic understanding of what the "Lily Ledbetter" bill was really about as well.

"Lily Ledbetter" was this week's 'Haliburton', with Obama supporters spouting it out, having no idea what it actually meant. Here's the cliff's notes version. The Lily Ledbetter act didn't do anything to guarantee Equal pay, it only gives you the right to Sue a former employer if you find out after the fact. 

For all the pandering, President Obama does to women, you'd think he'd notice that his Female staffers make less than the men .   He might also want to find out why Valerie Jarrett, a high ranking Female staffer referred to the Obama White House as a "Hostile Work Environment" as the Washington Post reports.

In comparison...Here is how the Women who made up Mitt Romney's cabinet have to say: 

Now these Women know Mitt Romney, they've worked with him and for him through out his career. But we are supposed to believe the lies coming out of Hollywood that suggests Mitt is the Sexist in the Race? Give me a Break.

Which Reminds me:

 As a woman...I want You to know the "actresses" in Hollywood, Do Not Speak for Me.
Looking at you, Eva Longoria.

No in my experience, Actions speak louder than words, even well crafted talking points, as the Obama camp is finding out. The trends suggest that Women have embraced Mitt Romney's plan for America, and are rejecting Obama's tiresome pandering. Women don't need to be told how devastating the Obama policies have been. They know. They are living it. Obama's insistence otherwise is an affront to Women of all creeds. 

Yes. There is a War on Women going on Mr. President, and it appears that You are the Commander in Chief.   So as Michelle Malkin suggests, I think it's time to Vote with Your Lady Smarts, Not Your Lady Parts.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Debates, Denials and Determining Factors

Here's how I know Mitt Romney won the second debate. Americans are talking about Libya. And they are asking questions.

Now having said that I want to address what I believe to be the real impact of Debates, the long term effects. Not just the talking heads that spin like tops in the hours following the campaign. But how effective the Candidates were in changing the Narrative.

In this case, some who love to predict things in the odd chance it comes true, so they can claim "smartest person in the room" status, complained that Romney missed a great opportunity when He didn't "hammer" Barack Obama on Libya.

When in fact over the course of 48 hours it has proved to be a shining moment. Now I don't even begin to know if this was Romney's intention or if it was just a happy coincidence. But when Obama went on the "record" with his now infamous "Rose Garden" statement followed up with an off sides flag from Candy Crowley which ended up being a bogus call....once again the conversation shifted. Why had the White House denied the public the truth. Who was responsible?  Those month long whispers of cover ups, lies and media bias became shouts that could no longer be ignored.

And the most devastating result for Obama, People are actually looking at his record.

While I have to believe that everyone who will actually vote on November 6th has decided for whom they will vote, Obama, Romney or Neither. This continued shift in Romney's favor will help shape how People "feel" about their candidate. Give me Enthusiasm and I'll give you a good Voter turn out. Perfect example, of what happens when Your opponent has the edge, of course being the Republicans in 2008. 

But as I've said before and I'm certain I will say again, This isn't 2008.

In my opinion there are a number of determining factors for this, dare I say, Change.  One of these factors may actually end up being the real "Game-Changer" we keep hearing about. Not for a single candidate, but for America.

You know how Movie critics will often talk about how a place or a social issue is the "Silent" character that moves the story line of the film along?  That could easily describe the Media in many cases, but this year, I see another group taking that role...The Tea Party.

Hear me now and believe me later, the electorate is considerably more engaged and informed than they were in 2008.  I will never forget standing in the rain with over 5000 of my closest friends during the first Tax Day Rally. That was just the beginning.  Yet the Media has this crazy notion that after rallying in our towns, and holding arguably one of the Largest national demonstrations in DC that everyone just went home and gave up. 

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Tea Party was formed by people like You and me that got tired of everyone taking and wasting their money without any accountability what so ever. However it quickly grew to something much bigger as folks realized that the Government had over reached it's limits in so many other ways as well.

I'm pleased to report that here in Richmond we were leading the way, when we hosted ""Liberty 101: Arm Yourself With Knowledge", back in July of 2009, a day long festival where thousands came from both Parties to hear speakers from all over the Country, versed in a range of topics. Information booths were set up in this street fair environment, all happily explaining their cause. This one little moment was near and dear to my heart for many reasons, but looking back now it was an indicator of things to come.

You see the Tea Party and it's "People" have expanded their horizons. While the official "Tea Party Groups" are still missioned with Fiscal Issues, the first taste of activism, inspired many who attended rallies to get involved in a number of other organizations. In some cases, people were so moved that New groups were formed to focus on their issue of passion.

When Americans are inspired, there is nothing We can't do.

It's always been my belief that an informed America would naturally be a more Conservative America. It only makes sense.  No one with a brain likes it when the Government takes control over your life, People just don't realize that has become a strictly Conservative value. Some are figuring that out. Those born out of  the Tea Party already have.

We The People are getting involved. Will it be enough? We'll find out in 18 days.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Second Presidential Debate: A Few Quick Thoughts

If tonight's debate performance is anything like the rest of the Obama re-election campaign, Barack Obama will just pretend he hasn't been President for the last Four years.  That seems to be their strategy.

This is why I think Obama looses not only tonight but on November 6th. Regardless of what the media would have you believe.

So what does that Say about Obama's record?  Kinda says it all don't you think.

The man who stood in front of those Greek columns promising the world, He was a different kind of politician might be right....He is one that demands that we not hold him accountable for anything, ever.

From the failing economy to the attacks on Benghazi, Barack Obama refuses to take responsibility for anything, instead He tells us what He "would" do. Because let's face it, he doesn't want to talk about what He's done.

Some think that tonight, Obama will "Suprise" us by taking responsibility for Benghazi....let's talk about that for a second.  This guy IS the President, the Benghazi attack was over a month ago. He hasn't taken one question on four weeks. Unless of course you count that hard hitting interview with David Letterman. 

For perspective...the media that so willing has laid down cover fire for this Administration,  complained for months (maybe Years) after the "first" September 11th attack that Bush finished reading a story to a room full of kids before giving a statement. 

Can you imagine if after finishing that book, Bush jumped on Air Force One and headed to Vegas?  Then when questioned about it said "No comment" for an entire month?  Yeah, me neither.  So I'm not sure how it helps Obama to take the "responsibility" route now. Seems silly.

But let's just say He does...what do those words even mean to him?  His stump speeches would indicate that His definition of "responsibility" seems to be...It's not my fault.

The collapse of the economy is Bush's fault, or as I'm sure Obama will say through gritted teeth tonight: "The Former Administration".   He refuses to admit the failure of the stimulus bill, they shoved down our throats days after Obama took office in Jan 2009. He refuses to admit that ObamaCare, although not even fully enacted yet, has already cost thousands of Jobs.

In fact Obama enjoys telling his ever dwindling faithful that Republicans  have stopped him from doing what He wants to do. So they of course are to Blame as well, again ignoring the fact that Democrats controlled all Three Branches until January 2011. 

Obama has presided over the worst economy in over 30 years, all the while promising that He will do something about it. Oh really....When? He's had four years, his policies have only made it worse. His time is up.

The most recent attempt to Cover up his ineptitude comes as He hides behind Hilary Clinton of all people, allowing her to suggest to the American people that She is responsible for the lack of security in Benghazi. Don't get me wrong, as Secretary of State, Clinton is responsible...too. But ultimately, the deaths of four Americans falls squarely on the President's lap. 

If this Administration handled the situation properly, Americans wouldn't be sitting here a month later getting the umpteenth version of what happened. In fact it probably wouldn't have happened at all. Chris Stevens requested more security, the State Department denied it. Something about Prevention equaling a pound of cure comes to mind. I'm certain Amb. Stevens family would agree.

Forgive me if I don't really care what Barack Obama says tonight...It changes nothing. It won't give back 24 Million Americans their jobs, homes or dignity. Nor will it bring Ambassador Stevens back to his family. 

So Obama and his team can spare me the pandering and just start packing. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Can Obama Overcome Reality?

First Round is over. Back to Your Corners.

The first presidential debate is in the books, and you could probably tell who people were pulling for today based entirely on their facial expressions. Conservatives were walking around with what can best be described as a "Permagrin". If you don't know what that is...look it up. Trust me it's how they looked. Liberals on the other hand, were the ones who looked as though they'd just found out there wasn't a Santa Claus.

Both were well deserved today. Mitt Romney wiped the floor with President Barack Obama, as 60 Million people watched, enthralled.

That was Round One.

Now I have watched enough Rocky movies to know that it's never over in the first round.  We've still got some fighting to do.  Good News! Romney seems to get that too....They released what is now my new favorite ad.....

As The Weekly Standard reports this is made up almost entirely from last night's debate. Talk about a Rapid Response.

We've got a candidate who gets it. Now it's up to us to support him. Time to Grab the Pom Poms. The man earned all of our respect last night. If he didn't impress you,  you're probably in the 47% that will never vote against him for any reason, so I'm not going to waste my time. (Yes that's what the quote looks like in context.)

The media meltdown was admittedly fun to watch, okay repeatedly watch. But in the end we've got a few more big days ahead of us and the political part of my brain, began doing what it does in times of war....thinking about strategy.

Not Mitt Romney's strategy mind you. His looks fairly clear now. Tell the truth. Be Yourself. From a marketing standpoint, Mitt has put himself in the drivers seat. If fact some thought that Mitt Romney was best described as Presidential and thought Barack Obama came off as Weak.

Check out this word cloud comprised of what Detriot Free Press readers thought of when asked about Mitt Romney after the debate:

President Obama:

That's a problem. For Obama and his campaign staff... a big one. Running around the day after an embarrassing loss, whining that The President of the United States was bullied. After that half hearted performance last night, showed his utter lack of disregard for the American people, when more were watching than ever before..... Pathetic.

Do what you gotta do for your guy, but calling his opponent a "meanie" really doesn't help with the "WEAK" image. Even if I think it's 100% accurate.

Which brings me around to another point  Presidents should not whine. It's unbecoming.

Now what can we learn from the Debate? Really. I know it's boring, but....

We now know without a shadow of a doubt that Barack Obama is 'exactly who We thought he was'. 

One of the strangest claims of the President of the free world today were that He had debated an imposter last night. That Mitt Romney wasn't anything like the guy for which he had "prepared".

MyFirst Question to Obama would be: And that effected your performance, How, Mr. President?

Follow up: How often do you think People are these "imposters"?

Because at this point I'm taking nothing for granted. Remember this is supposedly, the most powerful man in the world....unless you challenge him, of course. In a Debate. Where You're Supposed To Ya Know....Debate The Issues.

Seriously, what part of this makes any sense to any of you? No but to Obama this nonsense is better than *gasp* admitting He blew it. That is how hard it is for this man, Our current President to take responsibility for his screw ups. And people wonder why the country is going to hell in a hand basket?

Here's my in depth analysis of the Debate: Without the carefully constructed filter of the media and his handlers, Barack Obama revealed himself.

That's it.

As the media scrambles to find anything to replace the devastating headlines, Obama will be prepping for the next debate. It is my prayer that Mitt Romney has another winning night. It will be harder as Obama has set the bar so low for himself, if he puts together a complete sentence the Media will declare Victory.

Those same staunch supporters struggled to recognize their favorite President/Messiah last night.  Not a problem we shared,  I saw the same sniveling man that first starting invading my television in 2008. Sure he's a little older now, maybe slightly worse for the wear, but He's still um and uh his was way through the same tired Class Warfare rhetoric and stump stories. Sometimes using the exact same information he used in his first campaign. Even if Obama gave his greatest speech ever, Americans know it isn't going to put food on their tables or gas in their tanks, so his previously thought soaring rhetoric now appears hollow in the light of the reality people face every day. Gone is the Glow of a candidate with its place a track record of failing policies that have ruined Americas economy and is devastating her people.

All the debate prep in the world can't help him there. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Barack Obama's "Economy" Problem

The last four years have been tough on many levels for many Americans. After the first few weeks of the election, I attempted to get my house in order. For I knew what could lie ahead. Trying not to sound like a loon, I gently warned friends and family to do the same.

I learned to deal with my disappointment in the uninformed election of 2008. Reminding myself that outside of the conservative blogs there weren't many places you could find anything about Obama that might be seen as "Negative". Forcing myself to recognize the attraction of the "historic" factor, a discussion for another day. Knowing in my heart the real problem wasn't that We were suddenly a socialist country, we were just a hopeful one.

Disinterested in Politicians but charmed by Obama. If Americans knew more about how our Government worked, functioned and wasted, I was convinced they'd be as outraged as I was. Educating the citizens on the constitution and on issues was the Key in my mind. America had been optimistic that Obama would do what he said in 2008. In short, Americans believed in Obama or the idea of him, in any case, Americans weren't socialists...not really. In my heart my fellow Americans were just Naive. So in many ways, it was this belief that led me down the path to the Tea Party and beyond.

One thing keeps coming to mind....This isn't 2008. The last four years have happened. It is now 2012.

Hopeful Democrats would have you believe that this could be like the 1996 elections. But fail to mention the only reason Clinton was prime for reelection was the Republican Revolution just two short years earlier. Putting in place Newt Gingrich and one of the most conservative congresses the country had ever seen. Clinton a truly political animal, followed the tide of conservatism, signed the bills and rode the tide of Republican policy success to another term. Economy turned around, people were happy and making money. The re-election theme song was "Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow" as they told happy Voters things were only going to get better.

 Obama Can't Do That.

In fact Obama hasn't done One thing that I would draw any true comparison to Bill Clinton in regards to the Economy. Obama has a record and it is embarrassing. Adding to the debt may not be a sexy topic, but knowing that Your kid is now born owing the Government about $55K a year, is a truly inventive form of birth control. Speaking of robbing our children...ObamaCare will be the largest tax hike on the middle class ever. How will giving "poor" people 'Free' health care raise taxes you ask? As you should have learned years ago, nothing is Free, especially when it comes from the Government. Everything has a cost and ObamaCare's cost far outweigh and conceived possible "Greater Good". (Honestly, a little creeped out just typing that...)

Studies have shown that ObamaCare will increase taxes on families of four by about three grand. Please note that I said Increase. So prepare to pay an additional $3000 in taxes next year, right off tops if Obama is elected. So there's that.....

Consider the hardship this puts on already struggling businesses large and small. Its so bad that many of Obama's closest allies have requested Waivers. As in they won't be participating in the disaster that is ObamaCare....but You are required to or face fines. What does that tell You?

Every thing we are experiencing right now economically is directly related to Barack Obama's policies.  Whether it's 1200 Americans losing their job in one location or the cost of an ever expanding Government taking it's toll on those who produce. Make no mistake this is Obama's Economy. 

He has fought those to the right since day One, he continues to fight them to this day. Because of this the Country is suffering. We have checks and balances for a reason people. This is it.

It extends beyond our borders as this rogue administration has put Americans in harm's way, without regard to laws, in the case of Fast and Furious, or safety in the case of Libya.

Don't even get me started on Israel.

While Obama's utter disregard for the lives of Americans around the globe is appalling.  Something tells me this isn't going to be a foreign policy election..... and that is okay. Americans have the right to focus on domestic issues.  There is no denying the fact that Americans are suffering in this economy. People are stressed out beyond anything I've seen in my life time....Including post-9/11. Losing a job, a car, a home will do that.

Obama told Americans in 2008 that if He was elected the Unemployment rate would never go above 8%. Reality check: It's been above 8% for the last 40+ months. This is 2012. 

If you follow me on twitter then you already know there are many reasons #WhyIHatePolls for the rest of you, here's a short summary: Media creates poll questions, tallies results, publishes polls, then discussing the impact of their poll.  If you can convince me this process is some how relevant to the American voter, I may rethink my position. Hint: You won't. I don't need the "polls" to tell me Obama's abysmal economy is hurting everyone. The polling data seems trivial because it is.  Everyone is effected in one way or another. Every day.

Here's what I know right now....Mitt Romney is our only chance to turn this thing around before we fly off that fiscal cliff.

Mitt Romney's campaign just released this ad this morning called "Many Americans"....I couldn't get over how well it fit with what I'd be thinking. So I thought I'd share. Gotta say the hashtag is catchy too... #CantAfford4More

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Obama 2007 Video: Media's Shocking Laziness Revealed

Just a few quick I don't forget my initial thoughts on the 2007 video, shared in it's entirety by The Daily Caller. A quick peek around my blog and You'll realize that nothing Obama could do would be shocking to me, short of resigning. The man has no shame.

In fact while He and his leftist friends have often been the inspiration behind my blogs, in truth I was so disgusted after the 2008 election I found solace in activism and did less and less on line. But once again I find myself needing an outlet an additional outlet so here I am...

This story has a few layers...

The initial layer, for the low information voter. Obama is your run of the mill pandering Politician. He's offensive and insulting. If by some chance this is news to someone, it may change their opinion of him.

The next layer, those coveted Undecided voters. Even though Obama was running for President when he gave this speech in Hampton, it's worth noting his "Opponent" at the time was actually Hilary Clinton. Who in September of 2007 was still seen as the potential nominee. So now we're talking about the lack of media coverage effecting a Primary race. If Hilary wins the primary, the General isn't even close. And we may have never even met Sarah Palin. Think about that for a moment.

But the next layer I find a little bit juicer, something "meatier" if you will. Tucker Carlson admitted that there were many journalists in the same building, but not in the room when Obama gave the now infamous speech. Those reporters were given a "Transcript" of the speech from the Campaign accepted it as truth, and failed to do any follow up or bother to even find a copy of the tape.

See What I mean?

The Media has had a minimum of 2 times to introduce this side of Barack Obama to the American people. Once during the vetting process in the Primary versus Hilary Clinton and once during the General election against John McCain.

We're being told now it wasn't even a collective "conspiracy" as some may have hoped. But just old fashioned laziness. They never double checked the tape, they took the transcript and ran with it. Because it's what the Obama campaign told them to do. 

Watch the Video