Friday, October 31, 2008

America's Filled with Joes...Oprah Can Only Vote Once

So I was thinking today, as I watched John McCain stand next to his now famous friend,Joe. I like our chances. Barack Obama can have Oprah. She only gets to Vote once, even though she has enough money to buy half of the electoral votes. She Still counts as One vote for Obama. Technically, I cancel out Oprah. Even with all her money, influence and Power, My Vote cancels out hers. And there is only One Oprah. There are literally Millions of hard working Americans that just want a chance at their Own American Dream, like me.

I Love America! And I'm not alone. People flock from all over the World to America. They come here seeking a better life for themselves. Most are hard working, law abiding citizens who appreciate the blessings of America more than many of those that were lucky enough to be born here. One of those brave immigrants, I mentioned before is Tito Munez, a Colombian immigrant who started as a Janitor and now owns his own construction business. He earned his nickname Tito the Builder at a Sarah Palin Rally in Northern Virginia, when he castrated the media for their investigations into Joe the Plumber. That was even before we found out that Ohio Democrats illegally searched records to obtain that information. I can only imagine what Tito might say to them now! I'd actually pay to see that, as a matter of fact.

When Governor Palin returned to Northern Virginia earlier this week, Tito the Builder was asked to introduce her. Tito took this time to also denounce Obama's Tax plan. As you watch this video I dare you not to get choked up, his love of Country and his story are inspirational.

You know that can't be easy to stand up and give a speech to a crowd of thousands, with millions more watching you on TV. Yet because Tito was speaking from the heart, his message resonated with all those that heard it.

Tito also made an appearance on Fox News this week, doing an interview with Megyn Kelly. They included clips of Tito's first interaction with the OLM, at the earlier Palin Rally. I'm looking for the full video, but most of the footage has been edited by the "journalists" already. In addition to the footage, Megyn asks Tito what he thinks about his 'instant fame', he answered "Scared." He doesn't want to be dissected by the OLM. He also gives some great insight into Socialism and why all Americans should Oppose it.

H/T Amy Proctor via Gateway Pundit

I want to start a Tito the Builder fan club. Who is with me? I mean this guy is a prime example of why America is the greatest country in the world. During an interview on Hannity and Colmes, Tito expresses his disgust with Barack Obama and Joe Biden for mocking Joe the Plumber at their Rallies. Tito wasn't alone in his outrage. Check out one of my new favorite pictures, from a Palin Rally earlier this week, originally posted by Common Cents.

The sign reads:

Hello My Name is - Joe The Plumber
and yes we - are related
we're American
laugh at his dream
and you're laughing at mine too!

I have to believe their are more Americans like, Joe, Tito, the Joe in this picture and Me than there are like Oprah. John McCain is standing up for the Real Working Americans. Those who work hard and want to keep what they earn. So we know that there are many more everyday Americans than Hollywood Celebrities or Trust fund kids, so as I said earlier...I like our chances. We just need to Vote. Get your Voting plan together now, so on Tuesday it's not an afterthought. Talk to your friends and family this weekend and remind them how important their Vote is for America. Don't let the OLM keep you home on Tuesday, Vote.

So Readers out of curiosity....Whose Vote will You be Cancelling Out on Tuesday?


Pamela D. Hart said...

My vote is cancelling out Alec Balwin's.
Where do I sign up for the Tito Fan Club? Isn't he just a sweetheart!

Anonymous said...

I'm cancelling out Joy Behart at the View.