Friday, October 24, 2008

Vote for Obama! Vote Yourself Out of Job!

There are actually people in America who will attempt to Vote themselves out of a Job in a week and a half if they Vote for Barack Obama. Between Obama's Disastrous Tax Plan which will destroy small businesses, the fairness doctrine, his opposition to free trade, his desire to tax the US out of the global market and of course his Health Care Plan. I'd like you to name one industry that can survive this guy's plan...

Small Business is the back bone of our economy comprised of Restaurants, Stores, publications, and all the other categories you can find in the yellow pages. Obama's tax plan would raise taxes on 85% of Small Businesses. That additional tax will cause many to shut their doors completely. Others will be forced to reduce staff or benefits. Obama also promises to penalize those who don't offer health insurance to their employees, yet another incentive to Small Business owners to pull down their shingle. Considering that in some of the previous years Small Business was responsible for 100% of the jobs added to the economy, I'm thinking this won't be good for anyone. I am not alone, Small Business Associations across America including the one here in Virginia are endorsing John McCain.

In addition to those who own or work for a small business, there are whole industries that rely on small businesses as customers. As small businesses cut back on expenses, those who sell to Small Business owners will also feel the effect. From the office supply rep, to the advertising rep, to cleaning crew, who ever works for the SB owners will be feeling the pinch too.

Take a look at how one small business owner breaks it down. He does a much better job with the numbers than I can....

Who could possibly think a 20% tax increase won't kill small businesses?

Large Corporations will also have to make cut backs due to increased tax rate, causing more people to lose their jobs. Lots of big companies sell goods and services to smaller companies, so it's a vicious cycle. Obama's opposition to free trade at the behest of the Unions will cause Americans to lose jobs as companies move over seas to avoid higher US tariffs and taxes. American companies will have no incentive to remain here when they are offered tax breaks in other nations competing in the global market.

The Democrats have already gone on record that they will re-enact the "Fairness Doctrine" which in addition to suppressing freedom of speech, also destroys the Talk Radio medium. One of the more profitable mediums in advertising. Think of all the people that work behind the scenes of a Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck or a Sean Hannity radio show, not to mention all those local talk shows, how many of those people would lose their job? Obama doesn't care, he just wants the opposition to be silenced.

Obama's "No Tax Hike left Behind" as Deroy Murcoch wrote in his column yesterday, will inevitably cost jobs, yet he continues to insist he'll be cutting taxes for 95% of Americans. I think I've figured out how, 40% of Americans already don't pay taxes, and the rest them won't have jobs when he's done, so they won't pay taxes anymore either. Makes sense now. No job,no taxes.

I found this video and it explains Obama's Plan in a way that is both entertaining and informative....Enjoy!

Why anyone would be willing to Vote themselves or their neighbor Out of a Job is beyond my comprehension. But that is exactly what people who are Voting for Barack Obama are trying to do. I hope they realize before it's too late, Elections have Consequences.


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? I've read your blog for a little bit now, and I have to say that you've gone from thoughtful insight to absolute hate-mongering. Businesses will be affected by the outcome of the election (regardless of who is in office), but to instill in you readers that by voting for Barack Obama is voting yourself out of a job is nothing more than a hurtful threat. It's like saying voting for Obama is voting to spend the rest of your life in a nuclear winter in Muskogee, Oklahoma, or a vote for Obama is a vote for Islam. It's unfounded. It's shameful. The fact is, you have no prestidigitator to allow you insight into what will and will not happen. You have no way of knowing what the future will hold. You can use similes and metaphors, but to come out and say something that is impossible to say as fact - well, that's nothing more than mudslinging, hate-mongering, and just shameful. You seem to be very much against this on one side of the fence (McCain, when the "OLM" does this). I'm glad you've made it your personal "crusade" to exact the same. Hypocrite.

Mickey White said...

Actually I do. Listen to what business owners are saying and doing. It's not fearmongering when 100 economists agree that Obama's plan will cost jobs.

It's also not hyperbole when Small business owners and large businesses have also said the same thing.

Some people who vote for Obama will Vote themselves out of a Job if he is elected. I will stand by this, as I know how economic principles work.

Pamela D. Hart said...

Don't forget our Supreme Court Justices. Our entire legal system could very well tilt helter skelter if Obama gets his hands on it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mickey. I had 2 meetings with 2 different financial advisors as far back as April/May. They mentioned the "Obama Effect" before it ever hot any media site. Many moves are being made to protect investors $$. Large amounts of money goes oeverseas ( along with jobs ) and never comes back due to our increasing tax policies.
DO YOUR RESEARCH !!! The idea of accusing this blogger of hate-mongering without any 'real' research ( ie not NBC,CBS,ABC,CNN,MSNBC etc ) as say that you know what you are talking about is plain WRONG !!
Learn about basic tax and economic policies. The one thing both parties are guilty of is pandering for votes and dispensing HUGE wads of cash to buy votes, appease special interests and take the 'easy way'out.

Do we really know ?.. many of us fear we have a true radical about to be elected.


Big Hairy Balls said...

I am a Romney/Ryan supporter. I asked a friend of mine who is a CPA & who will be voting for Obama (God help us) if it's true that the "wealthy" pay less in taxes than, let's say a teacher. He showed me tax returns with no names or any other identifying info and guess what? They all paid more in taxes. More liberal/dem bullshit.