Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Obama's Truth is Out There...You just have to look...

With just one week left until Election Day, the level of Bias in the OLM has now reached a point where instead of breaking the story on a video of Barack Obama's toast to Rashid Khalidi, a 'critic of Israel", they are now Hiding it. The LA Times ran an article back in April about Obama's toast at the Pro-Palestinian event, they obtained the video as part of the story, but are refusing to release it. Obama's cheerleaders in the OLM have completely ignored the situation, forcing the McCain camp to demand the LA Times release the video for get this Public Information. So much for the whole Woodward and Bernstein thing, I guess.

Although as I've said many times, most of the stuff on Obama you don't have to be an investigative journalist to find. You can just search online. Several bloggers have 'uncovered' video and audio tapes just by doing the unthinkable....looking. Somehow the Obama camp has been able to completely eliminate all information about Obama while he was at Occidental College, Columbia and Harvard. But they can't hide everything Obama's ever said...and some of it is starting to come out.

This entire campaign got turned on it's ear when Barack Obama walked onto a street in Toledo, OH. I'm sure Obama's people thought it would make for great campaign footage, him shaking hands with the hard working people of Joe's Neighborhood. But as we all know that one little answer...Well it got America's attention. And quite frankly, not a moment too soon! Now for those of you who know me or have been reading my blog since the beginning, I was calling Barack a Socialist long before it was cool. As soon as I started listening to Obama's words, I recognized the influence of Marx in his rhetoric, and it disturbed me...still does.

Today the GatewayPundit featured audio of Barack Obama reading from his autobiography, "Dreams of My Father". Hearing Obama tell of his decision to seek out "Marxist professors" in college, has an authenticity he usually lacks. I guess the OLM hasn't even read his book, otherwise why would they be getting so bent out of shape when the word "Marxist" comes up? Obama doesn't seem to mind it.....

I've heard people refer to Obama's "spread the wealth" comment as a "slip of the tongue", I Disagree. That's what he believes should happen and he's been saying it all along, just using different words conveying the same message, how many times have you heard "Fair" or "Fairness" from Obama, or here's one...How many times has that man talked about "Pie"?

Obama's Record and even his Campaign promises to Raise Taxes and hand out money. No Taxes for you they say, Just the really Rich!! But who is the Really Rich? In July, Obama said the "really rich" made $250,000, early this week he said $200,000, then just yesterday Joe Biden said $150,000....so which is it? Well you would be correct if you answered D: None of the Above. The Answer is $42,000, because Obama has promised to let the Bush Tax Cuts lapse raising the tax rate for anyone making over that amount. So Just to be clear: If you make $42,000 or more, Obama wants to "spread your wealth".

Obama stated in another radio interview done in 2001 on Chicago Public Radio, that was unearthed by bloggers, that he thought the real disappointment in the Civil Rights movement was that the Supreme Court didn't address redistribution of wealth. He believes so strongly in the concept of taking YOUR money to give to someone else, that he'd like to see the Supreme Court get involved. Anyone else see a Huge problem with that?

Later in the same radio interview in 2001, Obama makes an interesting moral equivalency argument about America and the Nazi's during WWII. Basically a "those in glass houses" reference, something he repeated again during his the forum at Saddleback. When Obama was asked about how to deal with Evil, he mentioned the streets of New York, and homes across America but didn't think to mention Al-Queda. I think it speaks volumes about he views our Country. Judging by the absence of coverage by the OLM, I'm guessing they agree with me on this one.

All of this information about Obama is slowly being dug up not by the Overpaid teleprompter reading media, but by little known members of the New Media. It's important for someone to be out there looking out for American Citizens who have a right to ask questions about Barack Obama, a man who claims to want to be President. But don't tell that to the Obama Campaign, they just recently banned interviews with Two stations that they felt were too rough on Joe Biden, according to Breitbart.Tv. Barbara West, the first anchor to get 'banned' by Obama, has also been the subject of the OLM attack machine, having her personal life examined by her peers, forgive me if I'm wrong, but isn't a journalist supposed to ask difficult questions? I guess the Media is dead, but thanks to those many dedicated to finding the truth a New Media has been born.

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Pamela D. Hart said...

This made me laugh, Mickey:

Several bloggers have 'uncovered' video and audio tapes just by doing the unthinkable....looking.

I shouldn't have laughed at that, however. It should make me cry or scream or want to throw something because we bloggers are doing more at journalism than the so-called journalists. The liberal media is a joke. I'm glad we have you and "With Bias" to spread the word. Thanks!