Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bill Ayers Mentions Barack Obama: Updated

I just came across this a few minutes ago,on another blog. Bill Ayers refers to Barack Obama in his book "A Kind and Just Parent". You can read the page on Google Reader. The blog I found the originial link on pointed out that is was published in 1998, so we know it was written well before then. But what I found most interesting is that Ayers refers to Obama as a writer, not an attorney, community organizer or senator.

Just another crack in the facade Obama has attempted create about his past. Ayers mentions Obama as 'someone in the neighborhood' so it's not as though it's what the OLM would call a "smoking gun", but it at least makes one stop and think. Especially considering the ongoing accusations of Ayer's helping or ghost writing Obama's first book. The only one Ayers could be referring to when he called Obama a writer, "Dreams from my Father".

Obama has been searching his whole life for a Father Figure, and even as a young adult named his book after what he called "the absent" parent not the one who actually raised him. Does it bother anyone who he has choosen as Surogates? From Wright to Ayers? Wasn't there someone else who had "Daddy Issues" who had his own kind of Youth? I'm just saying....

Update: Fox News is reporting that Obama also endorsed Bill Ayers Book in which he was mentioned, " A Kind Just Parent",

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