Monday, November 10, 2008

It just gets more and more strange....

Liberals are apparently stuck in attack mode,in response to the two comments I just published, where I was called both Stupid and a Bigot by two different two members of the Party of Tolerance and Love. I give you the Height of Hypocrisy...

The Ridiculous 52-48 Site. This is a website set up by liberals to express their "love" for us 48% that didn't buy the Magic Beans. I'm not kidding, while it is not my job to question someones intentions. I can't believe that Obama supporters think the way to Win graciously is to open a website that openly patronizes McCain supporters. I told you they were bad winners....I just can't believe they actually think we'll forget how horrifically they have behaved for eight long years, not to mention how they ratcheted it up a notch once they started backing Obama. Unbelievable.

Check out these lovely gestures from the same party that hung effigies of Sarah Palin, mocked her children, and participated in Art featuring the mother of Five at the wrong end of a rifle........

Now it's important to be gentle...before it was necessary to destroy the fabric of our Country with cries of unfounded cries of Racism

I know the above is Not True. Liberals want our Voices silenced. That's why the Democrats want the Un-Fairness Doctrine so badly. Now most of these appear to be College Age kids having fun with the digital camera...but not all of them. This woman wants to tell us 48% not to be afraid...whatever could she be referring to?

Even in their attempt to appear less vicious...their true selves still slip in...

Best Response to the 52-48 charade, I've seen over at Jules Crittenden

So True.

Liberals Are Never Happy...

This is the strangest election of my life time. I will tell you I have been actively watching politics since I was very young, like six. It's weird, I know. When I was in ninth grade, I decided I wanted to become a lobbyist. I found out that they had more influence than elected officials, had better salaries and couldn't get voted out of their position. It made perfect sense as I'd been planning law school since first grade.

While in College, I was a political science major and worked on several campaigns. I was also active in Young Republicans and student congress. Keep in mind I was in College, the liberal bastion of liberal bastions when Bill Clinton won in 1992, then again in 1996. Those were not great election years, but 1994 was. It taught me the importance of Mid-term elections.

When George W. Bush won, I was thrilled. The Democrats decided based on a media report that pre-maturely called Florida, that Bush had "stolen the election". But I ignored them because my guy had Won. I'm a good sport, no need to rub it in their faces. When Bush Trounced Kerry in 2004, They said "yeah, but he stole the election in 2000", so I guess even they knew Kerry was a bad choice. I however was again pleased with the results and paid no mind to the blathering of crazy people.

That's how it usually works, Winners happy, Losers unhappy. Here we are in 2008, Barack Obama has just won the Nomination. He's spent record money running a campaign summarized as "Bush Bad-Obama Change". First there was Dancing in the Streets and of course the obligatory altercations with the Police, but now less than a week later, The Liberals are Unhappy again. And I think it has something to do with Bush. Maybe it's because he won't just hand over the keys to the White House like they'd prefer, but something is amiss in the party of Love and Tolerance. Just the other day I overheard a reference to Bush stealing the election in 2000, from a liberal attempting to defend Obama's out right purchase of this one. It was a surreal moment.

Here's some more Liberals enjoying the Post Election Glow:

H/T Gateway Pundit

RightMichigan reports that over the weekend, this Gay Activist group crashed a Church Service in Michigan. Gay Activists took to the streets of California after the Gay Marriage Ban passed last week....then there was that protest outside the Mormon Church in Utah by the Gay Activists unhappy with the ruling, seeing a pattern here? Obama's first group to be truly disappointed is his Gay Voters. They thought an Obama victory would bring them Victory as well. They were wrong and now they are pissed. They are just the first to find out that Obama isn't going to solve all their problems.

In the Words of a great comedian Ron White, "I told you all that to tell you this..." Nothing makes Liberals happy. Apparently not even winning the biggest political contest in the World.