Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Don't Believe the Hype: Virginia is McCain Country

I don't care what the Media is telling you, Virginia is still McCain Country. With supporters filling two Rallies with over 50,000 people today. McCain and Palin made an appearance in Virginia Beach this morning filling a venue with about 25,000 people. When Sarah arrived in Richmond this afternoon, she was Welcomed by the largest crowd I've ever seen at anything other than a Rock Concert. According to WRVA, there were around 30,000 people at the event. So don't tell me Virginia is just ready to roll over and turn Blue.

While no one can predict what will actually happen on election day, in talking with the good citizens of Virginia, they are motivated to get out the Vote for McCain/Palin. I met a wonderful couple that had driven in from Stanton to see Sarah Speak, they come from a highly democratic area in Virginia. They explained how they were working on their family, through similar tactics that I have used myself. People get all crazy the first time you try to introduce Fox News into their media mix. Usually protesting saying Fox is too biased for the Right, of course these are the same people that watch CNN and apparently never feel the need to question anything they hear...any way I digress.

I learned from my new friends that they too had called their Family and Friends on Sunday after Lou Dobbs did a story on CNN showing that Obama lied about his affiliation with ACORN and that in fact Obama's campaign paid ACORN $800,000 to register people to Vote. What does that say when we are literally waiting for CNN to catch up to a story Fox News had been covering for a week, so we can share it with our media brainwashed friends? It means we are vigilant. It means we will even watch CNN for glimmers of truth so as to present our case to those not already committed to voting for the McCain/Palin ticket. Watching CNN for McCain? Now I know the Base is behind him.

The enormous crowd at the Richmond Rally, filled the stands of the make shift arena then overflowed into all the surrounding parking lots. I wasn't able to spend all day waiting in line, so I stood near the back as the Speeches started. The crowd stood silent as Jerry Kilgore lead the group in prayer. As I stood with my head bowed it occurred to me, do they pray at Obama Rallies? I'm thinking they would have to keep up appearances, but wouldn't that "offend" many of their supporters? We then did something that I know Obama hates, we pledged the American Flag.

After a few welcoming remarks, former Governor and current Senate candidate Jim Gilmore took over at the podium. Gilmore highlighted the differences between him and his opponent known tax hiker Mark Warner. Gilmore reduced the Car tax while he was in office, but Warner brought it along with the deficit right back to Virginia. Gilmore stood strong that all voters have the Right to a private Ballot, referring to the Union measure to move to have open ballots, thus opening the door for bullying for votes. Somehow the Democrats are backing the Unions not the Union members on this issues. Why would a Union member want an open vote? Unions and intimidation go hand in hand, giving them an open ballot is a bit like giving them a loaded gun. Note to Union Members: Don't vote Democrat, they don't respect your Right to Vote.

When the McCain Tour Bus pulled up the crowd was straining to catch a glimpse of Sarah, the person we'd all come to see. As she took the Stage she was welcomed with chants of "Sarah! Sarah! Sarah!" She is even tinier and if possible more attractive in person than she appears on TV. It's no wonder she makes those 'feminists' crazy. She is just as Intelligent and Strong as she is beautiful and they've spent their whole lives trying to convince themselves and others that Ugly girls are the smart ones.

Sarah had a surprise for the Richmond Crowd, Hank Williams Jr. joined her on the bus from Virginia Beach! He lead the singing of the National Anthem before going into a McCain/Palin version of his classic hit 'Family Tradition'. You can listen to my new favorite song here. Hank in his Redskins Jersey had everyone clapping and singing along before handing the mike back over to Governor Palin.

As Sarah spoke the crowd was so large that some near me chanted for more volume, because we were so far away from the speakers, causing her to think there were protesters in the group. It took a minute for organizers to rectify the problem but soon we could hear Sarah's every word, even in the cheap seats. It was at this point you realized that they had no idea how many people were going to turn out for this event, maybe they've been listening to the 'Obama Loving Media' a little too much as well.

Sarah talked about her belief in a strong America hitting on all the major campaign issues, while charming everyone within the sound of her voice. She impressively worked the crowd, instinctively knowing when to pause to allow for response. Her remarks were short but powerful, making the case that in a McCain/Palin administration Taxes will be kept low, Government spending will be cut and our Military will remain strong. She touched briefly on McCain's plan to use $300B of that Bailout package to help Americans work out mortgages that have gotten out of control . When she spoke about supporting the Military including both she and McCain's sons, the crowd erupted in "USA, USA, USA", I bet you don't hear that at the blame America first rallies held by Obama's supporters. Say what you want about Republicans, we own Patriotism.

When Sarah finished speaking applause filled the air. It was an uplifting experience for those of us that believe in Real Americans, not what the media would want you to believe. I was curious to see how the event was covered by local press. Not surprisingly I heard two inaccurate statements in two broadcasts, on One local affiliate they discussed the 'interruption by protesters" which as I explained earlier were supporters trying to hear over the gigantic crowds. Another affiliate said the Republican crowd estimation was around 25,000, but the reporter thought "that might be a little high" giving a snide look for effect. I have no idea how many people were there, because I am terrible at estimating those kind of things, my official estimation was "more people than I'd ever seen at a Rally in my life". Whatever the actual attendance numbers were, somewhere between 25,000 and 35,000 depending on whose counting, Virginians showed up in Record numbers to let the World know, Virginia is still a Red State.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mickey!
Great article from your new conservative friends from Staunton!! It was so motivating to be with "same-minded" people! Great minds think alike. I tried to send pictures I took but they won't go through. A great one of you & your sister! This WAS a once in a life time happening and I was glad we were there (even though I would have rather been in the raceway itself). We probably could have filled it up if the event had been properly advertised. I will continue to try to send these pics to you. You are very inspiring. Continued success on your website.