Thursday, December 11, 2008

Is Global Warming the Cause of Terrorism?

Considering how spoiled and sanctimonious Liberals are is it really any wonder Terrorists from all over the world want us dead? It all comes down to Maslow's Hierarchy...

Think about it, those that are trying to Kill Us are still struggling to meet their basic needs, while Americas biggest "crisis" according the OLM is childhood obesity, global warming and Same-Sex marriage. They must have loved "A Day without Gays" (or as it's know in Iran, Everyday) Now they are going to hear either by word of mouth or that complimentary subsciption to the New York Times, that some American have decided to eliminate a Food Source in the name of ""Global Warming".

They think we are over indulged brats who don't deserve to live. They might be right about some of Us. Currently the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is floating the idea about a Federal Tax on Cow Farts. You read that correctly, Cow Farts. This tax would punish those who owned Cows, you know the people who provide us with Beef and Milk, for their Cow's natural bodily function of "passing gas" or as they call it "methane emissions" because they claim it causes... global warming.

In reality the Tax will do nothing to stop the Cows from exhibiiting their flatulent behaviour, so there is NO benefit to the environment, but it will put Small Farms out of business.

As reports:

The EPA has floated the idea of taxing farmers for each of their cows.

Hanehan estimates it would cost about $175 per cow, per year. He milks 1,300 cows.

"It would probably be around $230,000 per year for our dairies," Hanehan said. "You can figure that that's pretty much going to wipe us out

Name someone Other than a Liberal that would think this is a good idea? No One, but the Guy in the cave doesn't know that most Americans think the idea of Taxing Cow bodily functions is insane, they think we're all that Stupid. And we're doing it in the name of the Greatest threat facing America...."Global Warming".

Al Gore's Money maker has got to be comedy gold in the Middle East where 110 feels a little chilly. Can you imagine how insulted they were to find out that some Americans are more concerned about "Global Warming" in the 2008 exit polls then were concerned about Terrorism?

It is somehow appropriate that the EPA would rear it's ugly head Today, the day after the House (including 32 Republicans) Voted for Socialism in the form of the GM/Chrysler Bailout. As much blame that is laid at the feet of the UAW, an equal amount should be dumped on the EPA. Environmental regulations on the Cars and of course how they are made, has played a role in the destruction of the Free Market in Detroit. The EPA forced Auto makers to go against the Golden Rule of "Supply and Demand". The EPA required Auto makers to create Cars for which there is limited if any Demand. Now they want to "clean up" the Farming Industry? No thank you. I like Food. Especially steak.

In spite of evidence that man made Global Warming is a Hoax and Junk Science they continue to worship follow the wisdom of the Gore-ical. It's also a Fact that the Earth has cooled in over the last Two years.

H/t Gatewaypundit

Global Warming Believers will tell you denying the existence of Global Warming is tantamount to refusing to acknowledge the Holocaust. I would tell them.... It's snowing today in Houston...

Liberals often cite that almost all the worlds problems can be traced back to "Global Warming", it's a bit like the six degrees of separation game. If I were playing by their insane rules, I think I just linked Terrorism to Global Warming in just one step, The EPA.

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