Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Spectator Nation

With all the political rangling going on in Washington these days, it occurred to me that Congress has nothing on the WWE. Politics have become the latest blood sport. Now I happen to enjoy a good sporting event as much as the next, but not when it comes to the security of our country.

The bottom line in modern politics is get elected, then get re-elected. That appears to be as far as the plan goes....everyone has come to realize it really doesn't matter if anything ever gets accomplished as long as you retain your seat (and of course all the cushy benefits). I am exhausted with Democrats pointing fingers and name calling without ever coming up with an actual viable solution. Instead of chanting "Defense" from the stands, their battle cry is " Get out of Iraq" "Impeach Bush" "No Blood for Oil" and the last one might iritate me the most as I've seen our prices at the pump increase two fold since we invaded Iraq, so if the plan was to get free Oil I can see why they think we've failed.

This nation was founded on the principle that the congress was to represent the will of the people, not as is happening now that the people were to conform to the wills of the congress. Who is actually out there asking the people what they want? Who is not using the media to convince us of what we should be thinking and feeling and of course driving?

Part of the problem clearly lies in the lap of the American people. We used to be a people with willing to question authority, educate ourselves on the issues, since when do we believe everything we are spoonfed from the mainstream media? I'm not sure when it started but I'm guessing that since we no longer have gas lines, 30% unemployment, and astronomical interest rates, that we can blame Reagan. He took this waining country from the depths of dispair and turned it into the prosperous nation we now enjoy, and we got fat and happy. American's are now happy to play armchair qb on the nations issues, as long as it doesn't require them to get really involved or at the very least moderately educated. We live in the most coddled nation on the planet, we don't even have to leave our house to get food anymore. When a man no longer has to struggle for survival he loses those instincts, and we can Thank Reagan for that loss. (or do I mean gain?)

As long as we continue to sit on the sidelines, can we really complain that no one is getting the job done?

BiasedGirl - whereIstand.com