Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Aftermath

I was wrong. Well, I was right first. Then I was wrong. If you had asked me last year at this time who would Win the election, I would have probably said Barack Obama.  My faith in America had sunken fairly low at that point. But as the election drew nearer, I became wrapped up in the excitement that We might be able to unseat Obama in just 4 years. I should have known better.

So what happened? Apparently, We were just subjected to the most expensive political season of our history only to end up "Changing" nothing. Seriously. Everything is the same! (Yay?) While there is plenty of Blame to go around, Mitt Romney doesn't deserve any of it. He was exactly the candidate and the man we know him to be. He is honest and he is a moderate. I'll give him credit for never trying to hide that, even when Conservatives cringed.

No, Mitt Romney for all his faults, ran a fantastic campaign. I think he did a great job and I'm Thankful to him, Paul Ryan and their families.  They are not to blame for what happened tonight. Not for anything they did "wrong" in the campaign anyway.  Mitt ran a clean campaign, and it didn't work. Period.

I suspect that the GOP will start pointing fingers at the Tea Party. To which I would say, the GOP is the problem.  They've got one basic job, raise money, support the candidates, get out the Vote. They fail miserably at this. I personally haven't contributed to the RNC for over 5 years.  I now donate only to individual candidates. Why do I do that, you ask?  I don't agree with the way the GOP operates, nor the way they think.

See GOP will inevitably say things like "the Republican party needs to move to the Center" and "The Republican party needs to get rid of the Social Conservatives".  Here's what I will tell them: Without the rallying cry of the Tea Party conservatives, this wouldn't have even been close. And according to the popular vote, it was pretty close. It wasn't good enough to win this battle, but we've made some steps towards winning the war.

What can we do about the GOP? Well the first thing we need to do is to stop this Third party nonsense. We are a two party system, other parties exist and They don't win elections. So if we'd like to start winning elections I'm going to suggest we go a little crazy and actually try to Change the GOP from the inside out.  Nothing is going to change if we just Stand on the sidelines, heckling them. We need to engage and remove the head of the snake within our own party.

Obama just won his last election. Period. Time for us to focus less on the candidate and more on the Issues.  Educating the electorate is our only hope.  The Tea Party uprising was the first step, as with any revolution it has growing pains. That's how I've decided to look at it anyway. Strong showings in 2009, 2010 were good, but then We turned around and had a stable of lack luster candidates roll out in the Republican primary.  We had 13 Candidates at one point. Thirteen.

Talk about not having a clear vision for the Party. One of those was of course, Ron Paul. Who runs as a Republican every year, even though He is the defacto leader of the Libertarian party.  That's a problem for a number of reasons. Another was Newt Gingrich for Pete's sake. The Republican island of misfit toys. During those days, if you had asked me I was calling them all Bob Dole. It wasn't until much later that I bought into the idea, Mitt Romney might actually be able to make this a race.

No, I won't blame Mitt Romney or his campaign. He was fighting an up hill battle from the start. But I am holding the GOP accountable, not because I'm a glutton for punishment, but because I realize if We have any hope of stopping the onslaught of Liberals and Socialists, it's our best option. 

It's been a long hard fought election cycle.  No one is more disappointed than I am. In the end, I expected more from America than they expect from themselves.  I'm not going to lie to you, I'm worried. However, I'm also not going to let that worry keep me from living my life.  I'm going to keep fighting for what I believe in and what is best for those I love.

It's the American thing to do.