Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Obama 2007 Video: Media's Shocking Laziness Revealed

Just a few quick notes...so I don't forget my initial thoughts on the 2007 video, shared in it's entirety by The Daily Caller. A quick peek around my blog and You'll realize that nothing Obama could do would be shocking to me, short of resigning. The man has no shame.

In fact while He and his leftist friends have often been the inspiration behind my blogs, in truth I was so disgusted after the 2008 election I found solace in activism and did less and less on line. But once again I find myself needing an outlet an additional outlet so here I am...

This story has a few layers...

The initial layer, for the low information voter. Obama is your run of the mill pandering Politician. He's offensive and insulting. If by some chance this is news to someone, it may change their opinion of him.

The next layer, those coveted Undecided voters. Even though Obama was running for President when he gave this speech in Hampton, it's worth noting his "Opponent" at the time was actually Hilary Clinton. Who in September of 2007 was still seen as the potential nominee. So now we're talking about the lack of media coverage effecting a Primary race. If Hilary wins the primary, the General isn't even close. And we may have never even met Sarah Palin. Think about that for a moment.

But the next layer I find a little bit juicer, something "meatier" if you will. Tucker Carlson admitted that there were many journalists in the same building, but not in the room when Obama gave the now infamous speech. Those reporters were given a "Transcript" of the speech from the Campaign accepted it as truth, and failed to do any follow up or bother to even find a copy of the tape.

See What I mean?

The Media has had a minimum of 2 times to introduce this side of Barack Obama to the American people. Once during the vetting process in the Primary versus Hilary Clinton and once during the General election against John McCain.

We're being told now it wasn't even a collective "conspiracy" as some may have hoped. But just old fashioned laziness. They never double checked the tape, they took the transcript and ran with it. Because it's what the Obama campaign told them to do. 

Watch the Video

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Anonymous said...

I think your idea on the media is right on... why on earth would they not consider this news?