Thursday, October 25, 2012

Some Tips for Surviving the Final Days of Election 2012

With under two weeks to go until Election day, I thought it might be a good idea to give you some helpful hints for surviving the impending Campaign Madness.  If you thought the last 4 years of sychophant behavior was bad...buckle up because the next 12 days are going to be much, much worse.

Now one of my tried and true strategies for survival involves avoiding the chaos all together.  If you're not a social media junkie, and You already know that you plan to cast your Vote for Mitt Romney, there is a simple solution.  Keep your head down, turn off the Cable news shows and Just Vote.  Now I am not one that could easily subscribe to this idea, so for those of You like me, I've put together a little Survival Guide, if you will.

A "Survival Guide" sounds a little severe, You say?  Just you wait and see....  All that vitriol that the Left has been spewing for the last about to reach a fevered pitch as their Liberal agenda is directly threatened by the pending election of Mitt Romney.  The Liberals and their partners in the Media know that their entire ideology is as stake here, and make no mistake about it....They are Not going to go down without a fight.  So it's important that we be prepared.  Think "Doomsday Preppers: Election Edition"

Now there may be a few on the Left whose position will be "Evolving" over the next few days, those who, you know, want to remain relevant.  Just know that any positive word uttered about Mitt Romney or his Campaign is nothing less than an act of Self-Preservation.  Some will realize the inevitability of a Romney Landslide and begin making statements just before the election, that they can refer back to as "Proof" they knew what they were talking about....Kinda like President Obama did with his "Rose Garden" speech on Libya.  It's a CYA tactic often used by the Left.

Over the next few days, you are going to hear Liberals call Mitt Romney and his Supporters, every name in the book, and few that Aren't even words.... Nothing new of course. But as the election draws closer, with every surging state for Romney, their accusations will become more desperate and vile.  Obama's campaign has already been rightly identified as "Shrinking" in agenda...judging by the reports, it's shrinking in Crowd size too.   While this is all Very good news for Romney supporters or as I like to call them, thinking people.... it is Terrible news for Obama supporters, or as I like to call them, The Media.

Their normally shrill voices, will sustain an even more "dog whistle" like tone as they fight to keep their Liberal Icon, Barack Obama in the White House.   So it's important for you to be ready for it...lest you hear them call You a Racist one too many times and take it out on Your television.  We don't want that...TV's are expensive and in this economy..... I want you to remember with each octave that their voices raise, We are that much closer to a Romney presidency.

Each time a middle aged Liberal man screams "Abortion" at you, on television, you must remind yourself,  that this is just a desperate act of a desperate Party still trying to solidify Their base.  While Romney is talking about the Big issues at this stage in the campaign, Obama is still relegated to the most Liberal of talking points, just to ensure Democrats vote for him.  Let that sink in.

Trust me on this...I'm far from the only one who has notice....

This screen shot of the cover of the "Des Moines Register" in Iowa has been circulating pretty heavily on the web today, to the dismay of some of the Obama faithful, and You can see why.  It brilliantly and succinctly captures the essence of the two campaigns right now.... While Obama continues his Negative attacks on Romney........Romney is offering America solutions and dare I say....Hope.

Here's a little Compare and Contrast for You:  Mitt Romney is on the stump saying things like "This isn't about Me...This is about America." expanding his campaign into States once thought to be Obama strong holds, reassuring those voters that He has a plan to help them out of this economic nightmare. 

Meanwhile.....The current President is making lame jokes stolen from his Twitter supporters , handing out "Pamplets" with glossy Pictures of Obama, and extolling the virtues of Abortion.  All this and Obama still finds the time to make late night trips to Vegas., which seems to be Obama's favorite Go To City, when the topic of Benghazi comes up.

You will see emotional swings from the likes of Chris Matthews and others, that will range from out right denial to what can best be described as "Concern Trolling". Expect them to Rant and Rave one minute...then feign worry as they hand wring about "what Romney needs to do". Hint...they aren't really interested in helping Romney, so it's really best to just laugh at them at this point.  They know what is coming.

Already some Dems are starting to assign "Blame" for Obama's failures, Who do They say is responsible?  The only guy who has any likeability left near this ticket, Bill Clinton. The Washington times on Clinton, "His convention speech may well have marked the finest moment of President Obama’s re-election campaign, and his ads on the president’s behalf were memorable."  Apparently some Dems are now convinced that Bill Clinton was wrong about what strategy to use against, Mitt Romney.  Which begs the Question....Why are they getting campaign advice from Bill Clinton? Answer they didn't. They are grasping at any last straw-man they can create in order to excuse Barack Obama from His failed agenda.  The truth is Obama has a horrible record as President and Americans are ready to as Clint Eastwood so eloquently put it.... "Let 'Em Go".

To add insult to injury, President Obama announced yesterday that He would begin a 48 Hour marathon, where He would convince Americans to Trust him.  Apparently thinking that a few stump speeches would some how erase the last four years of broken promises and flat out Lies.  But at this point What other options does Obama have?  Our economy is a disaster, He's been caught Lying to the American people.  Nixon had more to talk about.

Every time You get frustrated, I want you to repeat the mantra.... "It will all be over soon". Because it will be...the end of the Obama Era , Error...whatever, when We the People put Mitt Romney in the White House.  But before it is all over. There will be much gnashing of teeth on by the Left.

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