Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Debates Prove Mitt Romney Is The Right Man for the Job

As Barack Obama and Mitt Romney squared off in what would be their final debate, the topic was Foreign Policy, but the focus was on Competency.

As I noted on twitter, We went into last night thinking the debate would be all about Libya, and instead it was all about Leadership.  Obama was the candidate under all the pressure to perform last night. Mitt just had to maintain the lead and show that he had a comprehensive understanding of Foreign Policy. Obama failed at his task, Mitt did not.  Let's just look at it for a moment....

When the word "Petulant" is used to describe our President, all of us should be ashamed. Lord knows Obama won't be. The man has no shame.  This country is going through difficult economic times, and although the Media doesn't report it we still have thousands of men and women in harm's way right now in more Countries than we even had in 2008. For the President to make his entire campaign about internet "memes" and lame one liners, or "Zingers" as the hip kids as MNBC like to call them, reveals a great deal about his commitment to the job.

Obama and his team of Yes men and Lap Dogs, thought for whatever reason, the American people wouldn't notice the disasters happening all around them. Or they thought We didn't care. To be honest, I'm not sure which is worse. In any event, They were wrong.  Mitt Romney on the other hand has looked like a man who wants the job.  The debates are really the only time America gets to interview the men for the job.  Romney showed himself to be the better candidate in more ways than one.

When I was talking to my husband, I mentioned that I know that normal people don't watch the debates like I do. I know that broad strokes are more important than fine point detail. So I tried to step out of my "Biased Box" to watch just two men competing for the most important Job of their life.  Judging solely on that criteria.  I'd hire Romney. I know You're shocked. But just think about it....

He came prepared to all the "meetings" having studied up on American's problems and was ready to present alternative solutions.  When the debates flowed off topic, Romney had complete command of the Conversation as we evident again last night during the discussion on China. When it comes to financial matters, Mitt Romney clearly knows what He is talking about. He didn't need to "cram".

If you listened only to Barack Obama's answers last night, you could reasonably assume that the largest danger facing America today was Mitt Romney.  In fact one of my favorite lines of the night was, "Attacking Me is Not an Agenda", a pre-penned line I'm sure, but In the case of all good speakers, It's about timing.  And Romney delivered it perfectly...and in just the right tone. In doing so He eliminated Obama's sole talking point.

While Mitt Romney came off as Presidential, the man who is the actual President came off as peevish and immature. America got to see how Obama really feels about them, contemptuous.  National debates are never really about arguing with Your opponent, they are about talking to and connecting with the American voters.  Judging by Obama's attitude and body language, We annoy him.  I don't know if I've ever seen any politician on any level be so disrespectful to his opponent and to the people, whom He then expected to vote for him.

Oh and I don't think for one second that Obama's "Boats that float" comment, which explained his desire to shut down the Naval industry and all those it supports in our Military family, was a "slip".  For whatever reason, this President thought it would be funny to mock our intelligence along with our Navy.  His attempt at becoming Joe Biden was successful, but Presidential it was not. 

With all the chaos going on around him, Romney remained focused on the task at hand, laying out his basic plan for handing foreign policy, referring to several ideological shifts from the current administration's disastrous policies.  Something that was almost completely over looked during the post-debate blathering on the cable news shows. Some of which I really liked.  When Romney said "Crippling Sanctions" he was speaking my language. Now I don't know if our definition of "crippling" is the same, but it has long been my own personal Foreign Policy that we eliminate aid to all countries with Terrorist ties.  Giving them aid may make some people feel better, but the corrupt Governments misuse and misappropriate the majority of it anyway.  So we just need to get over it and stop aiding and abeiting them.

Another topic that is near and dear to my heart is Israel and our relationship with her.  I personally believe that not only is it our duty to protect Israel, it's also in our best interest.  They are the sole bastion of freedom in the middle east.  The more secure they become, the more secure We will be as well.  So when Mitt Romney mentioned Obama's "Apology Tour" didn't include Israel...then reminded Obama that Isreal didn't forget that He had "skipped" them....I tweeted "'slap a I'm Mitt Romney and I approved this message' on it and call it a wrap."  I must be psychic or something because that is exactly what they did.

You know you've got a strong candidate when they can use a clip from a live debate as their featured campaign ad.  He is speaking to the American people.  He respects us. I like that too.

So if I had to hire one of these two guys to run my company,  I would want Mitt Romney. He's the right guy for the job.  And if I were conducting the Interviews myself,   I'm not even sure I would have invited Barack Obama back for a second one.  Having said that,  after his condescending tone, and obviously lack of simple understanding of the most basic issues facing our Country last night.  I know I wouldn't extend his contract. 

I don't know if last night's debate changed anyone's mind. But I do think it confirmed what the majority  of viewers were already thinking.  Mitt Romney is going to make a great President.

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