Saturday, October 20, 2012

Lady Smarts Vs. Lady Parts; Why Obama already lost the War on Women

Here's the thing. Barack Obama's campaign has forced the term "War on Women" into our dialog, but who is really waging that war, Mr. President?

This administration and Democrats would have you believe that Women would be "protected" under a second Obama term. More like we need protection from Obama's policies.

I'm so sick and tired of seeing all these "Women's Issue" articles and posts suggesting that in 2012 the only real issue facing Women is free birth control and abortion on demand, it's insulting. No really, it's Insulting. If you've been pushing that agenda. You should be ashamed of yourself. Really.

The basic Idea of the Liberal argument seems to be:  You can be anything You want, Girls, except "Responsible". That is off the table, you leave the "Big" issues to the men.

Inspired by the Obama campaign's reference to "Lady Parts" on their website, Michelle Malkin introduced the phrase "Lady Smarts" and another hashtag was born. For those of you who have not yet joined the addiction that is Twitter, Hashtags are words proceeded by # and are used to categorize tweets.

I will admit, the instant Michelle used #LadySmarts in a tweet, I was jealous I hadn't thought of it myself.

Frustrated with the lot of Liberals and so called "Feminists" telling me that the only thing I should worry my little head about was birth control... I decided to vent a little and it turned into a very concise summary of my thoughts on Policy. Didn't see that coming.

On Foreign Policy
As a woman...I care about what happens to our men and women in the Service of our Country. Here and Abroad.

As a woman...I want a President who will be honest with the Country. No matter how "complicated" the situation is.

On the Economy:

 As a woman, I handle the household budget and I know that Barack Obama's policies are hurting Our bottom line.

 As a woman...I don't need the government to tell me what to feed my kids or what light bulbs to use.

 As a woman...I know that paying $4 per gallon of gas, cuts down on other things I'd like to buy for my family.

On Abortion: 

 As a woman...I don't want My President to tell me that a Child is punishment.

On HealthCare:

As a woman...I'll be voting for Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan because they will repeal ObamaCare, so My doctor & I make the decisions.

I didn't include every single one of my Tweets on the matter, but you get the gist.

Then when Obama name checked Lily Ledbetter in the townhall debate, it sparked another round of liberals, talking heads and internet trolls repeating lies about Mitt Romney's record on women while ignoring a few albeit inconvient, Facts about Obama's record. To be fair they also lacked a basic understanding of what the "Lily Ledbetter" bill was really about as well.

"Lily Ledbetter" was this week's 'Haliburton', with Obama supporters spouting it out, having no idea what it actually meant. Here's the cliff's notes version. The Lily Ledbetter act didn't do anything to guarantee Equal pay, it only gives you the right to Sue a former employer if you find out after the fact. 

For all the pandering, President Obama does to women, you'd think he'd notice that his Female staffers make less than the men .   He might also want to find out why Valerie Jarrett, a high ranking Female staffer referred to the Obama White House as a "Hostile Work Environment" as the Washington Post reports.

In comparison...Here is how the Women who made up Mitt Romney's cabinet have to say: 

Now these Women know Mitt Romney, they've worked with him and for him through out his career. But we are supposed to believe the lies coming out of Hollywood that suggests Mitt is the Sexist in the Race? Give me a Break.

Which Reminds me:

 As a woman...I want You to know the "actresses" in Hollywood, Do Not Speak for Me.
Looking at you, Eva Longoria.

No in my experience, Actions speak louder than words, even well crafted talking points, as the Obama camp is finding out. The trends suggest that Women have embraced Mitt Romney's plan for America, and are rejecting Obama's tiresome pandering. Women don't need to be told how devastating the Obama policies have been. They know. They are living it. Obama's insistence otherwise is an affront to Women of all creeds. 

Yes. There is a War on Women going on Mr. President, and it appears that You are the Commander in Chief.   So as Michelle Malkin suggests, I think it's time to Vote with Your Lady Smarts, Not Your Lady Parts.

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for women who want abortion to be legal, which candidate should they vote for?