Thursday, October 4, 2012

Can Obama Overcome Reality?

First Round is over. Back to Your Corners.

The first presidential debate is in the books, and you could probably tell who people were pulling for today based entirely on their facial expressions. Conservatives were walking around with what can best be described as a "Permagrin". If you don't know what that is...look it up. Trust me it's how they looked. Liberals on the other hand, were the ones who looked as though they'd just found out there wasn't a Santa Claus.

Both were well deserved today. Mitt Romney wiped the floor with President Barack Obama, as 60 Million people watched, enthralled.

That was Round One.

Now I have watched enough Rocky movies to know that it's never over in the first round.  We've still got some fighting to do.  Good News! Romney seems to get that too....They released what is now my new favorite ad.....

As The Weekly Standard reports this is made up almost entirely from last night's debate. Talk about a Rapid Response.

We've got a candidate who gets it. Now it's up to us to support him. Time to Grab the Pom Poms. The man earned all of our respect last night. If he didn't impress you,  you're probably in the 47% that will never vote against him for any reason, so I'm not going to waste my time. (Yes that's what the quote looks like in context.)

The media meltdown was admittedly fun to watch, okay repeatedly watch. But in the end we've got a few more big days ahead of us and the political part of my brain, began doing what it does in times of war....thinking about strategy.

Not Mitt Romney's strategy mind you. His looks fairly clear now. Tell the truth. Be Yourself. From a marketing standpoint, Mitt has put himself in the drivers seat. If fact some thought that Mitt Romney was best described as Presidential and thought Barack Obama came off as Weak.

Check out this word cloud comprised of what Detriot Free Press readers thought of when asked about Mitt Romney after the debate:

President Obama:

That's a problem. For Obama and his campaign staff... a big one. Running around the day after an embarrassing loss, whining that The President of the United States was bullied. After that half hearted performance last night, showed his utter lack of disregard for the American people, when more were watching than ever before..... Pathetic.

Do what you gotta do for your guy, but calling his opponent a "meanie" really doesn't help with the "WEAK" image. Even if I think it's 100% accurate.

Which brings me around to another point  Presidents should not whine. It's unbecoming.

Now what can we learn from the Debate? Really. I know it's boring, but....

We now know without a shadow of a doubt that Barack Obama is 'exactly who We thought he was'. 

One of the strangest claims of the President of the free world today were that He had debated an imposter last night. That Mitt Romney wasn't anything like the guy for which he had "prepared".

MyFirst Question to Obama would be: And that effected your performance, How, Mr. President?

Follow up: How often do you think People are these "imposters"?

Because at this point I'm taking nothing for granted. Remember this is supposedly, the most powerful man in the world....unless you challenge him, of course. In a Debate. Where You're Supposed To Ya Know....Debate The Issues.

Seriously, what part of this makes any sense to any of you? No but to Obama this nonsense is better than *gasp* admitting He blew it. That is how hard it is for this man, Our current President to take responsibility for his screw ups. And people wonder why the country is going to hell in a hand basket?

Here's my in depth analysis of the Debate: Without the carefully constructed filter of the media and his handlers, Barack Obama revealed himself.

That's it.

As the media scrambles to find anything to replace the devastating headlines, Obama will be prepping for the next debate. It is my prayer that Mitt Romney has another winning night. It will be harder as Obama has set the bar so low for himself, if he puts together a complete sentence the Media will declare Victory.

Those same staunch supporters struggled to recognize their favorite President/Messiah last night.  Not a problem we shared,  I saw the same sniveling man that first starting invading my television in 2008. Sure he's a little older now, maybe slightly worse for the wear, but He's still um and uh his was way through the same tired Class Warfare rhetoric and stump stories. Sometimes using the exact same information he used in his first campaign. Even if Obama gave his greatest speech ever, Americans know it isn't going to put food on their tables or gas in their tanks, so his previously thought soaring rhetoric now appears hollow in the light of the reality people face every day. Gone is the Glow of a candidate with its place a track record of failing policies that have ruined Americas economy and is devastating her people.

All the debate prep in the world can't help him there. 

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