Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Barack Obama's "Economy" Problem

The last four years have been tough on many levels for many Americans. After the first few weeks of the election, I attempted to get my house in order. For I knew what could lie ahead. Trying not to sound like a loon, I gently warned friends and family to do the same.

I learned to deal with my disappointment in the uninformed election of 2008. Reminding myself that outside of the conservative blogs there weren't many places you could find anything about Obama that might be seen as "Negative". Forcing myself to recognize the attraction of the "historic" factor, a discussion for another day. Knowing in my heart the real problem wasn't that We were suddenly a socialist country, we were just a hopeful one.

Disinterested in Politicians but charmed by Obama. If Americans knew more about how our Government worked, functioned and wasted, I was convinced they'd be as outraged as I was. Educating the citizens on the constitution and on issues was the Key in my mind. America had been optimistic that Obama would do what he said in 2008. In short, Americans believed in Obama or the idea of him, in any case, Americans weren't socialists...not really. In my heart my fellow Americans were just Naive. So in many ways, it was this belief that led me down the path to the Tea Party and beyond.

One thing keeps coming to mind....This isn't 2008. The last four years have happened. It is now 2012.

Hopeful Democrats would have you believe that this could be like the 1996 elections. But fail to mention the only reason Clinton was prime for reelection was the Republican Revolution just two short years earlier. Putting in place Newt Gingrich and one of the most conservative congresses the country had ever seen. Clinton a truly political animal, followed the tide of conservatism, signed the bills and rode the tide of Republican policy success to another term. Economy turned around, people were happy and making money. The re-election theme song was "Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow" as they told happy Voters things were only going to get better.

 Obama Can't Do That.

In fact Obama hasn't done One thing that I would draw any true comparison to Bill Clinton in regards to the Economy. Obama has a record and it is embarrassing. Adding to the debt may not be a sexy topic, but knowing that Your kid is now born owing the Government about $55K a year, is a truly inventive form of birth control. Speaking of robbing our children...ObamaCare will be the largest tax hike on the middle class ever. How will giving "poor" people 'Free' health care raise taxes you ask? As you should have learned years ago, nothing is Free, especially when it comes from the Government. Everything has a cost and ObamaCare's cost far outweigh and conceived possible "Greater Good". (Honestly, a little creeped out just typing that...)

Studies have shown that ObamaCare will increase taxes on families of four by about three grand. Please note that I said Increase. So prepare to pay an additional $3000 in taxes next year, right off tops if Obama is elected. So there's that.....

Consider the hardship this puts on already struggling businesses large and small. Its so bad that many of Obama's closest allies have requested Waivers. As in they won't be participating in the disaster that is ObamaCare....but You are required to or face fines. What does that tell You?

Every thing we are experiencing right now economically is directly related to Barack Obama's policies.  Whether it's 1200 Americans losing their job in one location or the cost of an ever expanding Government taking it's toll on those who produce. Make no mistake this is Obama's Economy. 

He has fought those to the right since day One, he continues to fight them to this day. Because of this the Country is suffering. We have checks and balances for a reason people. This is it.

It extends beyond our borders as this rogue administration has put Americans in harm's way, without regard to laws, in the case of Fast and Furious, or safety in the case of Libya.

Don't even get me started on Israel.

While Obama's utter disregard for the lives of Americans around the globe is appalling.  Something tells me this isn't going to be a foreign policy election..... and that is okay. Americans have the right to focus on domestic issues.  There is no denying the fact that Americans are suffering in this economy. People are stressed out beyond anything I've seen in my life time....Including post-9/11. Losing a job, a car, a home will do that.

Obama told Americans in 2008 that if He was elected the Unemployment rate would never go above 8%. Reality check: It's been above 8% for the last 40+ months. This is 2012. 

If you follow me on twitter then you already know there are many reasons #WhyIHatePolls for the rest of you, here's a short summary: Media creates poll questions, tallies results, publishes polls, then discussing the impact of their poll.  If you can convince me this process is some how relevant to the American voter, I may rethink my position. Hint: You won't. I don't need the "polls" to tell me Obama's abysmal economy is hurting everyone. The polling data seems trivial because it is.  Everyone is effected in one way or another. Every day.

Here's what I know right now....Mitt Romney is our only chance to turn this thing around before we fly off that fiscal cliff.

Mitt Romney's campaign just released this ad this morning called "Many Americans"....I couldn't get over how well it fit with what I'd be thinking. So I thought I'd share. Gotta say the hashtag is catchy too... #CantAfford4More

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