Saturday, November 3, 2012

What Momentum Looks Like

There has been much made about "Momentum" this election cycle. So many comparisons to football games that I've lost count. The wave has been building since before the debates, but the real shift has taken place since Mitt Romney broke through the media filter, and introduced America to the real Mitt Romney. Not some characture created by the Dems and their lackies over at SNL.  America liked what they saw, especially in contrast to the spoiled brat sitting on the other side of the split screen. But what America really needed from Romney was an option. Everyone knows how bad Obama's economy is....Now they know Romney has a plan to fix it. This changed everything. Mitt took the lead in America's heart that night...and he hasn't looked back.

The MSM would have you believe that the President's photo op in a 'members-only' jacket in the mud someone how erases the nightmare of the last four years. It's just stupid. Not only do I not think voters are swayed towards the President because of his campaign stop in Hurricane ravaged New Jersey, I believe the reality of the damage, failures and mounting frustrations there will make Obama wish He had just skipped it and went straight back to Las Vegas.  Oh you didn't hear?  Obama went to Vegas, again, visit three for those keeping count, since He fled to Vegas the morning after the attacks on Benghazi.

This will not however stop the MSM from trying to as some have said "drag Obama over the finish line" which is funny considering that was a line I specifically remember people using about John McCain. They can keep telling themselves whatever they want, but with just three days until Election Day....This is what Momentum looks like.....

This picture was taken at twilight in West Chester, Ohio, as the crowd was gathering for what is now being reported as the largest Political Rally in United States history by the local fire department.  Upwards of 30,000 people braved the cold to stand in support of Mitt Romney and his plan to get America working again.

Pictures flooded the internet last night, many coming across twitter, gathered a few of their favorite pictures along with some great Tweets.

This was just one of many large gatherings for Romney in the past few days,  He had a huge turn out in Wisconsin yesterday morning, and record crowds in Colorado and Florida earlier this week. Not that you'll hear the MSM talk about it....but with this incredible crowd, they didn't waste the audience either. A star studded line up of speakers, including Rudy Guiliani, Bobby Jindal, Artur Davis and more made some call it a "mini-RNC".  The tone of these speeches were brimming with fire, a passion that conservative candidates often fail to produce. Not this time. The earlier speakers demanded the American people get justice for those murdered in Benghazi. John McCain may have given the best little speech of his career. He wasn't much of a candidate, but the man is an American Hero.

When Marco Rubio joked about the cold, reminding him of Florida, his refridgerator in Florida, the massive crowd responded with laughs and whoops.  Who doesn't love Marco Rubio?  It was later revealed that this dream team would be spanning out to Swing states immediately after the some of these guys could be coming to a city near You before Tuesday.  If you're in Pennsylvania, who knows who will show up!

The crowd erupted in chants of "Four More Days" on more than one Occasion.  The energy was palpable.  My friend Stacy McCain, shared this photo last night, with the caption: "That tiny speck? Rudy Guliani"

Click through that link to read Stacy's personal adventure at the Rally, along with his first hand account of witnessing Media bias in action.  Consider this your language warning.

At least one person was able to grab a panoramic picture, you can literally look around at the crowd.

When the Romneys took the stage, looking every bit the part of the next first couple, the crowd erupted again. Ann Romney has quite a few fans of her own in Ohio it seems.  Chants of "Four More Days" and "We Want Mitt" filled the air, each time Mitt Romney paused for a second.

If you missed the actual speech you can watch it in it's entirety over at The Right Scoop. One of the most powerful moments came during the later part of Mitt Romney's speech, when he called out President Obama, for his use of the term "Revenge" during a rally yesterday.

Mitt Romney pounced on this bizarre reason to Vote. "Obama asked his supporters to vote for Revenge, instead I ask the American people to Vote for Love of Country"  As you'll see the crowd went wild. And it's a new campaign ad as of this morning.

Talk about a stark contrast. Barack Obama is struggling to fill high school gymnasiums, while the crowds for Mitt Romney are overflowing at 30,000 seats.  Obama is touting the same old tired lines from 2008, while Romney is showing he has a real plan for America, that does not include "wasting time criticizes my predecessor".

Oh yes, Momentum is important....and Mitt Romney has plenty of it. Barack Obama...not so much. 

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