Monday, November 5, 2012

The Choice is Clear. I'm Voting for Mitt Romney.

The time has come. The decision is ours to make.  If people were looking for a clear choice between Presidential candidates, you won't find a more stark contrast than Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.  I can't imagine there are any truly "undecided" voters out there at this point. Nor do I believe that I'm going to say something that will magically convince someone who is blindly supporting Obama to change their mind.  However I would be remiss if I didn't share with you, just a few thoughts on why I am Voting for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

As you know, I've never been a fan of President Obama's policies, long before he was elected I expressed my concerns about his vision for America, and his lack of experience.  I predicted in 2008 that an Obama victory would mean a decline in the Coal industry, the decline of small businesses and ultimately the overall decline of the economy.  I was right. I tried to warn people, but John McCain for all his service to our Country was possibly the worst candidate I've ever tried to support.  I felt like I was fighting a losing battle to save the republic. I was so hopeful that other would research Obama's "plan", then they would know it was just "more tax and spend" not really "Hope and Change" at all. It made me cringe knowing what the next four years could hold. As it turns out I was in the minority of those who found this out, prior to the 2008 elections.

This doesn't make me a psychic, it just means I pay attention. More like the Mentalist of politics, if you will.  It doesn't take a genius to figure out that if you implement a Tax on all businesses, it will destroy entire industries, and close many businesses down. Thus destroying your economy and killing jobs. Which is exactly what ObamaCare promised to do, and now has done.  Thankfully, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have promised to Repeal it on day one.  One of the best reasons to vote for the ticket and a Republican congressional candidate too, if you have that option.

Now I'm not a single issue voter by any means, but if I had to choose one it would be the Economy.  The strength of America lies in her people, and the strength of our people sits with a Strong Economy.  I could go on for hours about why I don't like the way the Obama administration handled the Terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya.  In fact, if what I'm reading is true, I don't think "Impeachment" threat is such a stretch, if God forbid, Obama somehow won on Tuesday.  Having said that, I believe that while the situation in Benghazi, and the almost treasonous handling of it by the Obama administration, will not be the driving force behind most people who are heading to the polls on Tuesday.  For what it's worth, almost 500 Admirals and Generals endorsed, Governor Romney.  However if you're voting on Foreign Policy or Trust, you pretty much have to give it to Mitt Romney on Benghazi alone.

Americans are interested in Foreign Policy issues more when things are "settled" here at home. That is not the case today and hasn't been since Obama took  office.  .  When the Obama economy took hold, and businesses began closing their doors, Americans noticed. Places we all frequented and loved, sometimes for generations, were Closed up. Gone forever.  When you go to the Grocery store and it costs almost twice as much as it would have just four years ago, people noticed.  Filling up your gas tank?  It's Double what ever you paid prior to Obama's economy. When people are working three jobs, are losing their homes, their cars, Americans don't need to watch the "News" to know that things are not going well.  I think it's these everyday things that will motivate, millions to Vote for Mitt Romney on Tuesday. I know that it's a huge motivator for me.

It amused me when Obama did the "48 Hour Trust Tour", after America found out He and his administration had been lying to our faces on Benghazi.  Not sure why he thought a bunch of speeches where He and Bill Clinton, the only recent President to actually be impeached for Perjury, would inspire "Trust".  I guess when you're desperate even the crazy ideas sound good. If I'm looking for trust this election cycle, I'm going with the Guy whose been happily married to the same woman forever, and ran successful businesses his whole life. The guy whose staff of  Women launched their own tour in support of him, Mitt Romney.

Which brings me to this....I have thoughts on social issues, but they have never been a deciding vote for me. Mostly because I feel like as it relates to politicians; If they support the 10th amendment, they are usually the candidate for me.  I detest federal government meddling in matters of the State.  So I will occasionally opine about this or that on Social issues, in reality, I believe everything should go on a ballot. So when it comes to voting, I stick with that idea.  This one rule alone means I will probably never vote for a National level Democrat. President Obama has made it perfectly "Clear" that He believes that Government should be involved in every facet of our lives, from our bedrooms to our lunch boxes.  Thus as someone who votes for Individual freedom (and responsibility) Mitt Romney gets my Vote.

One of my favorite moments in the first debate that went wildly unnoticed was the exchange on the Role of the Federal government. Obama spoke in platitudes, of fair share and went over time. Romney pointed to the Constitution projected on the wall behind the two and basically said, "I'm going to follow this".  That in and of itself is reason to Vote for Romney.

A quick note on those who are constantly screaming, "War On Women".  The United States Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton visits countries where girls can't even go to school.  Where young women are brutally attacked for "implied" wrong doings, classified as Honor crimes.  That is the real War on women. What we have is a distinct disagreement about how much We want the government interfering in our lives.  Conservatives want it to remain a personal decision, Liberals want the government to handle everything. In my opinion, it's asinine to discuss birth control, as a campaign issue, in a non-ironic way in 2012. Although that would eliminate half of the Dem arguments....

Which of course leads me to that word that everyone likes to throw around, "Bi-partisanship". To be completely honest, I'm not a fan of it. It never works out for Republicans. We reach across the aisle and draw back a nub. However, the animosity in Washington, and in our neighborhoods has gotten out of control.  We need someone who can be a Leader, not through words, but through actions, Mitt Romney is that guy.  Obama has proven that his "style" of politics is all talk and no action. Four years ago, Obama promised Unity and all we've gotten is more divisiveness and petty attacks. I'm so over it. I'm ready for Mitt Romney to run the country and leave my daily life, politics free.

I'm a conservative and by default that makes me a Republican, as there is no room for Fiscal responsibility or free thinking on the Democrat's side.  But these economic issues Should cross party lines, even if You support government managed programs, You still don't want them to waste Your money. 

Mitt Romney has a history, a solid gold record of being able to balance bipartisan issues and negotiations, while still protecting Tax payers.  What else could you ask for?  For liberals, I realize this concept is foreign, but Yes, I'm encouraging You to actually look at my candidate's record. It's a little something I like to do before I give them control of the Country. Something lots of people wish they had done more of in 2008, I'm told. I digress...

Seems like every year, some talking head says "the lessor of two evils" , and in some cases that is true.  Just not in this case.  Barack Obama has been President for the last four years, in that time Americans  have suffered.  Mitt Romney is known for his crisis management, you wonder why they kept bringing up the Olympics? It's because it was supposed to make Undecideds understand just How good Mitt is at this stuff.

He volunteered his time and skills for Three years, got the Olympic committee out of money and scandal trouble and turned the Salt Lake City Games, something Americans could be proud of in the years immediately following 9/11.  No, these Two men couldn't be more different. They couldn't hold more divergent visions for America.  Obama sees the current situation as "the way it has to be",  meanwhile, Romney is offering us a plan to get out of this mess.  Obama thinks we should accept the lowered bar of standards, while Romney wants to Raise the Bar and take us along for the ride. The latter seems much better to me.

I supported Mitt Romney in the 2008 primary.  In fact I blamed Mike Huckabee for John McCain's nomination, still do.  But when primary season rolled around this time, I with held "endorsing" any one candidate.  I liked how Governor Perry handled things in Texas, but it became clear early on, that who ever was running His campaign shouldn't have quit their day job.  When Mitt won the nomination, I honestly didn't care. I had already decided that I would vote for a fainting goat over Obama, at that point.  I remained pragmatic, but engaged as Mitt emerged from the crowded primary race the victor.  Since starting his campaign for the General election, I have been nothing but impressed by both Mitt Romney and his campaign staff.

That way they Run their campaign tells you a lot about a candidate. How do they run their campaign?  That was something the Obama supporters kept saying back in 2008, you don't hear them saying that now, do you?  Of course not. We don't need them or the MSM to tell us, that not only have the last four years under Obama sucked, but his campaign does too.  I think it's because Obama is surrounded by "Yes Men".  I mean He thought he won the first debate, for pete's sake. The man has no concept of reality.  My theory was backed up this weekend by the President himself, when he went off the teleprompter to encourage voters to use "Revenge" as motivation.

Now on it's face it just sounds weird and kind of creepy, which has been the general vibe of the Obama campaign this go round.  In addition to the sheer bizarreness of the "Revenge" comment ,  Here is a guy who has been President for the last four years, supposedly of all Americans, for all of Us, Who the Hell are his Voters seeking revenge on exactly?  I don't know that I'm as shocked as some in the MSM are acting though, this is the campaign that brought us Big Bird, Binders and Birth Control as an official platform. Oh and there was that shiny Brochure, too.  From the first debate in Denver, when Obama had refused to prepare, then acting indignant when challenged to his latest comment about "Revenge", his campaign has reflected his very small opinion of America.  Which is yet another reason I'll be voting for Mitt Romney.  To borrow a phrase from "Gladiator", I believe in the Dream that is America.

It might sound cheesy or old fashioned, but I don't care. It's true.  It makes my heart hurt a little when I think about what has happened to America in the last six years, yes I count back to 2006 when that dreadful Dem controlled congress took office.  I am hungry for a leader that will take on Congress, make nice, knock heads, do whatever needs to be done, for the American people.  It's what needs to happen and I believe Mitt Romney is the guy to do it, I know Barack Obama isn't. His record proves that.

And I'm not the only one who thinks that considering Congressional approval rating is at another all time low under Obama's so called, leadership. Nah, if we're going to have to work with Democrats best to have a good negotiator at the table, I'm cool with Romney and Paul Ryan sitting at that the head of that table. Sounds better than letting Joe Biden run the senate.  Which reminds me keep in mind Mitt Romney's first decision as the Republican nominee was to select, Paul Ryan.  Someone who is respected for his economic knowledge on both sides of the aisle.  Barack Obama selected out of all the possible candidates, Joe Biden.  I'm just saying.....But again I get off track...I'm about to get to what really matters...

The American Dream.  It is so unique, yet we take it for granted some times.  I'm not sure where the term originated, but since America's founding was described as a "great experiment", Dreams have become a part of the best descriptions of this amazing Country.  You never hear anyone say, "The Canadian Dream" or "The French Dream". Obviously, we would make fun of them if they did. However, our dream is uniquely American. Our founders gave us the power all those years ago, for times just like these.  The founders believed that We The People should have the power to shape their Country and their Government.  Who am I to argue with them?  Obama has had his chance, He has failed. It's time for We The People to send him home.

In the words of the late, great Ronald Reagan, there is "a time for choosing" and I believe, our Time is now.  We have a chance to repair the damage created by the Obama years and move on to a future where People can pay their bills, and still have faith in the American Dream.  The dream that you can earn a living, provide for your family, and live your life.  Americans just want to work hard, go to the beach or the lake on occasion, retire and spend time spoiling our Grand Kids.  Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness, sounds so grandiose but it details the most basic wants of American's daily life.

That's what the founder's vision truly was for us, a Free people, who lived not in the shadow nor fear of their Government.  Obama's core belief is that Americans can not accomplish anything without the Government assistance. Romney's actions and deeds have shown He believes in the strength of the American People not the American government. You don't get more differing paths than that.

For me the Choice is clear, The Decision is easy......In this time, in this moment, I'm thrilled that one of my choices is Mitt Romney.  I truly believe he is the right man to lead our Country.  Fortunately, this time I think I'm in the majority.   We The People are about to speak, so loudly that They won't be able to ignore us.  I can't wait to vote.  I'll be the one in sweat pants, clutching my coffee before dawn....waiting as long as it takes to cast my vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan our next President and Vice President.

Side Note: Honor Your Soldiers!  Vote.

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