Friday, May 25, 2012

Do You Know This Man? Brett Kimberlin

What you're about to read is real. It's happening to people I know personally. It's so Important I decided to write a blog about it to stand in solidarity with those being threatened by the leftist activist, Brett Kimberlin and his 'friends'.

If you're unfamiliar with Brett Kimberlin, he's best known as the Speedway Bomber, but has a long history of violence and incarceration.
You’re about to listen to one of the most bone-chilling pieces of audio you will ever hear. At least, it was to me when I first heard it.
It’s a phone call that could have gotten me killed.
In this post you will hear that audio clip. You will also read about a months-long campaign of harassment carried out by at least three individuals: Ron Brynaert, Neal Rauhauser, and Brett Kimberlin — much of it directed at critics of Brett Kimberlin. This harassment includes repeated references to critics’ family members, workplace complaints, publication of personal information such as home addresses and pictures of residences, bogus allegations of criminal activity, whisper campaigns, frivolous legal actions, and frivolous State Bar complaints.
And finally, you will hear a comparison of one of those men’s voices to that of the man who made the call that sent police to my home. And you’ll read a declaration from a forensic audio expert comparing those two voices

Read the entire terrifying story at Patterico's Pontifications

And he's not the only it turns out since being released from federal prison, in addition to becoming a darling of the leftist elite, he's also threatened several other bloggers and friends of mine. Including R. Stacey McCain who you may recall spoke at the event I organized Liberty 101 several year back.

Ed Morrissey has an excellent piece today on it and those being targeted.

To keep up with all the bloggers standing up to this domestic terrorist....follow the hashtag on Twitter #BrettKimberlin

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