Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Negligent Voters + Media Malpractice= Obama's Presidency

You know how we've been making jokes about the blind Obama followers? How we laughed at their unabashed worship? There is a reason jokes are funny, it's because the good ones contain a grain of Truth. In the case of the Obama disciples, it's more like a Silo of Truth and I'm not sure if it's Funny anymore.

The Onion known for their satire of current events even produced a news segment entitled "Obama Wins Causes Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are"

Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are

HowObamaGotElected.com released a video this weekend as a teaser for an upcoming documentary on called "Media Malpractice...How Obama got elected" This clip show interviews with 12 actual Obama voters on election day immediately as they left the polling area. The questions are not intended to embarrass the participants but instead to shine a spotlight on the way the OLM impacted the 2008 Presidential election. They include such "gotcha questions" as Who controls the Congress? And Who is Nancy Pelosi? The results are not surprising, but that doesn't make it any less disturbing.

As you watch, think about this 12 people interviewed. How is it that they know basically the exact same information? Don't think the Un-Fairness Doctrine is Important? Keep this in mind, less than a month ago the Pew Research center released a study showing that Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh listeners were significantly more informed than those that got their news solely from the OLM. This Video confirms the need for alternative voices that would be silenced by the Censorship Doctrine.

The group also hired Zogby to conduct a telephone poll that gathered similar results. The poll found that 86% of Obama Voters didn't know Obama said that he would bankrupt the coal industry while skyrocketing energy prices, but Did know that Palin's wardrobe supposedly cost $150,000. It's about Priorities people. Who cares about the loss of an Entire Industry and all the jobs it creates? What really matters is what a candidate is wearing. I won't even get into the fact that the $150,000 was used to buy clothes for the entire Palin clan, so they weren't mocked by the OLM for being too "small town". Nor will I mention I didn't read anything about how Much the Men's hand tailored designer suits costs...

FreedomMarch.org a group that was formed mid-October in response to the OLM's handling of the Rhasid Khalidi tapes being held by the LA Times, has a great quote "Three political parties exist in the US today: Patriots, Socialists, and the uninformed." Joe - FreedomMarch Founder 11-5-08

It's not as though this information was not available to the masses. It just wasn't spoon fed to them by the OLM. Something like 85% of people have access to the internet, so John McCain should have won by that margin alone. Obama followers made a choice not to be informed about their candidate. Most of you can probably confirm that through personal experience. I know when I tried to have a conversation with them, they weren't really interested in hearing anything about the One anyway. They would exclaim he "transcends". Which I now understand, that was their excuse for being a lazy voter. No need to research or learn anything. Just believe in Obama.

While the OLM is partially to blame for the Uninformed part of that equation, the People who choose to not to research their candidate before pulling the lever are equally as responsible. It is our job to educate these Obama Voters, friends and family that for whatever reason bought Obama's Magic Beans, we need to do it one Vote at at time, so we can slow down the Socialism Train in 2010.


WomanHonorThyself said...

so true and utterly frightening girl!!

RightKlik said...

Very good points. Especially the idea that the percentage of people who support Obama should be inversely proportional to the percentage of people with internet access.

Vintage Conervative said...

Great post. In the next few months, Americans will really see who they elected.