Friday, November 14, 2008

Bill Ayers "Mock the Vote" Tour 2008

Remember Bill Ayers, that guy that 'lived in Obama's Neighborhood', well the OLM finally found him. He was spotted on the set of Good Morning America pitching his book called ready for this? " Race Course Against White Supremacy". Ayers is cashing in on what he calls his "brush with celebrity", by Reissuing his classic book "Fugitive Days"...You know when he was on the run with his terrorist wife Bernadette Dorhn before they turned themselves into the FBI. In the new versions, Ayers refers to The One as a "family friend". Awesome.

Here's the interview

on GMA.

Now the OLM wants to talk to Ayers? Just a week after the election, ABC News all of a sudden thinks he might have something to say. I could be wrong but this feels a bit like they are rubbing our faces in it....

And to be honest when I watched the following video of Bill Ayers and his terrorist Bride, Bernadette Dorhn, I became convinced they are laughing all the way to the bank. They believe that America just swallowed the pill of Socialism. When these two are Giddy about the direction our Country is headed in, I think we have a reason to be concerned.

In an interview on Democracy Now! when describing how he felt at Obama's Million Dollar Bash on Election night, Ayers says "I mean, it was the sense that we were going to leave behind the era of 9/11 and the era of fear and war without end and repression and constitutional shredding and scapegoating of gay and lesbian people, on and on.." Leave behind the era of 9/11? We made a promise to those that lost their lives that day...we promised to Never Forget. Bill Ayers said something else that day...that his terrorist organization the Weather Underground should have done more. Now he calls the President-elect, a "family friend".

As I've said before his wife Bernadette Dorhn was wanted by the FBI in connection with Weather Underground activities as well. It is not lost on me that this is what she had to say about Obama's campaign..."He’s been vetted and vetted and vetted, and there was nothing there to throw at him" Vetted and Vetted? Really? Because I would have loved to have seen an interview with you about a month ago...I'm just saying...

H/t GatewayPundit

Raw arrogance has become a trademark for the un-repentant terrorist. When the FBI failed to gain a conviction due to a technicality, Ayers famously quipped " Guilty as Hell, Free as a Bird, America is a Great Country."

There is none of that guilty talk now though...Now just 27 years later he paints himself as a common Vietnam war protester.

Ayers continued his My Best Friend's going to Be President Tour with a speaking engagement in the pit of all evil DC. While he was welcomed by some that attended, others stood with their backs to him in Protest of his appearance as was reported at When a man expressed his disgust at Ayer's appearance, Ayer's blames Fox News for any 'confusion' someone might have about him. That's Rich...the man has written books Bragging about his activities, and swipes at Fox News. I think it's called: Diversion.

Still not sure if Bill "I'm going to sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom" Ayers is openly mocking the absurdity of those who Voted for Obama? On Friday, November 7, just days after the election Bill Ayers attended a speech given by none other than Rev. Jeremiah Wright at Northwestern University as reported by the school newspaper, The Daily Northwestern.

Why do I have the feeling we're going to be seeing a lot more of this guy?


Clay Bowler said...

Isn't it funny how the power of capitalism works for a scumbag like Ayres who wants nothing more than to take it down!

robert verdi said...

total fraud, lives a comfortable life in freedom in the USA, and he still cozies up with enemies, in 2006 alone he on a platform with Chavez cheering him on.