Monday, October 6, 2008

Obama's Answers: Debate Study Guide

For tonight's Presidential Debate, I've created a study guide to help you navigate the political waters. Think of it as a way to enhance your viewing experience.

1. Keep a running tab of how many times Barack Obama gives Government as the answer to a problem. Give yourself a pat on the back if you can remember what the question was after he gives the answer. Obama's never met a problem government can't solve. As for me, I've yet to see them ever solve anything.

2. Listen for Obama's keyword "Program" it's code for Higher Taxes. IE; I plan to develop educational programs to help inner city youth. Translation: I will raise taxes in the name of education then states and localities will eat up the extra revenue in administration costs.

3. A Couple things to remember when Obama brings up Universal Health Care, by calling it health care for all Americans, remember that means he actually wants the Government in charge of health care. They've done such a great job at the DMV! Walter Reed is a government operated hospital...Does anyone really want more hospitals like this? Second point, remember that 'health care for the poor or elderly' is also code for higher taxes. Obama loves Canadian health care, where taxes take over 60% of earnings.

4. Remember Obama catchphrases such as 'Fairness' or 'Being Neighborly' are both short for redistribution of wealth a basic principle of socialism. Taking from the Rich and giving to the Poor isn't just a bad idea, it really irritates the Rich. And by Rich I mean you, if you are paying taxes Obama thinks you are wealthy enough to pay more, he has promised to reverse the Bush Tax Cuts thus raising your taxes.

5. Listen carefully when Obama mentions the 95% of working Americans line, as that is misleading if not false. He plans to raise income taxes on 75% of small business, as well as all other businesses. Who do you think they'll pass those costs along to in the end?

6. Anytime Obama says the word "Revenue" he means taxes, which means your money. He often speaks of revenue like the government is a business. It's not. When you 'increase the revenue' of the federal government, you raise taxes. You don't sell more product.

7. Watch Obama eyes on matters of Foreign Policy and Character do not be alarmed if they jut down and to the left. Psychologists agree looking down left is a body language that indicates deception. Barack can't discuss either honestly or the American people would have him thrown off the ticket.

8. Donate a dollar to a worthy cause every time Obama blames John McCain for what he sees as 'failed Bush policies' , we will also accept "the failed policies of the last 8 years' or ' 8 years of failed Bush policies'. You could make it a 'drinking game' however I think I'll donate my dollars to an organization buying ads to support McCain/Palin.

9. Be the smartest person in the room when Obama brings up the Keating Five in a lame attempt to attack McCain. Say "After John McCain was exonerated by the senate investigators, didn't he testify against Charles Keating in the civil trial?" Everyone will be so impressed.

10. Watch Obama squirm around any reference by John McCain to the current ecomonomic meltdown. See if Obama can explain away his connections to Fannie, Freddie and of course ACORN. I'm wondering if he'll defend the democrats or just ignore the question. Bonus if he stutters, stammers and says "Now Look" at the same time.

And finally, Pay very close attention to the death of the American Dream, Obama often refers to America's Promise, which is much different. The American Dream is about working hard enough to provide a good life for you and your family. Obama's American Promise takes the personal responsibility out of the equation, in his mind America owes it to the 'poor' to take care of them. While it sounds good in a sound bite, it goes against everything on which our great nation was founded.

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