Monday, October 6, 2008

Convicts for Obama!

While the second debate isn't until tomorrow night, some of your fellow Americans have already cast their vote with many states offering early voting. So much for weighing the issues... The media wants you to believe this election is over, I have news for you this election is far from over, in fact I believe it's much closer than the media would like us to know. Obama's own campaign tactics point to a similar conclusion.

Take Ohio for example, where voting laws make less sense than Jimmy Carter in the afternoon. Today ended a one week free for all where someone can register and vote on the same day. Obama's people have jumped on this loop hole, but driving around and picking up homeless people, offering a ride anywhere they want to go then registering them to vote for Obama. It sounds like I'm using hyperbole, but it actually happened exactly that way. Then the Obama supporters were so proud of their efforts they gave video taped interviews discussing it. One of the homeless men got a ride to the Bus Station to go 'home' to another state, that's actually not even illegal in Upside down Ohio either because you can live out of state for four years and still vote there! Whatever the law, why would Obama's supporters feel like they needed to ransack homeless shelters for votes, unless he needs them. I doubt they care about his tax plan, as they don't pay taxes.

Here in Virginia, felons are being encouraged to vote. One of the local radio stations that is openly supporting Obama through programming, encouraged listeners to come out and bring felons from out of state because Virginia allows them to vote. The announcer also suggested if you knew someone in prison on a misdemeanor, you should swing by and drop them off a ballot. Ex-Convicts are now a sought after voting block for Obama? Or just does he need the votes? ACORN is trying to make sure he's got them.

The best explanation of the evils of ACORN is on, a short video called "The Lowdown on ACORN". It manages to lay out the story of ACORN's tangled web of voter fraud, the housing crisis, the current economic crisis and the democrats, including Sen. Obama in just a few minutes. ACORN has a history of suspect voter registration cards, the most infamous in Ohio where over 85% were invalid with voters named "Jive Turkey" it's hard to imagine why they didn't think anyone would notice. ACORN is working in all the Swing states. When you find out that one ACORN branch produced only 6 valid voters in 100,000 applications it starts to make you look at the announcement from ACORN that they have registered over 1 million new voters a little differently.

I got a phone call from a livid Independent this afternoon, she'd heard the radio announcement I referred to earlier. She assumed (rightfully so) that it was an overt attempt to stuff the ballot boxes for Obama. She then vented her frustrations about Obama seeking out the votes of felons and the homeless. As we talked it occurred to me; If he is their candidate, is he your candidate? She said in a word: No. I mean when was the last time Obama's supporters showed up at your house and offered you a ride anywhere you wanted to go? Did anyone fill out the forms for you? Or is it something you do because you want to exercise your right as an American? Voting is a verb, requiring action.

As Evidence mounts that Obama's campaign supported by ACORN and others are pulling votes literally off the streets, it got me thinking. If Obama's message is so powerful and moving why are these questionable activities necessary? I mean isn't he 'transcending' anymore? Why does the One need all this help? Isn't he the candidate that all of America loves? Hardly. Obama and his supporters aren't tied to silly things like ethical standards, in their minds I'm sure the end result of an Obama presidency justifies the unscrupulous means. Whatever their reasoning, make no mistake about it, the Obama campaign knows this race isn't over in fact, it's just getting good.

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Anonymous said...

Love this gril and could not agree more, if I were an democrat in todays society I would be offended that the media could assumed that I could not register to vote on my own or that they assumed I could not vote due to the fact that I was a felon, or to bring my family members that were in jail a ballot, democrate should be ashamed!