Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I've Got Some News, Mr. Obama- McCain Clear Winner

Waiting for the second of three Presidential debates to start. Earlier today the Obama camp released a statement saying "Obama won't throw the first punch but he will throw the last if necessary". Typical Obama claim victim hood, threaten violence but only in the case of last resort. It's kind of a speak irresponsibly and carry a sponge philosophy.

8:32 I'm making an early prediction. Liberals will claim Obama won, even if he falls of the stage. I'm also saying a little pray for McCain. "No matter what comes out of Obama's liberal mouth, try not to throw him off his stool." In my opinion, John McCain shows a great deal of restraint sharing the stage with someone who has such disdain for America. He's a better man than I am.

I have to admit secretly I'd like to see a Sarah vs Obama debate. By the way did you see the clip of her addressing the protester at her rally? She's still the best argument about McCain's judgement versus Obama's with his choice in Joe Biden. Conservative Quick Witted Alaskan Governor or the Senator from MBNA Bank? Which looks like 'more of the same' to you?

8:54 Major Garrett just told us that Obama has to re-write his 'plan' so his message will be changing in a few days. According to the report more taxes will be part of the plan. I know you are shocked. Obama's first instinct in a financial downturn is to raise taxes and take money directly out of the economy. A study came out today showing that 100 economist decided a Barrack Obama Presidency would lose jobs. Great. Who is voting for this guy again?

9:00 What is wrong with Tom Brokaw? He looks a little woozy.

I'm dying to see what questions Brokaw thinks are important....

Obama is up first on the big bad economy. Obama stands at the podium and delivers a stump speech. "Failed Bush Polices" "Bush" again. I hope those of you with the guide I wrote yesterday are keeping track. No plan but a lot of blame to go around Bush, companies but not the democrats with no mention of a plan to get us out of it.

I want to tell McCain to relax. But he's doing great! As he speaks directly to the crowd you can tell they are listening because he's giving them specific ideas not just campaign rhetoric. He talks about the anger Americans are feeling then tell us what he wants to do to fix the problem. He then says he would put someone in at Treasury Secretary someone the people could trust naming Warren Buffet (an Obama fan) and Meg Whitman (the more likely choice).

When Obama is asked to respond he never names a name not even his own supporter, he falls back on the truncated quote about the fundamentals of the economy. Boo!

McCain is talking about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. He called them a catalyst that started a Forest fire. It's On Like Donkey Kong! Big Mac just told America that Obama has taken more money from the two F's than any other congressional member. I am so Proud of John McCain. America needs you to tell the truth!!

I'm a little surprised by how poorly Obama does when on the defensive. He seems very uncomfortable, I wonder why? Is it because you thought you were getting a pass on your culpability in this mess?He slips in this non-sense about some letter he wrote 'warning' some number cruncher about the fannie mae thing. I can't figure out what he's talking about. I noticed he never rebuted the assertion about the money.

McCain just nailed Obama on his 'letter' to uh..um..someone or other. McCain said I co-authored a bill, and Mr. Obama's name was not on it. Hell yeah!!

What the hell is Obama talking about? I'm trying to keep up but I thought we were talking about the 'trust' issue. Somehow we ended up raising taxes while increasing government spending. Wait did he just say that George Bush had a surplus then turn around and say he came into office with a deficit in the same sentence? I can't wait to hear the liberal kool-aid drinkers explain away this paltry performance.

Obama is up walking around now, why does it always disgust me when he invokes 9/11? Maybe it has something to do with his buddy Bill Ayers? Now He's lying about Off shore drilling, he won't let them drill where there are actual wells. Oh there's that revenue word I warned you about. And now we've "sharing a burden"...here's the pitch for socialism.

McCain is inspired. He's talking Taxes!! He owns Obama on Taxes...ooh he's telling us a secret...It's about small businesses collapsing under Obama's plan. McCain's specificity is destroying Obama's vague ideals of 'fairness'. Clarity thy name is McCain.

McCain compares Obama's policies to nailing jello to a wall. Nice I like the visual. As McCain referred to Obama's statement that he couldn't raise taxes if the economy was bad...he said "I've got some News, Mr Obama it's bad." That Was Awesome! Line of the night.

McCain just gave a very thoughtful description of what he sees as the answer, bring together the brightest minds in America and come up with a plan that will work. The current structure is outdated. Brilliant. He discusses his idea to help out those with bad mortgages, something he mentioned as far back as April. Is it expensive yes? But he says we need it. Well we need something. That's for sure.

Quick Rhetorical Question: How will Barrack Obama be able to work with the other party when he can't even stand listening to other people talk?

There he goes again... talking about 'investments'. I get so annoyed when Obama makes purposely misleading statements. I think we were supposed to be talking about Global Warming certainly not an attack subject for McCain. Since he supports the nonsense at least publicly.

McCain straightens out the record on the so-called energy bill that Obama accused McCain of voting against. The bill was a subsidized filled nightmare, but McCain informs the crowd Obama voted for it. There's a sound bite for you!

This pitch for Nationalized Health Care is terrifying. The fact that all of my personal health records would appear on a government server and be shared throughout. Did anyone else read 1984? I don't want any government employee to have access to my health records. How many stories just recently have you read about laptops that turn up missing that have vital records on them? Imagine now it's everyone in America's personal health information. Scared yet?

Thank you, John McCain for explaining why opening up the insurance market with the tax credit we can all get better more affordable health care. He also makes a point I've only heard rumbles about before, alleging Obama's health care plan fines you if you don't participate. Charging Obama's "never told us how much the fine would be.." Interesting, more new information. I like it.

"Look" says Obama then tells the story of his mother's struggle with cancer. Obama is now trying to defend his health care position. Government needs to get involved in insurance now too. Can't we just deal with the nice securities companies we just bought first?

Obama continually talks over his time, yet somehow still fails to ever directly answer the question.

McCain takes a jab on Obama: Did he ever tell us the amount of the fine?

I have to admit McCain's got spunk. When pointing out Obama's inexperience and naivety. He quoted Joe Biden stealing his "on the job training" line.

Obama is full of it. He just said that preventative action for the Holocaust or other civil rights issues, but he voted against going into Iraq. This guy would have voted against going into Europe prior to WWII. Who is he kidding?

McCain schools Obama on what a real foreign policy plan looks like.

Obama is talking about Pak-E-Stan again. More bombing talk? No. Iraq bad. Pak-E-Oh he said it differently this time. Someone probably told him, try not to say it with an accent, people laugh at you.

McCain uses the 'talk softly and carry a big stick" line! Ha! He said Obama just "Talks Loudly".

Wow. Big "O" isn't very strong under pressure. He's rambling.

McCain is tearing up the stage. I honestly didn't know he had it in him.

Obama said Pak-E-Stan again.

I think Obama is actually learning about the new democracies in Eastern Europeans, he appears to be hearing new information.

Is Obama psychic? His last diatribe involved seeing the future or something. I'm not trying to be trite. I really got lost in as Charlie Gibson would say "a blizzard of words". Do you think he does tarot too?

Brokaw announces the Two Question Warning.

A retired military man asks: How strongly would you support Israel? Would the UN matter?

McCain thanks the man for his service, then says 'of course we couldn't take it to the UN security council' as everyone knows that China and Russia wouldn't support it. Well everyone but your opponent, who didn't seem to realize that about a month ago.

I still haven't decided whether we're going to the UN or not with Obama. He's talking about the oil industry in Iran and admits he'll sit down with Ahmadinejad. Proving once again he has no concept of our enemies. Even if we help Iran grow, He will still want us dead. He'll just have more resources.

Brokaw asks "Zen like Question"...What don't you know? And how will you learn it?

Obama makes the case for socialism and title 9. Gives closing pitch. I'm still not sure what he doesn't know or how he'll learn it.

McCain said 'I don't know is what we all don't know. What will happen at home and around the word.' John McCain tells America he believes in this Country and he knows how to get through difficult times. I teared up as he swore he would fight for America the country he loves. When he tells me he is putting his Country First, I believe him.

McCain is Clear Winner. I don't care what you hear from the media, I'm guessing since McCain won they'll claim a tie. Don't believe it. McCain won the night.

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Anonymous said...

) You know we’ll never hear if McCain won a debate or an election, period, remember “treasonous” media reference?
2) Tom Brokaw did look woozy and ancient. He was really, really superfluous.
3) Yes, a Palin vs. Obama debate would totally rock the house down, wouldn’t it be glorious?
4) We’ll only hear in the media today, how old and awkward McCain looks and how regal and presidential Obama looked last night (albeit the heavy chocolate pancake make-up – need some guy-liner there while you’re at it dude?)
5) Obama is very defensive, stutters, rambles. He did that in the first debate, but yet, the media is heralding him as the clear winner.
My fear and this is a projection only, but if he is elected (God help us all) but think what the terrorists will do to that guy? They are probably watching the debates now (comfortably in their surburban Florida home) and chomping at the bit, to cut that guys head off. Gruesome statement I know, but he will putty in there hands, a lamb to the slaughter, and I fear will become a martyr to all. Biden will become president and then we have a L.B. Johnson or much much worse kind of president on our hands.
I’m ready to move to Canada if this bafoon is elected.