Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sarah Stands Up Starts The "Vetting" Process for Obama

With 30 days left until the election, the McCain campaign finally delivered some real 'Straight Talk' via Sarah Palin. Starting at the historic debate on Thursday night, Sarah Palin is going after Obama with honest attacks against his policies and his judgment! It's about time. I have been waiting for McCain to realize we can't play nice with these people. We're going to have to "Vet" Obama for the public, because the media's idea of vetting when it comes to Obama is "boxers or briefs"?

It seems like everyone is talking about the SNL skits with a mocking Tina Fey impersonation of Sarah Palin, even Geraldine Ferraro mentioned the night of the debate about "Will this be the Sarah Palin from Saturday Night Live...." Um, has anyone told Ms. Ferraro that isn't really Sarah?! Maybe it's time for Geraldine to up her medication. What I don't see is anything about Barrack Obama in the SNL skits, strange since it was the infamous SNL skit about the media coddling him during the primary debates offering him a pillow, while hammering Hillary Clinton on actual issues that got everyone watching again in the first place. If it was funny then, why isn't it funny now? I think it's funny, show that again.

For anyone who watched the debate there should be no confusion between Sarah and the caricature they created about her. Sarah took Joe Biden the Sage of the senate to the mat, and she won. One remaining question I have about Biden since the debate: Why is it if he's the expert on the ticket did he recite so many facts wrong? If he's the expert we're all in trouble. Just goes to show you even if you've been in the Senate for longer than than I've been alive, you still don't know squat.

During an interview with Fox News' Carl Cameron, Sarah apologized to the American people for being flippant about some of her answers with Katie Couric. She explained that even though she was annoyed with the tone of the interview, she owed it to the American people to speak through the interviewer directly to the people. I thought for a second she would actually call Couric out for being the "Useful Idiot" she is. Sarah then answered all those burning questions the liberals crucified her for like what newspaper do you read? Name your least favorite Supreme Court ruling? Why is the media the devil? Thank God. I thought a face book friend of mine was never going to sleep again worry about whether Sarah preferred the Times or the Post! Just for the record, Times in New York, Post in Washington, whew glad we got that one out.

Those who watched Sarah yesterday during a campaign speech know she's a New York Times reader now, since she brought up the front page headline about Barrack Obama and admitted terrorist Bill Ayers. I literally jumped up and down. We the Republicans rarely fight as hard as I'd like us too, to many times we try to appear "better than that" well a lot of good that will do us if we allow the communist party to put one of their own in the White House. Notice I've jumped from socialist to communist, that's because in doing some research on an upcoming piece on Obama I've found that Communism is closer to his heart. In his book "Dreams from my Father", Obama talk about his mentor, Frank. Sweet old Frank who is none other than Frank Marshall Davis, took Barry under his wing, also lost his position in the NAACP for his overt communist sympathy causing them to close his entire branch. Maybe the Media didn't feel like they had to "Vet" Obama on this connection since he wrote about it so openly in his book? I'm sure that's it.

Sarah delivered a right hook to those so called "feminists" that have been taking pot shots at her for the last four weeks. Quoting one of their heroes Madeline Albright, Sarah recited a quote that was on her Starbucks cup the previous morning, "There's a special place reserved in Hell for women who don't support other women". Adding...I'm not saying, I'm just saying...OK so I made that last part up, but it's what she was thinking!

The media will tell you that the McCain campaign is going negative, but is it really 'negative' if it's true? (when it's true it's called Information) Not to mention this is what the Media is supposed to do as part of they're beloved "Vetting" process. While the New York times has written one front page piece on the Ayers-Obama connection, the day after the Bristol Palin pregnancy announcement, three front page articles appeared. So apparently they needed to go into more detail about how a seventeen year old girl got knocked up than they did about a friendship spanning at least 16 years between a Presidential candidate and a known domestic terrorist. They all must have missed that health class.

So while some get turned off by Politics when they attack the opponent, if the Public needs to know more about Obama this is the best way to tell them. Anything that comes out of Sarah's mouth will get some attention, and right now that's exactly what we need to happen. We are lucky we've got such a strong candidate at Vice President, she's going to have to take on the Media and Obama all by herself. Judging by the way she's handling it so far....Saracuda is just the Woman for the Job.

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Tom said...

Your writing style is atrocious. You sound like a child whining to have his way. By the way, you have spelling errors in your post. Good luck finding them. I have one question for Sarah Palin: Why couldn't you tell Katie Couric which newspapers you read? Was it that difficult to recall? I mean, if she reads so many, she definitely could've named one. Perhaps the real answer is that she's not much of a reader.

Tod said...

Obama's record is what is atrocious!!! Mickey- You keep writing your message, clearly you are starting to get to them.