Monday, January 19, 2015

Sex, Lies and a Real Problem

First let me begin by apologizing for all the Twitter references to all of you still living in 2009. I kid. I kid. Now to the matter at hand.

To some what I'm about to write might sound absurd. Ludicrous even. But it's true. Paraphrased with Names changed to protect both the innocent and the guilty.

There is a woman who rose to what is becoming known as "Twitter Famous". Like that is a thing... anyway.. I digress. This woman became "Twitter Famous" on the back of silly, sexy selfies. Those "selfies" went viral and boom she's got like 50,000 followers. It happens.

Apparently she got caught up in all the attention and "back slid" into an affair.

You may be thinking, Why do I care? How do you know this? And more importantly "Why Do You Know This?"

And You are right to be asking those questions.

Long story short a self-imposed "Tabloid Journalist" of the "Right" (or so he claims) basically pressured her into writing it all out in very, very long form on FB for the whole world to see, so that she could get ahead of this "Breaking" "News" "Story".   He let the woman know if She didn't "come clean" he would publish a hit piece on her.

You read that correctly.

So many things wrong with this story from start to finish that's almost impossible to know where to begin... You know I can get long winded so I will try and keep this short and to the point.

1. Don't make people You don't know personally Your Role Model.
2. Everyone is Human.
3. Being "Twitter Famous" is a thing.
4. "Judge not, lest ye be judged"
5. Something about casting the first stone in here too, somewhere.
6. People misrepresent their life on Social Media every day, See Facebook.
7. I'm glad I'm protestant more each day.
8. Not all Christians are dreadfully judgmental, but some who claim to be are.
9. Gossip is a Sin too...
10. I could go on for days.

While I can honestly say I'm not a fan of internet phonies and frauds, by that I'm not talking about the people like this chick. Who is maybe in her 30s? She's cute and she seems to be for the most part exactly who she has claimed to be a conservative wife and mother, she loves her husband who happens to be a veteran.

If you said "How can You say 'she loves her husband'?" You are part of the problem.

Relationships are complicated. Marriages are complicated. Military Marriages are beyond complicated.

In one sense You're correct to judge me, in that No, I don't truly know if this woman loves her husband, but I have no reason to believe that She doesn't.

Affairs happen (like all the time.) They even make movies about it. It rarely means the people involved don't love each other.  It's usually significantly more complex than that.

That said, the real problem here is that someone thought it was acceptable to 'research' this story.  It's not. There's no excuse or rationale that makes this a "newsworthy" piece. But there are some in the world so evil as to pretend to do "Good" while trying to ruin someone's family.

This hit home for me, as for those of You who know what happened with my parents... The community around them fueled the flames, sharing gossip with each other and ultimately my Dad.  The public humiliation was too much for him...

  • What if Ms. Sexy Selfie was married to an abusive asshole or just a guy with a "wicked temper"? 
  • What if Mr. I'm Loyal To No One publishes his piece and Mr. Sexy Selfie kills Mrs. Sexy Selfie? 
  • What does Mr. Self Righteous Asshole write then? That he's sorry? Trust me... it won't help. 

Thankfully, TF Chick's husband is supporting her in this unexpected attack and it sounds like they are working it out which is great. I wish them all the best.

To those of you still judging Ms. Sexie Selfie, just stop.  To normal people you sound like a self righteous ass,  to quote Salt N Pepa,  "There's only one true judge and that's God, so chill and let my Father do his Job".

Now on to the bigger picture, Mr. "Reporter" will be held up by the Left as the loony toon he is and shown as an "example of how Puritanical Republicans are". How "out of touch". And they'd be right.  About him and anyone who supports him on this issue.  That's a problem for a Party trying to reach out to New voters. No one wants to hang out with a bunch of prudes, who expect perfection from humans.  It's not possible. We all have our sins, our vices...there was only one Perfect human and he died a long time ago on a cross. Get it?

If you're still not sure why You should care.... Remember You or someone you care about could become The Next Target.    


Jose said...

For the most part I agree, it is just...a lurid mess and ugh I agree why is it that we make people twitter famous because they are attractive? Oh wait...;)
Anyways, I'm not understanding the protestant comment. Can you elaborate on that please? Thanks!

physics geek said...

I took the weekend away from Twitter and had to dig to figure out what in the hell had happened. It's not my job to criticize, ahem, you know who. Her marital issues are between her and her husband. They seem to have worked it out. End of story, in my opinion. What I think isn't the end of the story is the braying jackass who outed her indiscretion. He needs to be unfollowed, blocked and treated like a pariah he apparently wants to be. The left despises him because, um, he claims to be of the right, while the right hates him because he's kind of an asshole. Everyone would be better off if he were to slide back into the anonymity he so richly deserves.