Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hot Reads: 7 Links Shouldn't Miss


Obama: Okay so maybe I exaggerated a little on that whole Economic Crisis thing..
Just incase you missed the Screaming Drudge headline, Barack Obama said the Greatest Economic Crisis of Our Time isn't as bad as he made it out to be....Okay what he said was the "crisis isn't as bad as WE think." You want to know what I think, Mr. President? I think someone finally told you it's not a good idea for the Leader of the Free World, to go on TV everyday and Panic the public and the markets...I hope you listen to them...

Democrats Gave At the Office
Ann Coulter takes on the Democrats for their Hypocritical approach to "Charitable Giving" which apparently amounts to paying their taxes, but what Ms. Coulter wants to know is..."Are Hope and Change Still Tax Deductible?"

No Heroes In Hollywood?
If you are like me and can't bring yourself to pay a dollar to sit through another Anti-American "military" movie or Action flick then you need to swing by Big Hollywood where one contributor eloquently voices his greivances about the demonization of America in Movieland.

Black Women Being Ignored?
Breitbart is reporting that "Black Women are in No Mood to be ignored by the Mainstream Media" I can't say for sure, but it appears he's reprinted a Press Release from on very irritated group of Black Women. They want you to know, They ARE Mad as Hell, but NOT at Barack Obama. The ladies reference but do not name a OLM source that allegedly said Black women were unhappy with Barack. And that's just not true... They Heart Barack.

Rove to Team Obama: Grow Up
Karl Rove has done a pretty good job thus far of not Gloating over all the Team Obama mistakes, that's apparently all over now. Rove wrote a pointed piece for the Wall Street Journal, outlining all the embarrassing moves the President and his team have made recently....and more importantly Rove tries to explain Why.

Water Making PA Town Sick
Rueters is reporting that a small town outside Philly has registered complaints of varing stomach maladies, with all signs pointing to the recent drilling boom for Natural Gas. I mean everyone can light their tap water on fire can't they? What does Fast Eddie Rendell have to say about all of it "We are very scrupulous about whether it will have an effect on the groundwater," Governor, can you define scrupulous?

Ungrateful Useless UN
One of the Bloggers over at Politics and Critical Thinking, typed through gritted teeth about the UN Secretary General calling the United States "Deadbeats" during an address earlier this week.

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