Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hot Reads: 5 Links You Must See

Today's Hot Reads

Will Justice finally come to Bill Ayers?
The San Franscico Police Union apparently got tired of Bill Ayer's "Mock the Vote Tour" and have Publicly accused Bill Ayers for the killing of a fellow officer in 1970, according to the Ayers has said repeatedly he doesn't regret his actions and wishes they would have done more...

Maybe not the Best Interview evah, but funny..
Andrew Breitbart called this interview with Thadeus McCotter the "Best interview by a Congressman ever", that might be an overstatement but the Republican from Michigan certainly appears more human and humorous than most in DC.

Obama Gaffe Blog?
I knew the RNC had a Joe Biden Gaffe clock going during the election season, but just today I came across a blog that is dedicated to tracking Obama's "gaffes" only some of them are more like Lies.....

Free Elections for another Year?
The Iowa Independent is reporting that Chuck Grassley said "Check Card" isn't happening under his watch, apparently Grassley has said the Votes are there for the Republicans to Filibuster this Heavy Handed Union Power grab bill... Let's hope he is right.

and finally...

Carvelle Wanted Bush to Fail on 9/11
This actually broke yesterday, but shockingly, I haven't seen any OLM coverage of it. Allahpundit over at Hotair, has the story of what America wasn't supposed to know...about Democratic Strategist James Carvelle's September 11th Press Conference, called to announce their desire for George W. Bush to Fail...(honestly, Mary Maitlin must be some kind of saint...)


Sean said...

I hope they are able to prosecute Bill Ayers! He is a Terrorist. Why is he not already in Jail?

RightKlik said...

The libs did everything they could to ensure that Bush would fail.

Biased Girl said...

Right Klik, That's why I find their righteous indignation over Rush's comment so Ridiculous.

I mean I know Americans have short memories, but Do they think we really have forgotten the Bush is Bad era?