Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rising Stars Light GOP Path to 2012

After watching President Obama's State of the Union address last night, I know many Republicans are thinking the same thing I that I am thinking...2012 Can't get Here soon enough!!

Everyone knows that Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney and even Rudy Guiliani will take another run at the Presidency in 2012, if the public support is there. Huck will do it even if it's not. He wants to be President. I don't understand why he can't just be happy being the white male Oprah, his show is pretty good. I truly I hope Huck is not our candidate in four years. That being said, if Huckabee is on the ballot, make no mistake I will vote for him... if my only other option is Barack Obama....

But we already know alot about these guys and what we know is that none of them could win the Primary, against John McCain. So I think you'll agree we Need some new blood. Some of these names you may have heard before but it's time to start really paying attention to what they are doing. Their actions and leadership over the next two years will be critical in determining the future of the Republican party and our Nation as we know it....

Bobby Jindal

I'm going to start with Bobby Jindal, mostly because he is fresh in everyone's mind from his nationally televised response to Obama's address...What I found most interesting was watching the OLM build up Jindal prior to the response, then gleefully tearing him to bits after it was over. Welcome to the National Media, Bobby Jindal. The OLM will spend the next several years trying to decide if they want to say nice things about the 37 year old son of immigrants who is turning Louisana around, one tax cut at a time or do they want to brand him as a Far Right extremist because they view him as a threat for the Presidency?

As Ed Morrisey wrote over at

Want to know why Republicans are so high on Bobby Jindal? Watch him take two minutes to stake out the kind of economic policy territory that the GOP couldn’t find with both hands and a flashlight in two successive national elections:

I always like to judge the value of my candidates based on the level of Vitriol sprewed about them in the OLM. It's kind of my own little 'scale' system. Where the amount I like a candidate is inversely portioned to how much the OLM likes a candidate. Right now the OLM is merely Mocking Jindal, feining disappointment in his response last night, while clearly not listening to a Word he said. If Jindal keeps up the good work in Louisana for another term as he's suggested, maybe just one day he will get the Hate-filled tyriads that are currently directed at the next person on my list, Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin

America was introduced to Sarah Palin throught he Media "filter" as Palin herself called it. Even with that OLM Lenses focused solely on any gossip or rumors they could pick up on, Many Americans still feel in love with the Governor from Alaska, myself included. I'll admit it.... I <3 Sarah Palin! She represents what I am looking for in a role model. Strong, smart and not afraid to look like a woman!!

John Zeigler's new film "Media Malpractice" has been being teased since just after the election, when he released the Viral video that put him on the map showing how uninformed Obama voters were on the issues. Recently Zeigler sat down with Sarah Palin for an interview that will appear in his documentary. I don't know how any self respecting person would continue to believe the lies about Sarah Palin's intellect after watching this clip...

Since the film is nearing release, Zeigler has been out promoting it on cable news, and calling the OLM liars to their face. You gotta love that...

Here's John Zeigler taking on that Lovable Liberal Facist, Matt Lauer, it's worth a moment to watch...

As Zeigler conceeds his case against the Media is probably one of the easiest things to "Prove" in he says to Matt "You Guys were in Love with Obama!", just try to keep from smiling. And while Palin is playing Coy about another Run at the White House, she has recently formed her own Political Action Commitee (PAC) called SarahPAC. So expect her to be around for awhile.

Eric Cantor

I'm proud to say that I voted for the next person on the list in November, the same day I voted for Sarah, Eric Cantor. Now some of you are becoming more familiar with Rep. Cantor since he became House Minority Whip, but those of us in his home district of Virginia have been lucky enough to have watched him develop into the force he is today. Cantor is a no nonsense man, something that has made him very popular here at home.

Cantor was splashed into the Headlines after his run in with President Obama during the meetings prior to the Stimulus. You remember our new President, who is above partisian ship, looked at Rep. Cantor and said "I'll trump you on that, I Won." Cantor then turned around and "whipped" up exactly Zero Republican votes in support of Obama's Porkulus the following Tuesday. This little move secured Cantor's position as the leader of the loyal Opposition party. Nicely done, Mr. Whip.

Eric Cantor gave a 90 second statement that delivered one of the most effective "Messages" I've heard from any in the GOP in a long time....

I would like to point out that every one on this list has more experience than Barack Obama did on November 4th, 2008, Right Now. Today. The last person I'm keeping an eye on hasn't quite met that requirement yet, and isn't really a serious contender in 2012 but he'll share Obama's qualifications by mid-term elections 2010. If they were Democrats you could Consider them Vetted. ;)

Jason Chaffetz

Since this is America and literally anything is possible, allow me to introduce you to Jason Chaffetz. That name may not sound familiar yet, but he's the Representive from Utah that made headlines awhile back for choosing to sleep in his office on a cot instead of paying for a high priced Washington, DC apartment like his collegues.

This act alone makes me intrigued by him, however Chaffetz is proving to be just as Saavy as he is Frugal. In an effort to reach out to his constituents he has started producing "Cot-Side Chats", a tip of the hat to his current living conditions, and placing them on his website.

This week he chose to discuss the "Omnibus", the new Half Trillion dollar spending bill being pushed through congress by Heckel and Jeckel, also known as Sen. Reid and Speaker Pelosi, Chaffetz makes a simple case as to why he doesn't support this out of control spending spree...

His contempt at spending an additional 8% on top of Porkulus and Bailout Mania, on Omnibus is palpable. You can see why I like this guy. He represents what makes a great leader, he practices what he preaches. Something everyone should be able to respect.

Whomever the Republican candidate is in four years, I will undoubtly support them over the alternative. Judging by the slide in Obama's poll numbers this week, I won't be alone. However with all this Talent in the Pool, Republicans certainly have a lot of reason to be excited about the future of our Party.


Nick said...

I know everyone is still Palin-crazy, but she did agree to be John McCain's running mate; how much different from him could she possibly be? And Cantor helped pass the TARP bill; he should have lost his seat for that.

Don't count Ron Paul out in 2012. He may be old, but he's still packed full of energy and patriotism. And keep an eye on the reluctantly-potential future Senator from Connecticut, Peter Schiff:

RightKlik said...

Great post. We have to throw all our support behind these leaders, they have an uphill battle.

robert verdi said...

this is an uphill battle but we have some good people out there.

Anonymous said...

Nick, while I do agree wholeh-heartedly with Ron Paul's economic knowledge, he is not the man when it comes to foreign relations(policy) I am quickly becoming a fan of Jindal. Despite what the MSM would show him to be. I think a jindal/Palin ticket is in order for 2012. Or even a Jindal/Romney ticket. but Palin definitely would have to have a key cabinet position.

Anonymous said...

Let me say up front that I am a conservative. I proudly cast my first vote for president for Ronald Reagan. And I did vote for the Republican ticket in this last election, even though I was sorely tempted to sit this one out.

But -- I really, really don't like Sarah Palin as a candidate. Why? Because I expected more from her in those first interviews. She was an experienced politician, and she should not have stumbled over some of those questions. The consequence of that is that she gave plenty of fodder to SNL, and that allowed them (and others like them) to completely destroy her credibility.

I am a professional in what is primarily a male-dominated profession. I am expected to think on my feet. There is a cost associated with stumbling. The same thing happens to unprepared men. Perhaps I'm being too harsh, but honestly, I think that Gov. Palin authored her own fate this last election. Though I am sorely disappointed in John McCain for not stepping up to the plate to stop the insane criticism of Gov. Palin that continued after the election -- what a disappointment that was.